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An All-In One Technology Provider for Superior Business Efficiency Skytel Systems

thesiliconreview-ahmad-eied-founder-ceo-skytel-systems“Communication is everyone’s panacea for everything.” - Tom Peters

 Took form in 2006, Skytel Systems is a 100% Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Telephone Company. Located in the core of Research Triangle Park, the company is driven by vigorous innovations to provide unified communication to business enterprises in order to thrust them forward. At Skytel, ‘slow is a thing of the past.’

Pithy Parley with Ahmad Eied, Founder and CEO

What led to the birth of Skytel Systems?

Almost a decade prior we were operating an IT firm consisting of three offices with almost 30 employees. Our communication expenses were a nightmare. This chaperoned us to develop a VoIP platform for ourselves to reduce communication costs. The result –our communication outlay was remarkably cut down by 85%. This had us thinking “why not offer it others?” We proposed our system to our pre-existing clients as pro bono service. These clients were our beta testers. This led to the inception of Skytel Systems. 

What obstacles you had to overcome during the founding years?

During our initial years, we went through a lot of struggle. Our product was strong with great customer service. However no one in the league knew about Skytel, we had to get a foothold in the industry. That was our biggest stone wall and we overcame that by selling the client on Skytel first and then on the concept of a cloud based PBX. 

Can you brief us about your first product?

Skytel’s Cirrus Managed Cloud Service, provides the required tools for businesses to hold all the aces in an extremely competitive industry. Launched as a Managed Services Provider (MSP), it provides complete solution for clients transitioning to a cloud-based environment. Skytel’s Cirrus rules out the need for clients to invest in new infrastructure, maintain complicated systems, and bring in technical experts of their own. This solution brings six decades of experience in supporting business technology—both on-premise and in the cloud.

To what extent your first project transpired to be a successful one?

One of the prominent pizza franchises in the country relied on traditional phone lines that cost up to $10,000 per location, with huge maintenance charges. The corporate premises had a non VoIP solution. Once installed with our hosted solution, they doubled their sales and also reduced cost to $800. The franchise continues to be a long lasting client of Skytel.

What attributes ushered the company towards its growth?

Our seeds lay in IT and Managed Services. We started off with managing client’s communication systems and traffic routing, but now we have grown to handle their entire infrastructure. Our initial clients are an integral part of our growth, success and our robust system. They molded us and our way of thinking. We offer the blend of our VoIP system along with Managed IT services. Skytel is an all-in one technology provider for businesses.

What factor is instrumental to your organization?

People!! We believe that good people make all the difference in the world. All our clients’ commitments are looked after by our highly skilled engineers. Skytel hires the best people who can tend to the needs of the clients, such as terminating a virus from a PC, deploying a server, backing up their data, or proactively monitoring their network.

Do you have any new products getting ready to be rolled out into the market?

We are working on a product that will make communication with co-workers one touch away. We have designed a network architecture with a single protocol and provisioning interface for all voice and data services to enable co-workers, in different locations, to dial an extension and have a conversation or video call via Skytel’s network and not their cell service providers. With plans of launching this product soon in the market, our zeal for the future of Skytel is certainly high.

Our company is taking mobile devices to a new level by allowing them to communicate solely on the Skytel Systems Network. Our product will outshine the competition because it can integrate 100 percent into the phone systems without the need of any application as well as provide all the features of a regular phone.

What is your company’s road map for the future?

Along with continued growth and pursuit of being an extension of our customers businesses, we proactively provide 24x7x365 support with hands on approach. Skytel is also planning to build a retail store within its office premises especially for its new mobile division.

A Piquant Insight of the Wits 

Ahmad Eied, Founder & CEO: An ardent car racing enthusiast and a tech savvy, Eied has mastered to successfully adapt to rapid changes and take calculated risks. He brings the same zest while running his company. Eied takes a strategic approach to analyze and learn about the market challenges and latest trends in the telecommunication arena.

Mike Best, VP Sales: With over 10 years of industry experience, Best is a dynamic and well respected telecommunications professional. An ingenious techie, he has a proven track record of exceeding aggressive sales quotas while executing the strategic vision of sales, service and customer retention. 

“We made the commitment to listen to the client very carefully, to make sure we fully understand their problems and, equally important, their opportunities.”