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All It Takes Is a Cheek Swab: Dynamic DNA Laboratories, a Biotechnology Company, Takes a Personalized Approach to Genetic Testing


“The trend in direct-to-consumer genetic testing is geared towards encouraging a healthier and more active society, and also inspiring the general population to engage in these tests to learn more about themselves – to be the best they can be. It’s inspiring, motivating and contagious.”

As patients take a more proactive role in their own health care, direct-to-consumer (DTC) laboratory testing is becoming increasingly popular. DTC genetic tests allow consumers to access information about their genetics without necessarily involving healthcare professionals in the process.

In light of the above mentioned, we are thrilled to present Dynamic DNA Laboratories, a state-of-the-art genetics lab that specializes in advanced DNA testing.

The firm specializes in Molecular, Cell and Microbiology research and testing services, as well as create stunning Microscopic Artwork and one-of-a-kind DNA Portraits using your DNA.

Dynamic DNA Laboratories was established in 2015 and is headquartered in Springfield, Missouri.

Interview Excerpt: Austin O’Reilly, Founder/CEO

What are the factors that spurred the conception of Dynamic DNA Labs? Could you walk us through the company’s history and evolution over the years?

The CEO of the company, Austin O’Reilly, has earned degrees in Molecular Biology, with a professional background in forensic DNA analysis and cell/molecular neurology research. He always had the end goal of opening his own lab; “the problem was choosing whether to pursue the forensics route or the research/medical-testing route.” Eventually, he set up Dynamic DNA Laboratories as a full-service research/genetic-testing lab, offering products for: Ancestry, Personalized Medicine, Nutrition, Fitness, Skin, Paternity, R&D, DNA Art, and more.  

In the light of your experience, could you talk about some of the trends and challenges associated with the Bioinformatics space? And how has Dynamic DNA Labs aligned itself accordingly?

The trend in direct-to-consumer genetic testing is definitely geared towards fostering a healthier and more active society, and also inspiring the general population to engage in these tests to learn more about themselves – to be the best they can be. It’s inspiring, motivating and contagious. With this being part of Dynamic DNA’s company mission, it falls right in line with where the technology and research is sparking public interest.  

The challenge Dynamic DNA most often sees are those that don’t see the use for these types of tests, “or who simply don’t believe in the vast amounts of evidence and scientific backing we use to arrive at our conclusions.” The company has had extremely positive feedback from those that take its tests and make the proper adjustments to their daily routine. “We do our best to use these success stories, along with data collection, to translate the successes into metrics and share with those that are questionable.”

Could you explain the key aspects of your DNA Testing solutions? Also, please elaborate on the unique proposition of your DNA Artwork offering.

Key aspects: All samples are processed roughly the same way. A DNA sample is collected via cheek swab, then taken through a series of lab protocols: DNA extraction, purification, quantification, amplification and genotyping/sequencing. At this point, the data is collected, translated into an actionable report, and delivered to the customer within two weeks.

DNA Artwork: As a bio-research lab, Dynamic DNA inherently has advanced tools and equipment that it routinely uses, “so our DNA Artwork uses our gel electrophoresis capability” to turn a customer’s DNA into one-of-a-kind artistic masterpieces where they can visualize the characteristic genes that make them unique: Love, Energy, Intelligence, Athleticism, Memory, and others. Buyers can select their favorite medium, color scheme, size, and frame options. Concisely, the company is bringing Life to Art.

In your opinion, what should be the focal point of the article? Is there a certain aspect about the company that you would like us to highlight in the profile?

The focal point should be Dynamic DNA’s wide range of DNA testing products, all geared towards helping people better understand themselves, leading to a healthier, happier, more productive society.

