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An Interview with Anthony Williams, Global IT President: ‘We have been thriving in this industry all these years for a reason. Our operations are malleable, responsive and efficient.’


“Global IT systems are a level above many competing MSPs and provide a glimpse into the future of technologies.”

It wasn’t that long ago when people used to say, “I left that file on my computer. I’ll have to send it to you when I get back to the office.”

In today’s world, nobody would ever say such a thing – not just to a co-worker or manager, but even to friends and family. Everything we do is on the cloud. Our music is streamed, same with our favorite movies and television shows. Even the notes we keep on our phones, most of which are about as important as a grocery list, are backed up and accessible on the cloud from anywhere.

Cloud computing has fundamentally changed the way we work and communicate.

Global IT is a relationship-based, customer-focused IT, and Cloud services provider. For over 18 years, GlobalIT has prospered in the Information Technology business, earning the respect of companies both large and small with specialized technical skills from its dedicated employees, with a real understanding of the required technical tasks, and an unwavering ability to achieve targets and objectives. The company operates seamlessly from multiple company-controlled data center facilities and offices across the US.

Global IT was incorporated in 2004 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

Anthony Williams, Global IT President, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

Engineered for Performance

Keeping up with the technical demands needed to run a business in today’s demanding economy successfully has proven to be challenging if not partnered with a reliable Managed Service Provider (MSP). When confronted with issues such as security threats, outdated or compromised infrastructures, decreased efficiency and/or decreased performance – they often come at a hefty cost to restore and prevent. Global IT alleviates many of the financial and technological constraints restricting enterprises and allowing them to focus on their business growth.

What started out as an independent Global Telecommunications consulting firm, having grown into a full-service, MSP, Cloud company, with expertise in Managed IT, Managed Cloud Services, Managed ISP, Managed Internet Security and everything in between.

Authenticity in Integrity

Before launching Global IT, Mr. Williams worked for a fortune 500 company that was one of the biggest telecom agencies in the United States. He observed how the quality of service would often decline after the customer signed a contract and installation of services was scheduled. When the sales department would hand the account over to the technical department, the customer rarely saw the highly valued service that was promised and often chose not to renew once the contract ended. Building Global IT with unwavering integrity was of the highest priorities from day one. An authentic approach to relationship-centred core values is one of the fundamental reasons for the company’s substantial growth and customer retention.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Very few people understood cloud technology when Global IT was first launched in 2004. At that time, funding primarily was allocated towards investing into cloud and infrastructure technologies such as ISP switching, virtualization, and storage capacity, all of which are very heavily used today pretty much by all enterprises. Last year, Global IT underwent another technology refresh, increasing capacity past 100Gbps, improving the speed with lower latency switching, reliability with multiple hosts including firewalls, routing, switching, storage, servers, and increasing storage and options for future demands. All this is set to support the next decade and beyond. This heavily invested project now allows Global IT to offer small and medium-sized businesses the specific technologies, systems, and monitoring that are being used by the largest and most successful companies in the world. Not only is it cost effective, but it is also custom tailored to the customer’s needs. Global IT systems are a level above for many competing MSPs and provide a glimpse into the future of technology.

Trend Spotting

Not all enterprises evolve at the same rate. Many grow faster and have developed financial resources to help grow, obtaining the latest technologies and ultimately adding to the growth factor. Global IT manages hundreds of enterprise operations and thousands of service endpoints. It can predict the future IT trends because of the success of its customers and the demand they place on the Global IT cloud, internet infrastructure, and technical requirements.

The firm continues to stay relevant to consumer interests and needs year after year by consistently analyzing industry trends and providing expert advice on what equipment and hybrid services to implement into their operations to achieve the Global IT performance while working within the most cost-effective budget.

“I absolutely love what we do on a day-to-day basis. We have a chance to be like a kid again, and we get to play with new toys, technologies, figure it out and then make it work; helping companies succeed is incredibly satisfying.”

Hands-On Approach

Global IT uses industry expertise and experience to ensure all products and services are of the Global It standard. Global IT’s highly trained, certified staff provides 24 hours, 7 days a week support for all products and services. Using our Global Eye monitoring system, our tech team is notified of problems well ahead of any other provider and are calculating a solution before clients realize the issue.

Global IT implements a ticketing and tracking system that clients can utilize to submit requests, issues, and questions via a user-friendlycustomer portal. The company creates a trouble ticket for every question or concern that is submitted so that responses and questions are tracked and handled promptly. Once a ticket is created, technicians assign it to a specific department based on the content of the ticket. The technicians communicate with clients from the moment a ticket is opened up, to the point when the issue is resolved, always following up with each client after work is completed to make sure that all issues have been resolved to their satisfaction.

The company’s support staff places an emphasis on building strong relationships with customers to ensure they provide services that add significant value. Each account is carefully handled by a dedicated account manager through the life of the contract and is focused on client satisfaction. All customer accounts are supported by the originating team to ensure that service is tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Testimonials: Elevating Customer Relationships

Global IT has been our Managed ISP provider for over 8 years and our Cloud and Managed IT provider for over 6 years (from 2012). Since we have been working with Global IT, our infrastructure has stabilized, and our network is secure. Global IT handled an office expansion for us with no issues. We highly recommend their Managed IT services because they provide hands-on support. All calls go directly to a certified engineer and trouble tickets get resolved quickly and precisely.

– Sam J., Senior Vice President, Mr. C. Hotels

Global IT has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in telecom and IT, gained over decades of experience. Their technical teams have the ability to adapt to dynamic environments and offer highly technical, always cutting-edge service. There is few talent in the IT industry who succeed to the degree Global IT does. If you are working on web related, telecom related or IT related projects, chances are Global IT can help you at a fraction of the cost and time you were probably looking at.

 – Walter C., President, Charles Dunn Company

Anthony Williams: A Brief Background       

Anthony Williams is the president of Global IT.Since 2000, he has focused on technology, building stable and sustainable IaaS, PaaS, MSP and managed ISP services for telecom operators, ISPs, enterprise and SMB within Los Angeles, USA, and around the world. As an avid student, Anthony is working on his MA in “Complex leadership and strategies within organizations,” with an emphasis in data center environments. These specialized skill sets allow Anthony to help successfully manage complex infrastructures, technical teams, and technical systems to evolve the future of technology for end users. Anthony is an advisor to Forbes Los Angeles business sector and active member of his local community.

“Building and working with teams to complete challenges technology situations is a passion of mine. I played rugby for over 20 years, and there’s nothing we cannot handle as a team. In rugby, there’s a method known as ‘scrum’. When we tackle situations with a scrum mindset, we use our heads instead of our brawn, and intelligently, collectively work through each stage together.”