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Anuva Tech; for Guaranteed, Professional SEO Services

thesiliconreview-hemal-desai-ceo-anuva-tech-17Anuva is a leading Search Agency providing Professional SEO Services in the areas of Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click, ecommerce. Looking for something different? We will deliver that! Anuva is a search engine marketing innovator striving to improve our client's website value and to achieve their business goals. We provide an array of Internet marketing services designed to expose your business where you can access millions of potential customers with just a few clicks. We deliver services with a first rate execution that's driven by the highest level of marketing insights. Attaining the top slot in the search engines is not the only thing our clients achieve with us.

Pay on Results SEO

With Anuva, your business will gain a substantial number of advantages.

Increased Visibility: It's easy to get lost among the millions of sites similar to yours, but we can get you that standing ovation online. If you have a great service or product, it is our job to make sure it gets the right exposure to the millions of people out there looking for something just like it.

Increased Sales: Our clients have experienced a 30 to 40% increase in their online sales. With higher rankings and a substantial exposure on the Internet, making sales is easy. Your message can reach out to your targeted traffic and you can subsequently enjoy a hike in the conversion rates.

Competitive Edge: Gain that competitive edge with our one-on-one services. The competition is tough online, but we make it easier for you. We provide a number of personalized services that allow our clients to interact directly with the team and be one of them. We also implement the latest trends and proven marketing strategies.

Maximize Value: We deliver more than what our clients invest. The health of a site is when it performs for what it has been designed for. Though it is a tough road ahead if you are starting a new, we cut the journey short and help you create a lucrative online business.

Affordable SEO services delivered

Feel like you're always playing hide and seek when it comes to your website's search engine ranking? Tired of paying for search engine optimization services and getting nothing in return?

At Anuva, our results speak for themselves with a retention rate of more than 98% of clients who take advantage of our ongoing search engine optimization services. Our staff of more than 50 highly experienced SEO professionals works with the goal of getting each of our clients ranked in Google's famed Top 3 and equally high by other search engines. As a first step on the way to the top, we guarantee your website top 30 placement or we work for free until it is.

The perfect WordPress SEO Services

The world's No. 1 content management system, WordPress is used by millions of businesses worldwide for their websites, blogs and ecommerce sites. And while it's relative ease of use is one of the reasons it's so popular, it also has some powerful SEO capabilities built in. When it comes to taking maximum advantage of WordPress SEO capabilities, Anuva is an industry leader. 


In addition to its built-in capabilities, there's also a dizzying array of WordPress SEO plugins available each with its own benefits and limitations. WordPress blogs are a great way to deliver optimized content to users and search engines alike. WordPress SEO can also be fine-tuned by actually changing a theme's coding. So while WordPress is easy to use on one level – editing, changing and adding to content – SEO for WordPress can be a daunting challenge. A coding error can lock up a site, conflicting plugins can cause a site to crash, and a site's security can easily be compromised.

Mobile Websites are the future – Mobile Website SEO

Every year the percent of people accessing the Internet on their mobile devices increases. Mobile websites are the future. Smart entrepreneurs know that they should not only have a mobile website - but optimize it for search engines. We use a variety of techniques to optimize your mobile website for search engines. We ensure that your content is easily indexed, has optimal keyword density, and has adequate Meta descriptions and titles. We also fix any errors that are hindering your mobile website’s search engine position. Our techniques get results. Many of our clients go from the 20th page for a keyword to the 1st page. As a result, they get a much higher amount of traffic every day.

Nothing beats a Good Content – SEO Content writing

Nothing beats good content when it comes to both promoting your business to prospects and customers as well as search engines. Good, relevant SEO content writing is an absolute essential to any business wanting online success. At Anuva, our team of more than 50 professionals knows the ins and outs of search engine algorithms, keyword placement and density and everything else connected to make sure the SEO content writing services we provide get your business from where it is to where you want it to be.

SEO Target Marketing

Just because a website's busy doesn't mean it's profitable. And while a high traffic volume is good for search engine ranking, so too is high quality traffic from qualified buyers ready to buy the products or services you sell. And they're better for your bottom line as well. Using extensive consumer and keyword research and analysis, target SEO marketing services are the art of using highly specialized keywords along with other tools and techniques to reach audiences that are most likely to want or need what you have to offer. 

Meet the Leader

Hemal Desai, CEO:  ‘Le Bijou du Roi’ of Anuva, Hemal is an enthusiastic, dynamic and fun loving leader with more than 20 years of experience in IT industry. Hemal has extensive experience working with Fortune 500 companies setting up delivery teams for Enterprise CRM applications before founding Anuva in 2006. Hemal has a BS in Electronics from The M S University of Baroda. An avid marathoner, you can find him running when he finds time out of Anuva.

“At, Anuva we are more dedicated in providing a web solution that works. Simplicity works best anytime.”