Aspects to highlight

  • As a CLIA lab, the company is held to the highest standards for molecular testing and is accredited by CAP (College of American Pathologists), recognized as the gold-standard for molecular pathology accreditations.
  • Dynamic DNA does all its genetic testing in-house and does not out-source to third-party labs. This lets it offer the best pricing to customers and maintain the fastest turnaround times from sample collection to report delivery.
  • All of the company’s testings require a simple cheek swab, no blood.
  • Nutrition and Fitness DNA Panels:
  1. Nutrition DNA Panel- Learn which diet type is best “for your body to lose weight”, which vitamins might need to be taking more of, and 26 other traits that will help optimize diet, lose weight and harness more energy.
  2. Fitness DNA Panel- Learn which exercise program is best “for your body to lose weight” and 28 other traits that will help exercise smarter and live a more productive, active lifestyle.
  • Personalized Medicine Reporting: Discover which medications are “right for you” by analyzing the genes that code for the most important drug metabolizing enzymes in the body. The idea is to make sure “we take the right” medications at the right dosages, avoiding the possibility of experiencing any adverse drug reactions. The company offers reporting on over 200 medications in over 35 drug classes, offering panels for: Cardiovascular Health, Pain Management, Mental Health, Urologicals, as well as gastrointestinal treatments, infectious disease, erectile dysfunction, alpha-blockers, cancer and diabetes.
  • Skin DNA Panel: 25 genetic traits “to help you on your path” to healthier skin. Trait categories include: Skin texture and elasticity, Skin moisture and defence, Skin nutritional needs, Photoaging and pigmentation, and Skin inflammation.

To bring out the story, share one or two case studies with us where the company has helped its clients overcome their business challenges and attain desired outcomes with your solutions?

Dynamic DNA has made some great partnerships with large corporations and hospitals, implementing its Nutrition and Fitness testing as part of a corporate wellness program for their employees. The idea is to motivate and create a happier, healthier, more productive employee pool, ultimately reducing overall healthcare cost and expenses. The company is in the process of collecting data on a variety of metrics to assess the value of utilizing these tools, but so far it has received very positive feedback at both the individual and company level.

Its Personalized Medicine Reporting has assisted hundreds of physicians across the USA in finding the right medications for their patients. The most rewarding stories “we receive are from parents with children” who have behavioural or mental health problems. Choosing the right antidepressant, ADHD, or psychiatric drugs for children can be a long and potentially damaging process, but with the company’s testing, they can eliminate the trial-and-error approach and avoid the guessing games. The testing can also be covered by insurance.

Can you share any details of the firm’s plans pertaining to new solutions and technologies that could play a role in the company’s offerings in the near future?

The company is working on new additions to the DNA Nutrition Panel and DNA Skin Panels. This revolves around creating custom supplement powders and custom skincare products that match up “with your results” from the DNA Nutrition and Skin reports (independently as two separate products). Everything “your body needs for the entire day” in one scoop of powder or one customized skin care regimen. The supplements and skin care products will be matched to “your results”, and take into consideration all outcomes of the respective reports.  

Would you like to highlight any other interesting insight for the story that we might have missed out in the questionnaire?

Dynamic DNA is actively engaged in different research projects in the background, both independently and as a service for companies and their products. The end goal is always to advance knowledge in the biomedical field by making novel discoveries and publishing “our findings” in scientific literature.

The company currently is selling products all around the U.S., and have distributors in 12 different countries.    

The Brain Behind The Operation

Austin O’Reilly: Austin holds bachelor degrees in Biology and Criminal Justice, as well as a Master’s degree in Molecular Biology from Texas Christian University. Pursuing his interest in genetics, Austin took a job as a Forensic DNA Analyst working criminal cases at a private crime lab in Deerfield Beach, FL. After moving home to Springfield, he joined the team at Center for Biomedical and Life Sciences, researching cellular and molecular changes in the brain in response to various consumer products and supplements.

“We do all our genetic testing in-house and do not out-source to third-party labs. This lets us offer the best pricing to customers and maintain the fastest turnaround times from sample collection to report delivery.”