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An Enterprise-grade, Agile ETL and Analytics Platform: Lavastorm


Lavastorm is a company of talented and dedicated strategists, technologists, engineers, and business professionals that employ a combination of the right mindset, skillset, and toolset to overcome complex challenges in an agile way. By creating the most useful, most powerful, and yet most intuitive business analytics tools, we will ultimately change the fundamental practice of extracting insight and value from complex enterprise data.

Lavastorm powers enterprise-grade business applications with Agile Analytics to help businesses gain a competitive advantage by unlocking the potential of their data. Lavastorm is the only solution that combines data preparation with robust analytics for augmenting data-centric applications with integrated automation and governance.

Its collaborative solution empowers businesses to quickly, easily, and accurately build analytical applications at scale, across multiple, disparate data sources. This innovative approach enables IT, data experts, and business-process-owners to extract, prepare, and analyze data from disparate sources and deliver these applications to end users.

The Lavastorm Server

Lavastorm combines self-service data preparation with advanced analytics capabilities in a single platform which enables business users and IT to build sophisticated analytical applications without requiring coding or months of waiting.

Users create graphical data flows to acquire, prepare, analyze, and publish data, building libraries of visual components which may be reused across applications and teams.

  • Agile for the Enterprise: The only solution that combines self-service data preparation with robust analytics for powering data-centric applications with integrated automation and governance.
  • Agile ETL: Unified tool set from self-service data prep through enterprise-grade operational ETL without coding
  • Self-Serve Analytics: Powerful analytics for complex problems, within reach for the business analyst
  • Extensible Nodes: Vast library of components can be extended using easy scripting, not programming, so all users can scale up their applications
  • Predictive Analytics: Scalable and high-performance data-science capabilities, with or without a data scientist
  • Graphical Data flow: Intuitive visual data flow and logic enables everyone to participate and validate application as it’s being created
  • Accelerators: Immediate start-up with pre-configured components to simplify common data prep tasks
  • Integration APIs: Standard RESTful APIs to embed applications, and extend integration capabilities using Java, Python, R, and other languages
  • Viz Tool Integration: Automated, end-to-end BI solution by publishing results directly to Tableau, Qlik, and other tools
  • Big Data Integration: Maximize investment value in Big Data platforms by incorporating data from Hadoop, MongoDB, and other platforms, without duplicating the infrastructure investment

People We Empower: Bringing IT, Analysts and Business Users Together

IT Data Provider: Free yourself from data-prep drudge

According to Blue Hill Research, analysts spend 50-60% of their time doing data prep instead of doing high-value activities such as data analysis and model building for the rest of the organization. Lavastorm frees your time and allows you to respond to data requests faster

IT Leadership: More than rapid data response

Visualization tools such as Qlik and Tableau have increased the demand for analytics and as a result, IT is being asked for data more than ever.  Lavastorm gives users governed access to “warehouse-free” data across multiple silos letting you focus on the innovations of tomorrow, today.

Business Data User: Agile access to data for the agile organization

Business data users and CDOs that require access to the right data, in the right format, can work collaboratively with IT to get data faster than ever before. Lavastorm’s approach improves data accuracy by allowing validation of the data transformation each step of the way, in real time

Technology We Augment: Maximize the investment you’ve already made

Qlik: Deliver advanced analytics quickly, accurately, repeatedly

Qlik customers enjoy the deep integration with Lavastorm through faster and richer advanced analytics while utilizing the native visualization capabilities of Qlik.

Tableau: Unleash the Power of Tableau by scaling for the enterprise

Bring unprecedented enterprise-scale to Tableau investments with automation, reuse and governance along with access to disparate data sources

Hadoop: Agile advanced analytics and data prep from Hadoop

Leverage Lavastorm’s intuitive, visual design environment to analyze data in your Hadoop cluster using Hive or Spark and integrate these Big Data platforms with the rest of your data sources.

R based Analytics: Data science with or without a data scientist

Create powerful predictive and statistical analytics routines with R and use them in the Lavastorm data flows as shared, reusable components. Or use the off-the-shelf library of preconfigured nodes to perform the most common regression, clustering, and other analytical techniques. Both Open Source R and Lavastorm’s embedded high-performance, scalable R engine can be used.

Salesforce: Bring your cloud data down to earth

Create richer analyses by easily blending your Salesforce.com data with your other systems and sources and applying Lavastorm’s robust data preparation and analysis capabilities, then update Salesforce.com with your enhanced results.


With Lavastorm, we’ve been able to transform the way we look at data. The platform allows us to corral disparate data and gain a complete picture of both customers and network operations. With this, we can take the necessary actions to ensure each subscriber has the best experiences possible – the first time, every time.”

  • Atilla Tinic, Vice President of IT, tw telecom

“The use of Lavastorm by our auditors has given us significant advantages. Specifically, Lavastorm increases our audit coverage for clients through analysis of the entire data set, greatly reduces time and cost of audit fieldwork through more focused planning, increases the reliability of audit results and improves audit quality. It has become a key tool for our auditing practice and gives us a strong competitive advantage within the auditing and consulting market.”

  • Sergey Kudryashov, Risk Assurance Director, PwC Russia’s Audit Team

Meet the Chief

Tim Segall, CEO, and Board Member: Tim has extensive experience in creating and growing world-class organizations and leading them to successful exits. Tim has over 30 years of management experience in the technology and consulting industry. Tim previously held positions at SoundBite, Genesys, CSC, ManageSoft, and Hewlett Packard.

“Beyond providing world-class technology, Lavastorm offers a long-term relationship that is committed to delivering continuous value. We ultimately care about helping to drive your business initiatives and not just pushing software licenses.”