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An Interview with QLinks Group Leadership: ‘We Strive to Lead the Digital Content Drive in Pakistan’


“QLinks is the innovator of campaign design and content packaging for all major television networks of Pakistan”

Content is the future because that’s where the Internet is headed. The technique is being used by both big and small businesses to not only build a brand but also grow their profits. It’s actually working better than many out-dated marketing methods.

Thanks to the growth of content development today, businesses are not limiting themselves to one or two popular content types; they are experimenting with various kinds of content. This diversification in a way is making content marketing even more viable.

While content has already been promoted as a crucial weapon for digital marketing, the fact remains that it needs to be updated, developed, and uploaded regularly along with grabbing the attention and interest of the audience. The healthy way to drive organic traffic to the website is with content optimization.

Content optimization is a process through which you make your content more attractive and accessible to the audience. Through optimization, you are improving your content to make it viable to search engines and hence enhancing your search ranking. While content can be in any form such as text, picture or images, videos, and even news, you need specific techniques to optimize different content and help in emphasising digital marketing.

In light of the above-mentioned scenario, we’re thrilled to present QLinks Group – a digital content optimization specialist, having extensive experience in television productions, post solutions, media management and digital outputs.

The group launched its first initiative nine years ago and is headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan.

QLinks Group Leadership spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

Q. Can you brief us about the history of your group, Mr. Qaiser?

Initially, QLinks Group started with individual entities in the genre of post-production (QLinks) and digital solutions (24 World). It grew to expand into filming for television (2013) followed by the launch of a talent agency (2014). In 2015, the first product was launched in both print and digital (sports publication). In 2018, an entertainment content product was initiated. This year we are set to drive content for Pakistan’s First Original Content Platform.

The post production facilities, which cater to over 80 percent of the local entertainment output for television, collaborated with Moonlight Barcelona of Spain in 2016 to upgrade color, sound, and mobile edit facilities.

Moreover, we’re one of the premier content producers for television, and associated digital mediums. Our digital solutions team deals with various outputs for local and international clients.

Q. Tell us about the digital agency of the group, Mr. Rahimtoola?

The digital agency of the group has been responsible for launching the first corporate life insurance Application of Pakistan (EFULifePlanIT) in 2014. It also launched one the first banking mobile Applications of the country (UBL Netbanking) in 2013.

The digital agency has been recipient of the Pakistan Digi Awards (2017) and recognised for being top mobility provider in Asia Pacific (2016) alongside one of the top for mobile Application development (2018).

The group also launched a major sports content initiative with respect to publisher network (2015) dedicated to the game of cricket.

In 2018, sensing clearly the future of core entertainment content moving to digital, the group launched channel ‘Nashpati’ with presence on Facebook and YouTube. The venture has now partnered with the corporate sector to launch Pakistan’s First Original Content Platform.

Key Milestones

  1. Post Productions
  • Over 250 Drama Serials, Soaps and Shows
  • Over 8000 Episodes of Television Content
  • 250000 Minutes of Broadcast Streamed
  1. Filming Productions
  • Over 30 Television Serials and Soaps
  • Commercials Broadcast
  1. Promotions and Packaging
  • Complete Campaigns of major Television Networks
  • Television Award Shows
  1. Publications
  • Launched Cricket publication platform with presence on print and digital avenues
  1. Talent Firm
  • Over 200 Individuals Launched
  • Over 22 Mainstream Stars in Drama, Films and Commercials
  • Industry Icons Collaboration

Q. What were the biggest initial hurdles to building your business and how did you overcome them, Mr. Bhojani?

Biggest hurdles initially were management of stability, quality and human resources. Stability was insured through effective leadership whilst quality assurance and human resource were administered through developed systems and performance indicators.

Q. ‘It is difficult to start a venture, but far more difficult to maintain it’. How would you interpret this saying, Mr. Rahimtoola?

When you build a company it is more of a marathon than a sprint. You need to save resources, to use them later. You will need to overcome your fatigue and many times you feel like giving up, times will be tough. It is challenging to maintain a venture because it’s bound to face many obstacles that were far from predictable, and you will need to quickly turn around and find new friends, partnerships that will help you to survive the difficult time. The market will be changing faster than you think, including your competition coming from all sides. You need the stamina to survive and withhold all of that.

Q. What is your greatest fear and how do you manage it, Mr. Bhojani?

Fear is more of a seasonal term and can become a permanent fixture for any mindset. We’d rather use the term challenge and objectify it as such. Greatest worry was at initial stages to insure completion of successful business cycles. Once that was achieved it became the backbone for growth and expansion. Since we have all grown from being employees and still being actively in touch with our former colleagues and employers, we are all well aware of constant market mechanics and workings.

Q. What other leaders do you look up to, and why, Mr. Qaiser?

I look up to those who have been my mentors in various journeys locally and globally; primarily due to their simplicity and effectiveness of solving complicated situations.

Q. If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be, Mr. Bhojani?

My piece of advice: Be realistic to your approach and honest to your cause while being open to opportunity and ideation.

Q. What do you hope to accomplish in the long run, Mr. Qaiser?

We hope to be a hub for resources and talent to showcase creative work and technical expertise. Moreover, we strive to lead the digital content drive in Pakistan.

“QLinks and its subsidiaries have been working in the sectors of television productions, post productions, filming, digital solutions, and publications for the past nine years.”