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Allowing organizations to track time, save money, and prevent stressful attendance management issues: Data Management, Inc. – TimeClock Plus

thesiliconreview-jordy-moorman-president-timeclock-plus-17Effectively managing employee time and attendance has become a growing priority for businesses and organizations. And although there are multiple solutions that provide the necessary tools, finding a workforce management system that benefits both employers and employees with the right attendance features is challenging.

However, TimeClock Plus by DMI separates themselves from the competition by creating a customer oriented approach that has been a part of their culture since 1988. Since then, TimeClock Plus has provided excellence in customer success to the time and attendance market with a product that surpasses expectations.

With a wide variety of time and attendance products, TimeClock Plus works closely with organizations from public and private sectors to create a comprehensive solution. From enterprise level corporations with thousands of employees to smaller businesses with 5 or 10, TimeClock Plus provides a user friendly system that integrates with various payroll software systems and customizes features to create the best overall customer experience.

The Finest Products and Services: A Better Sense of Time

When TimeClock Plus introduced their first clock in 1988, it was customer satisfaction that would drive their company to create new features and enhancements to meet the unique needs of the consumer. That trend continued in 2015 when TimeClock Plus introduced v7, a simple yet advanced cloud-based workforce management solution backed by the security of a SSAE 16 Data Center with 24x7x365 availability and monitoring.

With v7, customers are able to better manage labor costs, reduce compliance risk, and easily schedule all employee labor in real-time. In addition to the v7 software, TimeClock Plus offers a variety of clocks that can be utilized.

Bar Code Clock - The BarCodeRDT is a card swipe clock that reads a bar code printed on an employee badge. Employees simply swipe their card to clock in/clock out, go on break, or change job code in real-time. 

Mag Swipe Clock - The MagRDT is a card swipe clock that reads an employee number encoded on a magnetic stripe. Employees simply swipe their card to clock in/clock out, go on break, or change job code in real-time.

Bio GT-400 - The GT-400 Hand scanner is designed for multiple environments and easily allows employees to clock in and out in seconds. All GT-400 clocks are available with an optional battery backup and come complete with Ethernet capability.  

Prox Clock - The ProxRDTg allows the employee to select the correct clock operation and wave the proximity card or badge in front of the reader to record all transactions in real-time. 

With each solution, TimeClock Plus uses an elite implementation process that combines expert solution consultants and technicians with organizations to successfully deploy TimeClock Plus.

“When one wins, we all win.”

In the early years of TimeClock Plus, it was imperative that the company found people who were willing to put in the time and effort to stay committed. As a result, the team has created a core group of individuals that collaborate together and keep the company moving in a positive direction. 

Through their leadership, TimeClock Plus has established a culture in creating a family like atmosphere for their employees. In addition, the team takes pride in meeting internally to discuss the current market landscape, opportunities for improvement, and growth to provide successfor each individual customer.

“We may be a 30-year-old company, but we’re really just getting started.”

Every year is a record year for TimeClock Plus and they continually push the boundaries by setting groundbreaking goals. The TimeClock Plus team constantly strives for excellence every day and is strong enough to seek perfection, knowing they will always have room for improvement. It is this competitive nature that has allowed TimeClock Plus to help over 60,000 businesses and organizations clock over 5 million users everyday across the country for nearly three decades. 

Greet the President

Jordy Moorman is the President of TimeClock Plus. Since starting in a help desk role at TimeClock Plus over a decade ago, Jordy has made stops in several departments within the company, including Support, Accounting, Finance, and Sales. He is a Texas A&M graduate (and fanatic) and was recently honored by the Texas A&M Assn of Former Students for the 12 Under 12 Award, recognizing him along with eleven other Aggies that have graduated in the last twelve years for their outstanding accomplishments in business, civic service and philanthropy, and for representing Texas A&M’s core values of excellence, integrity, leadership, loyalty, respect, and selfless service. Moorman also holds an MBA from Angelo State University. Jordy and his wife Abby are proud parents of four beautiful kids, with another on the way!

“Labor is generally an organization’s most significant operational expense, and the management of that labor, especially considering the additional cost brought forth by the recent wave of regulation and compliance risk, has become increasingly complex - We have broken all of the rules of traditional enterprise software, proving to tens of thousands of organizations that workforce management can be simple, cost-effective, and scalable.”