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Ardentec Singapore Pte Ltd: ‘The Enabler of Key Test Technologies to Keep the IC Industry Progressing as Moore’s Law Predicted’


Assembly of semiconductor products plays a very vital role in the pricing of the final product and after assembly; the next big factor which is associated with the quality, reliability and cost is testing. With the growing demand for the consumer electronic devices and the growing semiconductor industry, the market of Semiconductor Assembly and Testing Services is expected to rise subsequently. There’re numerous companies specialising in providing such services but a few areable to nurture their customers with absolute perfection.

In view of the above-mentioned scenario, we’re delighted to present Ardentec Singapore Pte Ltd.

Ardentec, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ardentec Corporation in Taiwan, was founded on June 15, 2006, to provide professional semiconductor testing services while the advancement of semiconductor testing technology was blooming and the testing industry was facing the paradigm shift.

Being the extended arm of Ardentec Corporation Taiwan (as a strategic location) in South East Asia, the company is dedicated to providing its regional customers with better services through a shorter cycle time as to meet their demand. Ardentec is believed to be a forever lasting company with its engineering capabilities, technical innovations, employee endeavours and passion.

The company is located in Singapore

David Hsiao & Ho Kok Pin, Ardentec Singapore Pte Ltd General Manager & Operation Director respectively, spoke to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

Q. How did you overcome the challenges you faced at the outset, Mr. Hsiao?

We are a red dot, just like our country; Singapore. However, we never stop thinking and we dare to dream big. Besides striving any opportunity to maximize our revenue by adopting new Innovative Testing Technology, operation cost has to be under control. This has eventually led us to innovate and further optimize our processes (QCC Projects, Automation Projects, Energy Efficiency Management Projects etc.). The other key factor that differentiates us from other big-name competitors, who have been a long time here in Singapore, is our strength in Information Technology.

Q. How do you stay relevant to the consumer interests and needs, Mr. Kok Pin?

One area that we nurtured as our competitive advantage is our strength in developing Innovative Information Technology. We believe that the detailed data on wafer testing could be of great value to our customer as we do not sell finished product but wafer testing data. The data of wafer testing could be transmitted to customers in real time. By analyzing the wafer test data, we could offer our value-added service to our customers to help to optimize the yield performance and design of their product.

Q. If you have to list five success factors, what would they be and why, Mr. Hsiao?

3P on top of 2I (People, Profit, Planet, Integrity, and Innovation)

We clearly understand that ‘people’ (企业常青,以人为本) is key to all strategies; they’re our crucial asset. At the same time, we also strive to be profitable and eco-friendly.

Being awarded as the winner of Singapore Sustainability Award 2015, we managed to demonstrate and prove that our 3P policy can be sustained and co-exist without compromising any one of them through Innovative Improvement Projects with the customer service oriented mindset of Integrity. We are humble and committed to continue writing up another chapter of our success stories.

Q. What is your approach in keeping your company stand, Mr. Kok Pin?

A bird tends to fly back because it’s more comfortable looking where it’s been than where it’s going. We should learn from those old big name companies who have been push out by the Tsunami of new digitalized technology.

Google also famously allows staff to work on their own projects for 20 percent of the working week, which has resulted in wildly popular products including Gmail and Google Reader.

We should not suffer from Myopia and complacency. We have to remain focused on trying new things, adopting new technology with the support of sufficient investment fund. We should not be afraid to fail in new endeavours, then we will certainly stay out of trouble or risk will become obsolete on any day in future.

Q. How do you maintain your customers’ trust and loyalty, Mr. Hsiao?

Our wafer/IC testing is a very specialized and niche business. There are no raw materials, no manufacturing, no inventory and no pollution. It is a business of knowledge and knowledge application. We hold the attitude of integrity and the spirit of continuous improvement towards total customer satisfaction and strive for the innovative testing technology. Customers’ trust is earned day by day through continuous and consistent high-quality service.

Please share your latest customer/client testimonials or success stories, Mr. Kok Pin?

Nov 17: Awarded by Infineon as one of ‘Best Supplier Chain Award’.

Sept 16: Awarded by STM as ‘Best EWS OSAT Strategic Partnership’.

“This award is, of course, highlighting the outstanding technical and service level but beyond I believe it is the accountability and mutual trust we feel here.” – Quoted from STM Top Management.

Leadership | Ardentec Singapore Pte Ltd

David Hsiao, General Manager: David Hsiao holds MSIE degree from Texas Tech University, USA. He received the honorary from IE Department, Texas Tech University as Academy Member of Industry Engineer in 2015. Mr. Hsiao held various positions at Texas Instruments, Dallas USA and Texas Instruments, Malaysia from 1983 to 2010. Currently, he serves as the General Manager of Ardentec Singapore Pte Ltd.

Ho Kok Pin, Operation Director: Ho Kok Pin holds the Bachelor of Engineering from Tsukuba University, Japan. He is currently serving as the Operation Director of Ardentec Singapore Pte Ltd. Mr. Kok Pin has 20 years of experience in semiconductor manufacturing, business operation, and quality assurance.

“We hold the attitude of integrity and the spirit of continuous improvement towards total customer satisfaction and strive for the innovative testing technology.”