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Ascent Technology Consulting: Meet the Fintech Experts Rendering Smartest & Innovative Solutions to the Leaders


“We believe in creating an environment of mutual trust, respect and cooperation among our team, shareholders and clients for a long sustained business.”

Established with an aim to make a difference in the Finance domain, Ascent Technology Consulting is a niche software solution and service company delivering customer-centric solutions and services since 2012. At Ascent, they engineer solutions to suit the customer’s needs. To shed more light on the industry they operate in, Kundan Shekhawat, Founder and CEO at Ascent says “Ascent is an idea – meritocracy in which we value independent & Innovative thinking. We have deepest understanding of the global economy and financial markets and translating that understanding into innovative solutions; The current Market Scenario is very competitive and requires higher level of achieving operational excellence and remarkable cost savings which are back bone of our solution offerings.”

Experiencing a wonderful journey since inception, initially the company faced the biggest challenge of building a strong brand where clients can blindly trust and partner.  But overcoming all, Ascent today is preferred choice for all the clients. To this, Dr. Binduu Raathor, Founder and MD, says “While I look back, we have managed to create some amazing success stories and we acknowledge a special relationship we share with our clients who has shown a lot of trust and faith over the years.”

Headquartered in Dubai, the company has extended their global foot prints with the establishment of state-of-the-art research & development center in India and managing some of the renowned clients in Middle East & Africa region’s most notable and sophisticated financial institutions and banks.

Offering Best-in-Class Financial Solutions

Engaged in building operational efficient solutions by focusing primarily on Financial Institutions and various other missions critical Industries, over the years, Ascent has made significant investments in its research and development center to enhance the Software product portfolio and stay ahead of its competitors on a global platform. A Software Product IP Company, Ascent has successful engagements with some of the large Banks & Financial Institutions in automating transaction processing and handling reconciliation related challenges through Ascent’s proprietary AutoRecon© Software. Ascent also automates Business Continuity Management manual activities through its second product AutoBCM©, which is multilingual and also helps organizations in performance based resilience strategy.

The Industry Experts

The company offers biggest differentiation with their knowledge and deep understanding of the finacial domain and also a strong ability to diagnose the client’s pain points to achieving excellence in their business objectives.

Over the years, the company has built a distinct track record of success. Abiding by their philosophy of ‘client’s can be understood if we strive to build a fundamental, cause and effect understanding of management and markets.’, Ascent totally believes that Technology is crucial to advancing their mission and approach in adopting latest technology is aligned with client’s managers to design, engineer and run platforms which enable systemization and scale in everything they do.

The Client Dimension

Gaining a global product base, Ascent takes pride in having a strong foothold in the Middle East region and in future aiming to target a strong grasp in APAC and United States in next 12 months. With diversified solution offerings, the company targets many Industries but primarily focus on Banking and Financial Services Industry. Since their inception, the company has gained trust of biggies such as renowned Large Banks and Financial Institutions. Their client portfolio includes top 10 Banks in the Middle East Region.

Happy Client Speak

“Managing Business Continuity at our organization has been a daunting Task. We never knew if we were covered completely. AutoBCM gave us the confidence by demonstrating real-time simulations. AutoBCM helped us in closing all the gaps and now I can tell we are prepared like never before” - Director IT at a leading Islamic bank.

Meet the Dynamic Finance Guru’s

Kundan Shekhawat, Founder and CEO- A passionate entrepreneur at heart, Kundan is Founder and CEO at Ascent Technology Consulting, UAE Headquartered Leading Software Product Company. Best known  for his dynamic leadership and steering Ascent towards its vision of becoming the best software  solutions provider in the Financial  Industry, Kundan is a first  Generation Entrepreneur and has extensively travelled and worked in United States, Europe, Middle East and India.

Dr. Binduu Raathor, Founder and Managing Director- A perfect example of beauty with brains, Dr. Bindu is seemingly an ace at multitasking. A Marketing strategist, Women Entrepreneur, Risk consultant, Leadership Trainer and Co-Founder of Ascent Technology, she holds a degree in Master’s in Business Administration and is an alumnus of the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Indore. Dr. Binduu holds doctorate degree in Leadership Management and is recognized in top leadership and motivational trainers in Middle East and India.

At Ascent, Dr. Binduu is responsible for Growth Strategy, Global Sales & Marketing and Strategic Alliances. Coming from a business family, she learned from her father that it is only hard work that gets you where you want to be. Dr. Binduu is known to find her main inspiration from taking up challenging tasks and consequently getting things done.

“With an excellent team and a great product portfolio we are striving for excellence in our domain.”