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10 Fastest Growing Software Companies 2017

At HappyFunCorp, We Build the Absolute Best Products that people want to use for the Internet, Mobile, Wearables and the Internet of Things


“We’ve built hundreds of products over the last decade for clients of all sizes and purposes: ecommerce, media, social, education, Fintech, and more.”

Smartphones have become an inseparable part of our daily lives. Brilliant apps are created for the smart devices, and the mobile app market is growing at an enormous rate. There is an ocean of application existing now, and in this ocean, HappyFunCorp is generating its mark by building thoughtful products which people want to use.

Born With Spirit!!

Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, HappyFunCorp is a product engineering firm. It was formed because of the massive need to build good quality products. The founders of the company, Will Schenk and Benjamin Schippers saw the opportunity and started HappyFunCorp in 2012. Its first product was a large cloud based international education framework that enabled a new type of learning within an exciting new type of technology web infrastructure.

The company has built over 170 products since its inception. It has gone through large growth periods and learned over time how to staff and think about each engineering project in order to optimize output with high quality communication. It started with a deep focus in startups but over the years has evolved to focus on larger fortune 500 companies. Over the years, HappyFunCorp has helped define quality product engineering for mobile, the web and most recently the entire living room experience for popular set top boxes.

“Every project we do is different, and we aren’t afraid to tailor our process towards what actually works, rather than rely on a fixed playbook. We care about results – the happiness of our clients and users – not about dogma.”

Eyeball View of HappyFunCorp

HappyFunCorp believes that tackling complicated problems begins at the product level. Great products are built using the best blends of product engineering, product design and strategy. HappyFunCorp works with each client in an individual way, enabling the highest output and providing the best experience to clients.

Branding Development: it has built hundreds of products over the years for clients of all sizes and purposes.

Ux/Ui Design: its deep knowledge of application design translates to usable and beautiful products.

Server engineering: its team of experienced engineers has built hundreds of performant, scalable and secure web applications with specialization Ruby, IOS, Android React, React Native.

Client engineering: it has build frontend applications across a variety of platforms in including iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, tvOS, Android TV, watchOS, Android Wear and the web, including React.JS and other frameworks.

Product Management: the company’s PMs keep it all together – on time, high-quality, and on budget.

Testament of Success

Case Study- Catapult

Platform: Web

Themes: Custom Publishing Platform, Social Network, Real-time Communication, E-commerce


  • HappyFunCorp had to create Catapult’s in-person writing workshops online, allowing students from around the country to participate rather than just the NYC metro area.
  • HappyFunCorp’s team had to understand the unique dynamics of writing workshops and deliver an experience that was demonstrably better than competitors in the space, all while making the system easy to use and unimpeded for existing staff.

Solutions Provided by HappyFunCorp

  • A low-friction class application process that differentiates itself from other platforms by allowing account creation after payment.
  • A custom commenting platform that is responsive, real-time, and private.
  • An online ‘salon’ for classes to meet and chat during designated times. Catapult has the tools it needs to continue to scale its classes business into the future.

“Working with Robb Chen-Ware and the team at HappyFunCorp to develop Catapult’s online classes platform has been a remarkably fun and painless process. From the outset, we tasked them with a complex challenge – to create an online version of a creative writing workshop that replicates the in-person experience of Catapult classes. It’s an intelligent, easy-to-use platform that’s intuitive to writers.” - Julie Buntin, Director of Writing programs

Case Study- Twitter

Platform: tvOS, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV

Themes: Live Streaming Video


  • A superior live streaming video, making use of the latest hardware from Apple, Google, and Amazon.
  • A mere 12 weeks deadline tied to the debut of NFL Thursday Night Football, to complete the task.
  • The Twitter app required pulling in and displaying content from Periscope, Vine, Moments, as well as Trending tweets, the live streaming video plus a timeline of related Tweets.


  • HappyFunCorp helped Twitter launch onto new TV-based platforms with live streaming video.
  • Twitter for tvOS and Fire OS received glowing press and user reviews. Tweets praising the app were trending on Twitter.
  • Apple named Twitter for Apple TV App of the Year for 2016.

“Thanks for doing the impossible, with a smile.” - Ryan Troy, Twitter Live Global Lead

Kudos to the Head Crew

Jon Evans, Principal: Evans is the Principal Software Engineer at HappyFunCorp, with more than a decade of experience in coding. He is also an author, journalist, and travel writer. He writes a weekly column for TechCrunch, and his journalism has appeared in The Guardian, Wired, Quartz, The Globe & Mail, The Walrus, and The Times of India. Evans is a graduate from University of Waterloo, With an E&E degree.

Will Schenk, Co-Founder: With over 15 years of large scale internet software development experience, Schenk co-founded HappyFunCorp. A graduate from Penn State University, he has Extensive ecommerce experience.

Benjamin Schippers, Co-Founder: Schippers is an entrepreneur and technology investor. He has built a career focused on building and investing in companies that solve problems in new ways. He cares deeply about the product experience, specifically how technology can evolve and provide thoughtful experiences for end users. Schippers is a graduate from Bates College.

“Our Product Architects, Designers, & Engineers work towards elegant solutions that consumers can fall in love with and help businesses succeed.”