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An Interview with B. Katic, GH Capital Inc. COO: ‘Our Goal is to Generate a Long-Term Growth and Value for all Our Shareholders’


“We assist and guide our clients from A to Z, which includes S1, Rule144, REG A+, Reverse Merge and so on.”

Over the last few years, the financial sector has experienced significant transformations through what is commonly referred to as Fintech. These advancements are quickly changing how cash flow and funding occurs in small businesses.

The company was incorporated in 2014 and is headquartered in Miami, Florida.

Bane Katic, GH Capital Inc. COO, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review about the future of Small IPOs in the US and how he sees his company playing a part in shaping this future. Below is an excerpt.

TSR: We want to thank you for taking the time with us today.

  1. Katic: Thanks for inviting me.

TSR: It’s obvious from the previous press releases that GH Capital’s IPO Advisory Division is primarily focused on the Going Public industry by helping private companies finding access to the U.S capital market.

  1. Katic: Yes, as a co-founder and COO, I am very well aware of the challenges we faced back in 2014 when we decided to take the company public. It is such a long and tiring experience, especially, for a small company without any experience in the Going Public process. One major challenge was the fact that we had to deal with so many different parties involved in such a complicated process.

TSR: For how long is GH Capital in the business of IPO Advisory Service and what clients are seeking for help?

  1. Katic: At the time we went public, we received a request if we could assist another company in their going public process, and this was the start of our IPO Advisory Divison. Well, we are specialized into small IPOs, meaning helping small or startup companies in becoming publicly traded on the OTC market. The IPO expenses are much less here compare to a traditional IPO. Majority of our IPO clients are not qualified for a NASDAQ or NYSE listing.

TSR: What kind of benefits a small private company gets by hiring GH Capital for going public?

  1. Katic: Going public is one of the most critical decisions a CEO can make, and could prove challenging if your area of expertise is not in the stock markets. There are different ways to help a small or emerging growth company in their going public process. We assist and guide our clients from A to Z, which includes S1, Rule144, REG A+, Reverse Merge and so on.

If you ask our clients all of them will agree that the biggest benefit of working with GH Capital is that we make life easier for them. GH Capital has an extensive network of professionals such as accounting firms, SEC Law firms, auditors, and IR companies that help it act as an interface between the IPO client and all involved service consultants. It means clients have one window to deal with instead of dealing with each party separately. In simple words, our clients gain direct access to one-stop going public solution.

TSR: What’s the reason of GH Capital’s continued success attached with such a good reputation in this industry.

  1. Katic: First of all, who other than a full SEC reporting company would guide you through such a complicated process?

We know all the ins and outs. We know the difficulties a small or a startup company could face if engaged with the wrong IPO advisory partner. Even more importantly, we let our clients know in advance what they need to know to avoid any delays or pitfalls. Another reason is, we know our clients’ needs, and this helps in giving a customized solution. Further, our service fee is based on a combination of cash and equity, thus, assisting clients to minimize their going public expenses.

TSR: Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us.

  1. Katic: Thanks again for inviting me to The Silicon Review.

“We are specialized into small IPOs; helping small or startup companies in becoming publicly traded on the OTC market.”