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2016 50 Best Companies to Watch

An Industry Leader for Oil and Gas Field Services: ZZW Global Inc.

“ Making the most of its unique skills and network, ZZW Global is committed to providing services that enhance and optimize customer performance.”

When Zane Woods decided to start his own company in July, 2010, he knew he had the drive, business acumen and background to make it work. Toss a simple business card into the mix and, just a few years later, he has turned ZZW Global Inc. into one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States.

ZZW Global is a privately held company and an industry leader for Oil and Gas field services specializing in meeting its customers’ immediate and ongoing needs by working with a network of trusted partners. “We provide everything from consulting and project supervision to transports and hot oil trucks,” said Zane. ZZW has the largest completely certified and compliant wash crew in the state. “Our customers trust us to coordinate and manage multiple services for them at fair and competitive rates while upholding ethics and professionalism,” he added.

Establishing a Unique Success Model
Through the first three years, the company grew by more than 7,900 percent and began hiring a full team of employees. Contracts soon expanded to include services like oilfield transports, soil farming, emergency clean-up, equipment rentals, providing a wash crew and more. The companies doing business with ZZW Global also increased, including household names like SandRidge Energy and Continental Resources.

Revenues took off so quickly that ZZW Global was honored in 2014 with the No.1 ranking followed by No. 6 ranking in 2015 in the Metro 50, a list compiled by the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber which ranks the area’s fastest-growing, private-ly-owned companies each year. In 2015, ZZW was named the 30th fastest growing privately held business in the United States by Inc Magazine on the Inc 5000 list.

ZZW Global guarantees a supervisor on hand with every job they do and has established a completely unique model for success within the indus-try. “Among those of us who do what we do, we’re the only ones who man-age every job in the field,” Zane said. “We want to provide a service that no one else does.”

ZZW Service Offerings
ZZW continues to provide G.C. services to the energy industry with the highest levels of safety, service, pricing, and customer service. Customers trust the company to coordinate and manage multiple services for them at fair and com-petitive rates. ZZW’s various service offerings include:

  • Oilfield ServiceManagement
  • Fluid Cleaning
  • Transports
  • Technical Solutions
  • Wash Crew – Confined Space and H2S Certified
  • Wash Crew
  • Energy Management
  • Emergency Cleanup
  • Robotics
  • Equipment Rental
  • Eco-Landscaping

Honors and Awards

  • ZZW Global was honored with position No. 30 on the Inc. list of the 5000 fastest growing private companies.
  • 2015 Oklahoma’s Most Admired CEO Award for Zane Z. Woods.
  • Inc. 5000 named the ZZW Global, Inc the #1 Company in Oklahoma on the 2015.
  • ZZW Global was named the #2 Top Energy Company on the 2015 Inc. 5000 list.
  • 2015 40 under 40 Award for Zane Z. Woods.
  • 2014 METRO 50 (1st place)Oklahoma City Chamber.
  • 2015 Metro 50 Winner (6th Place) Oklahoma City Chamber.
  • 2015 Edison Achievement Award Nominee.

Customer Base
The company has MSA’s in place with the majority of large Operators and Drillers and maintains the highest vendor and safety rating attainable with every operator with whom it has an MSA (“A”) rating, as reported and monitored by both ISN and PEC.

Knowing the Mastermind
Zane Z. Woods, CEO – Zane was fortunate enough to have incredible mentors growing up teaching him the skills he would need later in life. His mentor Carl Loos taught him everything from real estate to day trading. He was introduced to the Fortune 500 world in his early 20s, due to a fast rise in the auto industry. His path soon brought him to the world of oil & gas exploration, where he learned the ins and outs of the industry, working in the fields of Texas and Louisiana, and discovering his learned skills were in high demand. Starting with near nothing, he used his determination and personal skills to secure a master service agreement with Devon Energy, one of the largest U.S.-based independent natural gas and oil producers. In 2010, he decided to start his own company – ZZW Global.

In 2015, Zane was honored by The Journal Record as one of Oklahoma’s Most Admired CEOs. Zane also accepted the 40 under 40 for the state of Oklahoma. He is becoming more and more recognized among Oklahoma City difference-makers, securing a spot on the board of directors for the Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber, he has partnered with IBM Watson as an app developer along with Microsoft HoloLens and Aldebaran Robotics, he was also
selected for the Oklahoma Conservation Leadership Academy, and the Sam Noble Museum for Natural History. He also sits on the committee for the non-profit group, Sewing Hope. Zane has moved the company to the Oklahoma Tower in downtown Oklahoma City, as he keeps his focus on moving forward. In addition to ZZW Global, Zane is launching several new companies in 2016 namely, ZZW Explorer and ZZW Production, ZZW Robotics, Valkyrie Aeronautics, PlanckStein, Inc. and AQUAGOD AQUAOMEGA.

“A lot of my success was about timing, but a lot of it was about hard work, too,” Zane said. “I still have lots of plans
for the company and what we can do. The sky is the limit.”

“ Our goal is to deliver the highest standards of service with integrity, honesty, fairness and to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers by having a passion for excellence everyday both in our professional and personal lives.”