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An Interview with Kelly Simpson-Angelini, Simpson Healthcare Executives, LLC CEO: ‘We Have Used Our Passion for Healthcare and Disruptive Innovation to Build and Customize Specialized Service Offerings’


“We have some of the brightest minds in science, business, and technology within our agency, and our highly collaborative internal team is central to the organization.”

Over the last 25 years, the global pharmaceutical industry has made revolutionary contributions to clinical care. The industry now faces the challenges of unpredictable product pipelines, increasingly competitive markets, and uncertain policy and regulatory environments.

Simpson Healthcare Executives (Simpson Healthcare) is an established scientific agency. It provides pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical diagnostic and device industries with a wide range of services in support of overall marketing strategies.Simpson Healthcare’s products and services enhance a company’s value for the benefit of the stakeholders, while simultaneously disseminating new biomedical knowledge for the benefit of healthcare providers and their patients.The company’s high-quality, creative, strategic solutions are delivered with unparalleled customer service and include brand strategy, KOL development, advisory boards, speaker bureaus, live/virtual speaker training, content development, interactive patient case videos, sales force training, and community live events.

Simpson Healthcare is based in Old Lyme, Connecticut. It has many remote locations throughout the United States in the West, Mid-West, and Southern states.

Kelly Simpson-Angelini, Simpson Healthcare Executives LLC CEO/CSO, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

Why was the company set up?

Simpson Healthcare Executives was founded by Kelly Simpson-Angelini, CEO & CSO, and is a diverse scientific agency currently celebrating its 20th year of business. In an ever-evolving healthcare landscape, Kelly’s passion for scientific communication transformed Simpson Healthcare’s mission and vision to a purpose statement—this that is “why” we do what we do every day at the agency. Our purpose is to support our clients to share the scientific story of the diseases they touch and therapies they discover for all in need. Our founder believes that brands of the future must be more personalized and precise as we prioritize the overarching goal of healthcare: helping people live better. Shaping brand behavior and ensuring positive brand experiences for patients requires healthcare teams to tap into their innovative potential to uncover what healthcare consumers really want and to deliver that.

What do you feel are the reasons behind your consistent growth as an organization?

Simpson Healthcare is an award-winning agency that has undergone a period of consistent growth as an organization as a result of the agency’s unique ability to be a disruptive and transformative catalyst of innovation within the ever-evolving healthcare industry. We have some of the brightest minds in science, business, and technology within our agency, and our highly collaborative internal team is central to the organization. Our senior leadership team excels in the management of people and ensures that we have the right people on every team to best support our healthcare clients and their goals; ensuring that our teams are well-balanced and well-equipped with all of the resources that we need to be successful, always looking and listening to collaboratively develop and implement new systems and processes that drive learnings, effectiveness, and efficiencies within the agency.

Where do you see your company a couple of years from now?

The core stories of disease, diagnosis, and new therapies will continue to be new and abundant. We see a huge opportunity to continue to build knowledge and skills in organizing and showcasing scientific content. We believe we will be supporting new types of products like gene therapies that are a simple once in a lifetime treatment.

Kelly Simpson-Angelini: A Brief Background

Kelly Simpson-Angelini is a research scientist by trade, tracing her time in the business back to a Pfizer lab in the 1980s. Early in her career, however, she developed a passion for medical communications — and a penchant for scientific storytelling. In 1998, she founded Simpson Healthcare, which set as its goals the management of therapeutic brands throughout their lifecycles as well as sharing the scientific stories behind medical discoveries and the patients' lives they help. More recently, the agency pioneered the creation of future health forums, where world experts unite to explore global datasets, shifts, health policies, and patient needs for the coming years. Simpson-Angelini takes an active role in mentoring and coaching women, internally and externally, and in 2016 she was named a Women of Innovation Honoree by the Connecticut Technology Council for her entrepreneurial vision and leadership.

“Our goal is to support our clients and the healthcare system in the successful delivery of precision medicine to patients as we strive to connect the right patient with the right therapy at the right time to promote the best quality of life for those in need.”