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Aiding Organizations Navigate the Maze of Trade Markets: White Shark


"We are a revolutionary trading platform designed to democratize algorithmic trading."

Brokerage firms, crypto trading platforms, banks – they all have a common challenge: engaging the millennial generation when, where, and how they want to trade their money. They also all suffer from a lack of transparency. When you lack transparency you lack trust. Millennials want the best user experience within the most trusted environment. White Shark provides that platform.

White Shark is a revolutionary free, cutting-edge AI-based trading platform that flourishes in volatility and allows its users to better control their assets, including crypto-currencies based in Newport Beach, California. It is a popular tool among young traders looking for simple ways to buy and sell crypto-currencies. The platform flourishes in a volatile environment, allowing its users to better and easily control their assets, including the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies.

White Shark: The Best Way to Trade

The markets are dictated by the market makers. There is no way to know when to really buy or sell, no matter how much research you do. Not only that, but there is so much confusion in relation to crypto. Regulators are still getting their hands around these markets, and in some cases trading some cryptocurrencies on exchanges can be flat-out dangerous. If you buy the wrong cryptocurrency from the wrong market, there’s no regulator to call. Herein lies a massive trust issue.

White Shark is trying to make things better, in part by acting as a guide for investors. The company isn’t based on speculation or speculative hunches of the “experts.” It’s rooted in the cold, hard numbers run through its mathematical models and machine learning algorithms. The firm’s algorithms generate four straightforward “signals” — based on perception, commitment, equilibrium and sentiment — and the user simply “follows the lights.” Four green lights and its algorithms are most confident that an asset’s price will move higher; four red lights, and it’s, looks out below.

Through engaging Millennials, White Shark has earned multi-billion-dollar valuations. With the growing hunt for millennial assets and engagement with other apps, the company decided to make the experience fun, empowering and engaging – regardless of where they hold their assets.

The Company Which is Rooted in Trust

White Shark is all about creating a trusted user experience. Trust is earned. It is never granted or assumed. Trust also comes with familiarity. The more familiar people are with something, the more trust they have with it. The company works diligently every day to make its user experience as amazing as possible with trust being the biggest focal point.

The firm took a trading algorithm that Marc Wade, the founder of White Shark was using for several years at his family office to trade and decided to democratize it and share it with the world.

White Shark built a team to lead the creation and philosophy of the company. White Shark’s team shares the same spirit, authenticity, and passion for creating innovative solutions and working together. The culture of its team is based on trust, encouragement, and deep respect for what everyone brings to the table. In addition to these qualities, White Shark has the ability to learn and quickly understand the market, changes within that market and apply it.

Seeking Correlation and Ingesting DataBut Much Faster

This confluence of developments, in terms of technology, human behavior, and demographic shifts, is propelling breathtaking changes, and as a result, we see crypto markets ripe with opportunities.

In financial markets, traders are trained to seek correlations or imbalances between asset classes — say, indications that a certain asset in a certain market is mispriced — then capitalize. They ingest data and use algorithms, too; however, they’re limited by their brain’s ability to process the data and make an expedient decision.

Fatigue, fear, greed and other things that make us human inevitably come into play. Not so with machines: They never get tired and they don’t make emotional decisions. The human brain is pretty good at digesting information quickly, but trading decisions are often negatively influenced by experience (or inexperience) and emotion.

Quenching the Thirst of the Millennial Generation

Millennials, the digitally-savvy generation born from the early 1980s to the mid-1990s are coming into their own. They are an on-the-go, connected, and living their lives on their own terms. This includes their finances. Crypto is very much a part of their lives. If it’s not, they want it to be.

In 2019, Millennials are expected to overtake Baby Boomers as the largest living adult generation in the United States, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Last year, a survey of about 2,000 people conducted by Blockchain Capital found that about 30% of those in the 18-to-34 age range would rather own $1,000 worth of bitcoin than $1,000 of government bonds or stocks, Bloomberg reported. Some 42 percent of Millennials are at least somewhat familiar with bitcoin, compared with 15 percent among those 65 and older.

Cryptocurrencies are also a growing market. According to CoinMarketCap, in the first half of June, there were over 1,600 crypto coins and tokens worldwide with a combined market cap in excess of $283 billion. About $14.8 billion in cryptocurrencies is currently changing hands each day (bitcoin accounts for about 30 percent of that total).

Coupling the Millennials with their thirst for crypto and an app that tells them when to buy or sell in the crypto market in a way that is engaging, easy to use and always in the palm of their hands is a solution the company sees as extremely timely.

The Founder’s Desk

Marc Wade is an entrepreneur and creative visionary fueled by his mantra to “live well”. This philosophy is part of the tapestry within all the organizations he works with.

Marc began his career in the mid-1990’s in the Petro Chemical sector where he financed international trade between Fortune 500 chemical companies and low-cost production facilities in Asia. Following that he executed a successful distressed metals and oil/gas strategy as a principal on the eve of the financial crisis. Marc utilized his personal capital at that time to take advantage of a tight credit market and established a large global lending business in Asia.

In addition to leading the growth of White Shark, Marc also oversees his family office that has offices in Toronto, Los Angeles,and Newport Beach. His office’s primary investments span from a SALT vine Wines, a wine produced in Napa Valley, real estate, technology, biotechnologies, entertainment, and media.

“White Shark is truly a user experience company engaging millennials in the capital markets when and where they want.”

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