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Agile Precis: An Experienced Provider of Innovative Technologies

“Incorporated in 2010, Agile Precis LLC provides clients with “end to end” solutions, products and expertise through a dedicated team of dynamic and seasoned subject matter experts.”

Agile methodology is a project management concept used in software development which helps teams to respond to unpredictability through incremental, iterative work cadences. Agile Precis LLC is a company that is a fusion of this Agile methodology and other contemporary project management concepts, methodologies, frameworks and processes which include: Agile software development, remediation and re-platforming of existing systems, encompassing rapid prototyping best practices, Unified Modeling Language (UML) for software engineering, Scrum Methodologies, Six Sigma Lean and ITILv3, to yield a holistic summation of all the benefits and synergies of Agile and contemporary principles and methodologies used throughout the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

The company started out as a concept to amalgamate custom software engineering and cyber security while leveraging the knowledge and capabilities of the CEO in multiple fields. It has evolved into a test bed for cutting edge science and technology concepts and brain trust of technical advancements. The Agile Precis team has worked in the health care space, the engineering space, the financial services space and has pursued opportunities to provide advice and services in cyber security.

Agile Precis currently provides mainstream services for investors to reduce risk, provide niche services for legal firms for litigation support, provide consulting for software/hardware engineering and cyber security for multiple fields, including engineering firms, and also has engaged its efforts for products in cyber security compliance and start-up success evaluation, inspired by such programs as Shark Tank, but with proprietary recipes.

The company differentiates itself from its competitors by being flexible in the face of uncertainty. It approaches businesses that need solutions that cannot be effectively provided by large organizations by zeroing in on opportunities where decision-makers and their intellectual brain trust are able to work hand-in-hand to define solutions that uniquely meet their needs.

Service Offerings
The company provides advice and consulting in a number of areas, including cyber security, software engineering, product management, integration of data analytics, sensor aggregation, telematics and many other areas, including the healthcare field. It provides products to help reduce the risk of start-ups for investors by objectively evaluating their success factors, and its auditing/compliance product focuses on meeting “just-in-time” compliance requirements for the satisfaction of authorities while ensuring long-term implementation of required controls.

Agile Precis targets small to medium sized businesses for services, and for its products, it targets the small business in the big business, never trying to boil oceans, but rather providing excellence to those areas where big companies cannot reach because they are not nimble enough.

The major clients of Agile include a mid-size federal contract company headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri that is involved in multiple areas including forensics and handling of major pathogens on behalf of the CDC and one of the largest patent litigation law firms headquartered in Dallas, Texas which regularly deals with billion dollar cases.

The company has operated directly in Kansas City, Austin and Charlottesville, Virginia with growth towards government contracts on the each coast and other opportunities in the west coast, especially near Vancouver. Agile Precis has offices in Austin, TX, Overland Park, KS, Charlottesville, VA, and Pleasant Hill, CA.

Focus Areas
Agile’s focus areas are to continue providing highly technical analysis for legal services firms; reducing risk for investors in assessing and enhancing start-up companies in all business areas including cyber security; and continuing integration of software engineering with Cyber Security opportunities. The last two focus areas are backed by both products and services. The company will continue to maintain its presence in hot, important areas, ranging from support of start-ups to the opportunities created by a new mobile world and the “internet of things”.

Knowing the Mastermind
Sean Hamilton, Founder and CEO
Sean is a visionary with over 25 years of industry experience. He has an entrepreneurial spirit and is a strategic leader that translates technology, business, sales and marketing strategies and concepts into operational projects, to achieve corporate directives and objectives. He has a proven track record in leading large scale enterprise technology projects ranging from several millions of dollars and reaching into the upper echelons of billions of dollars, for state and federal government initiatives.

Sean is an expert in enhancing existing business operations platforms and infrastructure and developing new strategic solutions customized to the enterprise’s unique needs. He has unique ability to grow and recruit industry leading subject matter experts and to forge strategic partnerships to provide a high-quality technology and business services portfolio. He thrives in complex and multi-faceted environments, where targets and goals are constantly changing and business goals realignment are based on new business intelligence and empirical marketing research.