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20 Best CEOs of the Year 2018

An Avid Traveler and a Seasoned Professional, Sushil Kurri, CEO, Compel Consultancy Pvt Ltd., Knows What the Market Needs

thesiliconreview-compel-consultancy-pvt-ltd-2018Since the inception in 1997, the company has been committed to providing the best quality software service, online collaboration, and communication services at a superior value. Compel Consultancy has done a great deal over the years to implement and achieve its vision and maintain top quality, in-demand web services.

Its portfolio of products and services are focused on clients, and what they need to be successful in achieving their own goals. Further, it will continue to investigate new products and services that will both satisfy the clients’ needs and provide the best value possible.

Trademark Products

Cocktail World: Cocktail World is a Liquor inventory control system that is designed to eliminate wastage and improve cash flow. Cocktail World turns the clients’ computer into an easy to use bar management and control center for managing a single bar, several bars, or smaller bar networks. It proves to be an ultimate pain reliever for typical inventory headaches, such as taking inventory, knowing the cost on hand, seeing consumption, comparing usage to sales, getting below PAR reports by the supplier and checking the level of discontinued or old items.

Liquor controls are critical, not only for restaurants but for every business in the hospitality industry! Cocktail World’s full line of liquor, beer, wine, and beverage dispensing and control systems makes control not only possible but easy and cost effective!

To overcome the tedious excise paperwork that was prevalent for the longest time, Cocktail World has a smart feature to get blended with the laws followed in any state, and with a click, it can give clients the various reports that are required in order to be compliant with the excise laws. Reports generation was never such a pleasant exercise.

Cocktail World is capable of interfacing with electronic cash registers or point-of-sale systems ensuring that every drink poured is accounted for and charged the correct price. At the end of a shift, all of the operational data from each system downloads into the clients’ computer, providing them with a detailed sales report of exactly what was poured and at what price.

Cocktail World provides clients with a dashboard which enables them to grab intelligent data, reveal analysis, and insightful reports in fewer clicks than with any other software.

UpKeep: UpKeep is designed to make sure that all the assets of the organization can be easily scheduled for preventive maintenance as well as inspections.

Companies can now focus on servicing their customer’s needs instead of worrying about getting organized.

UpKeep primarily focuses on maintenance of:

  • HVAC (Heating ventilation and air conditioners
  • Boilers/ Chillers
  • Lighting
  • Kitchen
  • Plumbing

HRIS: Compel takes care of the HR processes while clients take care of their employees.
Be it Onboarding to Exit of an employee, Performance & Feedback, Leave and  Attendance Management, Monthly Payroll, Tax & Compliance, it has got it all covered. It ensures consistency and accuracy with its system. It lets clients customize as per their industry, small to medium to large sized companies now prefer a well-integrated solution to create hire better, gauge the talent analytics of the workforce to help transform and further develop their talent strategies and directly improve employee engagement and their ability to perform within the organization.

SEdR: SEdR is a statistical tool that bridges the gap between analytics industry and academics. It is not just for students, but even researchers and teachers that can make the best possible use of SEdR.

SEdR is strongly committed to supporting the academic community with leading technology solutions to meet the changing needs and demands of today’s professionals.

It is an intuitive interface that allows students to master the software quickly and focus on learning statistical concepts. At the same time, it helps researchers and teaching staff to assimilate the concepts quickly.

Statistics, a booming subject in diverse fields is important to grasp the subject well. Students wishing to pursue a career in Statistics can develop a better understanding by using SEdR. It aims to develop instructional methods that help to make the subject matter more accessible for students and helping them to develop a more effective and more efficient way of studying strategies. SEdR can be used in the classroom to learn statistics, or as a data analysis tool for thesis, dissertations, professional reports, and research projects.

Meet the Leader

Sushil Kurri, CEO at Compel Consultancy: Sushil has a Good understanding of how to do Sales and Marketing for Software Services. Working extensively for the Indian market and foreign market and taking forward Leads towards maturity and closing, channel partner management, proposal creation, and services are an integral part of his experience. He has Demonstrated abilities in accomplishing business growth across the illustrious career path.

Kurri has in-depth knowledge of different services of the sales cycle. He is an effective communicator & leader with strong analytical, problem solving & organizational abilities. 

“I am valued by what I do and the contributions I make. I love putting my skills to work!”