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Asia’s Leading SaaS Product Company: Capillary Help Brands Stay Consumer Ready And Deliver Newer, Better Experiences Into The Future

thesiliconreview-aneesh-reddy-cofounder-ceo-capillary-2018Founded in 2008, Capillary is SaaS tech company that provides solutions to help businesses get ahead of the digital evolution and stay ‘Always Consumer Ready’.  Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Capillary makes it easy for brands to get deep understanding and insights into their consumers, engage consumers through personalized 1:1 communication, provide easy and connected cross-channel commerce experiences and build loyalty to reward and retain their best consumers.

Since the inception, Capillary has been at the forefront of the constant evolution in consumer experiences. According to co-founders Aneesh Reddy, Ajay Modani, and Krishna Mehra,the biggest challenges they were facing at that time was an inability to capture customer data, identify consumers visiting their stores and to communicate effectively with them.

Built on a big data platform, the Capillary CRM solution finally enabled brands to use their existing infrastructure to identify and understand each consumer, and directly communicate with them through mobile technology. Along with a revolutionary for the time, card-less, mobile first loyalty program, the SaaS solution closed the loop on customer acquisition, engagement,and retention, finding takers across the world.

With the explosion of e-commerce in the following decade, Capillary addressed another major pain point brands were facing, which was to quickly, easily, and reliably establish an online presence. With the acquisition of e-commerce platform provider, MartJack (Anywhere Commerce), Capillary helped brands deliver enriched online experiences with ease.

Today, over 300 marquee brands across 30+ countries, including Pizza Hut, VF Brands, Walmart, Al-Futtaim, KFC, Starbucks, Madura Garments, Courts and Samsung, trust Capillary to enable easy and seamless consumer experiences.

With more than 300 million consumers and 25,000 stores on the platform, Capillary is Asia’s leading SaaS product company. Over 700 Capillary associates across 11 global offices are continually innovating to find new ways for brands to make their consumers’ lives easier, and experiences memorable.

Bring Your Consumers To The Easyverse™

Insights+: Your Data Can Tell A Story

  • Omnichannel Data Capture: With so many interaction channels today, it’s difficult to know where your consumer has been. Capillary’sAI-powered, customer analytics solution helps you gather consumer data from all touch points and get a single view with Omnichannel Data Capture.
  • Essential Insights: Essential Insights is a powerful customer analytics platform that gives you all the tools you need to make sense of the data at hand. Drill down to any level of data, create your own analytics dashboards and enable all teams in your organization to benefit from your business data.
  • Deep Insights: Understanding your consumer journeys, their behavior and preferences can enable data-driven marketing, and personalized experiences. Besides its products, benefit from the services of its highly qualified experts in customer analytics & business insights.
  • Automated Insights: Ensure your business remains future proof. Go beyond just consumers to correlate with other cross-functional business data. Guide your strategy with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning powered actionable business insights.
  • Store Insights: Visitor analytics isn’t just for online commerce anymore. Measure KPIs of your physical stores just as you would with your online store.

Engage+: Personalized 1:1 Engagement

Consumers want marketing to be relevant to them. Increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts by personally connecting with each consumer, building relationships at every interaction with Engage+. Personalize Customer Engagement with AI-Powered Retail Marketing Solutions.

  • Campaign Manager: With so many ways to reach your consumer today, it’s difficult to know the best way to communicate with them. Build effective campaigns and improve your marketing ROI easily with the Campaign Manager, a personalized customer engagement solution
  • Journey Builder: Increase the effectiveness and relevance of marketing by using data to engage with the right consumer at the right time with the right messaging through the right channels. Influence consumer journeys with the Journey Builder
  • Real-Time Dynamic Offers: Upsell, cross-sells and push conversions through real-time, personalized retail marketing solutions. Leverage dynamic offers to send consumers irresistible personalized rewards at each and every interaction
  • Data-Driven Marketing: Use Capillary’sexpertise in understanding consumer behavior and preferences to transform to data-driven marketing that can help you unlock growth from unexpected places
  • Omnichannel Engagement: As communication channels grow in number, unleash the power that these channels can possess. Communicate consistently across different media with integrated messaging and cross-channel Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your data capture and marketing

Happy Clients

"At Malabar Gold & Diamonds, we believe, data is an important part of our business. With Capillary Insights+, we've been able to unlock actionable insights into our consumers and business that allows us to make informed strategic decisions to provide a better customer experience and more value to our business.”

  • Shamlal Ahamed, Managing Director – International Operations, Malabar Gold & Diamonds

"We strongly believe that the platform's proven trackrecord in consumer lifecycle management and technological innovations with experiential attributes will genera

te favorable results for all the stakeholders and help reinforce the Blackberrys brand as extremely identifiable and preferred choice with our consumers"

  • Ramesh Kaushik, VP - Brand Experience & Business Excellence, Blackberrys

The Leader

Aneesh Reddy, Co-Founder & CEO: Since the beginning Aneesh has been helping things around at Capillary, steadily building upon the vision of the company.

Aneesh holds a bachelor’s degree from IIT Kharagpur where he co-founded the Entrepreneurship Cell. He had co-founded Capillary after a brief stint at ITC Ltd. For his work with Capillary, Aneesh has been recognized as a "Forty under 40" leader by Fortune Magazine and The Economic Times. He is the youngest ever Distinguished Alumnus Awardee of IIT Kharagpur. He is also an active contributor to the start-up ecosystem, being an angel investor with over 25 investments across the board. Aneesh loves trekking, long distance running and traveling.