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An Interview with M Rezaul Hassan, REVE Systems Founder and Group CEO: ‘We are the Category Leader in OTT Solutions for Telecom Service Providers’


Mobile Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has ominously transformed the business ecosphere. Nowadays, with the advent of mobile VoIP, business owners and their employees are no longer tied to the office desks for the communication. The VoIP phone systems and apps have provided ease to on-the-go travels and work from home.

Mobile VoIP has altered businesses’ communications and operations techniques. Apart from advantages like low pricing and accessibility, the profits through the adoption of mobile VoIP are unquestionable. Various service providers have evolved into the ecosystem and offer a wide range of products and services, beginning with varied calling plans, phone capabilities, and other relevant features.

In view of the above-mentioned scenario, we’re thrilled to present REVE Systems.

The company started a decade and a half ago with a focused approach to serving the IP based communication industry. A Telecommunication and Software Solution provider, REVE Systems has a wide assortment of products, ranging from backbone infrastructure to peripheral products, including middleware. It today holds a leadership position in Mobile VoIP, SIP Softswitch, VoIP Billing, Bandwidth Optimization, WebRTC, Enterprise Communication, e-Governance and Mobile OTT.

REVE Systems ensures the best returns on technology investments and strengthens the service providers’ market presence by providing them with best-in-class VoIP solutions. A large team of experienced and well-trained engineers help to provide 24x7 Platinum Level Support to its clients and ensure that their services are always available to their end customers.

REVE Systems has its major development centers in Bangladesh and India with regional presence in USA, UK, Russia, Lebanon and Hong Kong. The company serves customers in over 78 countries, where over 4500 VoIP and telecommunication service providers have placed their trust in it.

Proud Moment

REVE Systems is RED Herring’s 2012 Top 100 Global Winner and has also received many awards for its softswitch iTel Switch, which includes the 2012 NGN Leadership Award and the 2011 Unified Communication Excellence Award.

M Rezaul Hassan, REVE Systems Founder/Group CEO, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

Q. Why was the company set up? And how did you expand your company and its offerings over the years?

When we established the company, our initial focus was to develop software for IP communication industry, and eventually, we become one of the major solution providers in the global IP Telephony industry. The first software REVE Systems developed was a billing solution that was launched officially in 2005.

In 2007, REVE Systems started its first product under the mobile IP Telephony category for service providers who are engaged in offering calling services over IP. Officially we launched it in 2008 at CommunicAsia, Singapore. This particular app was a success and gave us the position as the category leadership in mobile IP communications.

In 2010, REVE introduced a switching solution integrated with billing for IP Telephony service providers.

Since then as a company, we have not looked behind and expanded our portfolio, adding many new products under the categories of Mobile VoIP, SBC and WebRTC. We have also worked on different type of other telecom projects ranging from BSS-OSS to Mobile Number Portability.

Q. What do you hope to accomplish within the next year?

We expect to strengthen the position of our new launch – REVE Session Border Controller (REVE SBC), a carrier-grade solution for service providers, who need higher network security and robust platform to deal with heavy loads & DoS attacks. REVE SBC has been adopted by two telcos already, and we look forward to making our solution available to the tier 1 and tier 2 carriers.

Another focus area is our Mobile OTT solution, through which Communication Service Providers can build their own branded VoIP -based OTT app and launch service on the existing network. Considering huge opportunity, we found growing interests in the operator segments recently. In last one year, we have given OTT solutions to a good number of operators.

Q. What would you say was the single most influential factor in your business’ success?

Although success depends on multiple factors, we can say our technological excellence has really helped us provide better products in the market. Being a software solution provider, we have laid our focus to make our development activities strong, adding latest technologies to our product line up. We are better known as a product company in the market and we continue to stick to it.

Q. How satisfied are your clients with your service? Can you share some of your client’s success stories?

A car cannot go long without adequate petrol and a company can’t sustain for long without its clients’ satisfaction. In our journey from a six-person company to a multinational one, we have been blessed with our customer patron. We found a good amount of our business has come from our existing customers. It has been only possible because of the fact that we do listen to our customers and do solve their problems.

Let me share one of our client’s stories.

IDT Telecom is a USA-based company, a pioneer in Prepaid and VoIP telephony. They are listed on the NYSE, employ over 1250 people across 20+ countries.

They availed our solution to develop an international calling card platform for residential and wholesale customers.

We provided them with 18 applications along with PIN-less calling card solution which is running successfully by different brand names, in different zones. Selling 18 products to a single client always gives me a feeling of joy.

Q. What are your future focus areas?

We are the category leader in OTT solutions in the vertical of service providers. We have also incorporated WebRTC features in our OTT solutions which makes it much more versatile for customers. This time we want to target the enterprise with our OTT solutions along with our switching capabilities to offer new generations of a cloud of telephony.

Q. What other CEOs do you look up to?

There are quite a few business leaders who have done really great in this century. But I like Richard Branson of Virgin the most. It’s really amazing to see so many businesses he has created and continues to do so. He is a great strategist.

M Rezaul Hassan: A Brief Background

M Rezaul Hassan is an engineering graduate. He holds an MBA degree as well from IBA, University of Dhaka. He started his entrepreneurial journey in 2003 by establishing “REVE Systems”, the first venture of the group. Under his strong leadership, the company became a leading solution provider in the IP telephony industry.

“We serve more than 4500 VoIP and telecommunication service providers in over 78 countries which also includes over 100 Million end users.”