50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2016

An Emotionally Intelligent Guide to Better Sales

“Emotional intelligence is not the triumph of heart over head; it is the unique intersection of both” –David Caruso

Sherpa is the brainchild of co-founders Alexandra Fisher and David A. Smith, and was designed to accomplish one of the
most basic, yet largely unfulfilled promises of the CRM industry:building trusting relationships. Out of this lacking came Sherpa: a revolutionary CRM built to inspire and motivate sales teams to truly connect with their prospects.

Sherpa encourages leasing counselors to develop a holistic picture of their prospects’ lives and guides them through the
trust-building process. In doing so, a sales counselor can work with a prospect to overcome emotional resistance and confront the fear that often accompanies moving into senior housing. This concept varies from the traditional CRM model, which inherently lacks the ability to facilitate a deeper understanding or foster human relationships— the exact purpose of Sherpa.

The company uses a unique blend of empathy and technology, and strives to put the “relationship” back into CRM. This revolutionary idea has shaken traditional thinking throughout the senior housing industry, and helped to power a 327% rate of internal growth during the past 12 months.

What makes Sherpa smart?
Industry research experts at ProMatura Group recently conducted an unprecedented study of over 300,000 senior sales
interactions. It concluded that with Sherpa, users convert significantly more prospects than non-users by putting prospects
first. Here’s how:

Inspired Sales: Given strong emotional resistance to senior housing, it is critical to help prospects “get ready” for a difficult, life changing decision— before offering solutions. Sherpa’s patent pending interface and workflows are grounded in evidence-based theory adapted from clinical psychology. A built-in planning tool also helps sales counselors create meaningful next steps using Sherpa’s proprietary Prospect Case StudySM and sMART GridSM.

Expert Guidance: Sherpa proactively guides its customers every step of the way, from indepth data discovery and mapping
to interactive user training. After installation, Sherpa’s St. Louis based team provides live, seven day support; on-line chat;
scheduled sales performance reviews; and an extensive online Coaching Center with best practices and valuable sales
conversion tools.

Meaningful Metrics: Through their study, ProMatura concluded that better sales result from “investing more time building relationships and advancing readiness with fewer prospects, rather than from amassing more leads, more call outs or more tours.” Sherpa is built to support these behaviors by tracking Time in The Selling ZoneSM, along with other unique metrics like sales interaction outcomes, Stage of Readiness for change, and conversions rates for Leads Worked.

Blended with technology
Sherpa has not only established itself as a thought leader in its business sector of origin—senior living—but also stands out as a
leading technology company. Led by Chief Technology Officer and Sherpa architect Adam Levinson, users enjoy unrivaled uptime, continuous updates and enhancements, reliable customer support, HIPPA-compliant data security, and a robust SaaS platform. This unique, cloudbased system helps motivate better discovery and emotional connections with prospects, as
well as more meaningful and consistent advances.

“Sherpa is much more than gathering facts, dictating quotas, or counting tasks.” –Alexandra Fisher

Expanding target areas
The senior housing industry is only the beginning for this revolutionary shift in selling behavior. Sherpa co-founder Alexandra Fisher states, “The senior housing industry in the United States and Canada is on the leading edge of the ‘age wave,’ which
will transform existing demographics. As the senior market grows, the demand for Sherpa will grow as well. Additionally, Sherpa’s patent pending workMlows can be equally effective in other market segments like charitable fundraising, home
health care, and broker/dealer transactions.”

Hear it from the customers
“What an exciting tool for anyone in senior housing sales. It makes it easy to get into good habits for follow-up and relationship building! As a senior housing professional, you can almost predict what software a marketer is using by the order of questions they ask you. Sherpa makes the process organic and personal while allowing the user to track their results and measure their success.” Margaret Wylde, President and CEO, ProMatura Group, LLC

“The development of Sherpa to tie in with the One On One sales process is a very welcome improvement to the CRM world. This system keeps the sales team members more focused on where the prospective resident is in the change process and can only improve sales performance.” Bruce Bucher, Vice President of Operations, 12 Oaks Senior Living

“Sherpa helped increase our sales conversions signiMicantly. While most CRMs’ core functionally is on tracking, storing, and measuring quotas and tasks, Sherpa has brought the ‘relationship’ back to the CRM. Not only does Sherpa track metrics like the number of advances, actual time spent in The Selling ZoneSM, and conversion ratios, but it offers fun and easy  visuals to represent this information. Also, as a manager of sales teams, I am thrilled with the reporting functions!” Kristin-Kutac Ward, President and CEO, Solutions Advisors

Meet the talented woman behind Sherpa 

Alexandra Fisher, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer
Alexandra was always drawn to older people, fascinated by their wisdom and life stories. After years of drawing and painting in Argentina and Venezuela, she moved to St. Louis. The world of senior housing soon caught her attention, and she began working as a leasing counselor at The Gatesworth. After leading several successful lease-up campaigns across the United States and Canada, Alexandra became a Principal and Creative Director for One On One: Inspired Senior Sales and has been
actively involved in the creation, design, and development of Sherpa. She is currently the co-owner and manager of Quail Ridge Senior Living in Oklahoma, Mallard Cove Senior Living in Ohio, and The Colonnade Senior Living in Illinois.