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Aiding the Healthcare sector with Glass to Cash™ revenue cycle management solutions: SYNERGEN Health LLC


Analytics powered Revenue Cycle Transformation

SYNERGEN Health is a provider of technology enabled healthcare financial and revenue cycle solutions. Founded in 2011 by a group of professionals with a deep understanding of the dynamics within the complex healthcare landscape, the company specializes in transforming financial processes for providers and payers by implementing best practices and solutions from within and outside the healthcare industry. Its mission is to partner and transform clients to achieve quality outcomes with high economic value.

The company utilizes machine learning and pattern recognition technology, analytics and professional expertise to help clients maximize and realize their organization’s full revenue potential. It has refined and elevated what many refer to as revenue cycle management to be reimagined and achieved as
“analytics powered revenue cycle transformation”. SYNERGEN Health has grown exponentially while adding value to its clients. In 2015, it was recognized in Inc 5000 as one of the fastest growing private companies in the USA and was ranked number 1362 and the company believes it will continue to be on that list in the coming years.

Having expanded its expertise to diverse specialties and large enterprise clients in revenue cycle management and analytics, SYNERGEN Health today maintains a strong presence in over 45 States in USA. Its focus areas for the next 12 months would be to complete the development of its automation tools and external products that it planned to take to market.

Remarkable Solutions Offered
Revenue Cycle Transformation – SYNERGEN Health partners with its clients to deliver complete Glass-to-Cash™ Revenue Cycle Transformation solutions including billing and collections that are customized to their client’s operations. The goal is to provide its clients with domain expertise, the control and the freedom to make decisions and the confidence that no funds are left uncollected. In short, they Follow-The-Money™.

Analytics – With DOCTRIX®, SYNERGEN’s patent pending, cloud-based analytics solution simplifies the client’s complex healthcare revenue cycle from executive dashboards to detailed claim details in a manner of 3-4 clicks. From a PC, Tablet or smartphone, DOCTRIX® provides real-time or daily access to integrated operational and financial information with insight and actionable intelligence.

Consulting – SYNERGEN Health consists of a team of professionals who provide comprehensive healthcare consulting, specializing in revenue cycle analysis, operations improvement, software analysis and implementation, business intelligence, managed services and organizational development.

The Client Dimension
The company targets clients based on Revenue Cycle services, Analytics and Automation solutions. For Revenue Cycle, the company targets healthcare organizations that operate as an enterprise or have a professional management team, are growing rapidly, have a large volume of complex claims and are having challenges with their collections and reimbursements. For Analytics, the company targets healthcare systems as well as software companies that have a large healthcare provider base to offer the solution in partnership. These include hospital systems, surgical hospitals, surgery centers, rural hospitals, large specialty providers within and outside of hospitals, ancillary service providers such as audiology groups and specialty labs.

Some of many happy customers
“Anyone in the medical field can tell you how exhausting and frustrating it can be to get reimbursed for the work that is done. SYNERGEN Health has helped CityDoc recapture the joy of practicing medicine by taking on and conquering the challenge of medical coding, billing and collections for CityDoc.”
– Brenna J. Nance, MD, Managing Partner, CityDoc Urgent Care Centers

“The dashboard has become a game changer for us. Every time we introduce the dashboard to our clients we get the same reaction… WOW”
– Gene W. Howell, CEO & Co-Founder, Insight Practice Partners

“Our mission is to partner and transform our clients to achieve quality outcomes with high economic value.”

Meet the Master Trio

Mel Gunawardena, Co-Founder, Managing Partner and Board Member: Prior to SYNERGEN Health, Mel was the founder and CEO of another revenue cycle management company for 6 years, which he led to Inc 500 and Dallas 100 list as one of the fastest growing private companies in the USA before being bought out in 2010. Mel has also held senior management positions in Fortune 500 companies including Verizon, American Airlines and JCPenney Corp, where he gained his experience in leadership and innovation. A thought leader in healthcare revenue cycle solutions and merging best practices and tools of other industries into healthcare, he has presented in expert panels as well as a guest speaker at many national healthcare and private equity conferences.

Duminda Gunawardena, Co-Founder, Managing Partner and Board Member: Duminda has over 20 years of experience in leadership, strategy, management, sales, program management, software, big data, cloud service, process re-engineering and client management. Prior to SYNERGEN Health, he spent 12 years as Director Consulting Services at JDA Software Group, formerly i2 Technologies, Inc. At JDA/i2, Duminda led large global transformational programs for Fortune 500 client to uncover hundreds of millions in annualized value and managed large global teams. At i2, he spent 3 years in Tokyo, Japan leading i2’s Solutions Development Center.

Sunil Konda, Vice President Products: Sunil has over 16 years of product management and client services experience in Patient engagement, Mobility, Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), Population health, Revenue cycle, Interoperability/Integration, Analytics, Data management and Supply Chain. Prior to SYNERGEN Health, he spent 5 years as Sr. Director at NantHealth formerly Net.Orange, in Client Services and Product Management roles. At NantHealth, Sunil led development and implementation of mobile patient engagement solutions at various large health systems, analytics solutions for US Oncology (now McKesson). Prior to Net.Orange, he worked at i2 Technologies (now JDA) working on innovative supply chain solutions for various fortune 500 companies.