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Avalon Technologies: Driving Bottom Line Results with Intuitive Solutions

In today’s data driven society, IT departments face numerous challenges that are both strategic and budgetary. However, the challenge that causes the most stress across the board is “Data Management”. IT managers not only need to maintain data, but also ensure that the data under storage is secure and maximally productive. There are many possible ways to do that, but among the best, is bringing in the team from Avalon Technologies.

In 2002, Avalon was founded on a simple premise – IT professionals who have worked on both the data center and consulting side of business are better equipped to understand different IT environments and the optimal product configurations that work best for each client deployment.

Avalon has worked with a wide range of clients in the health care, manufacturing, entertainment, financial services, education, and public sectors. Avalon is certified as ‘Premier’ in the Dell PartnerDirect program, the highest recognition Dell offers. This prestigious certification recognizes Avalon’s deep experience and past performance working with clients to design, purchase, and deploy the right technology with the highest possible level of customer satisfaction

Avalon uses a unique consultative approach to first understand the client’s needs and then provide a turnkey solution to achieve them. The company has had deployments that required many hours of “white-board” conversation to fully vet client data center needs up front in order to ultimately create the best possible architecture. From there, Avalon stays with the project, from literally unpacking the boxes, through testing, migration services and deployment. Ultimately working with the clients to educate them on the full potential of the system so they can extract the maximum ROI.

Data Management Services
Avalon Technologies has built its reputation through designing and deploying world-class data center environments that balance simplicity and cost with the most technologically advanced and powerful equipment on the market. Avalon is a full service provider that can meet all data center needs up to and including complete data center replacements and turnkey solutions provided by its experienced and talented engineering team. Avalon also has a developed a project management process that ensures consistent, high quality services. Through its talent, expertise and processes, the company delivers reliable first-rate services for every project. As a result, by the end of most engagements, clients come to understand that Avalon’s engineers are an extension of their own team rather than just another vendor.

Creating an ideal data center solution requires a laser like focus on the client’s real business objectives. It partners with a range of clients to first understand their unique business model and then work to uncover the optimal approach to meeting their objectives. The company builds flexible, pragmatic solutions for each client supported by proven technologies and implemented with industry best practices. This approach helps clients unlock business potential and realize new efficiencies that translate to bottom line results.

The Future Sight
Avalon’s focus is in alignment with Dell to capitalize on its Premiere Partner relationship. That’s why the company now has full-time staff operating out of Austin and Nashville, two Dell hubs. It will continue to build relationships with Dell sales by helping convert prospects to customers and customer to advocates. It also will continue to focus on core growth areas in education, health care, commercial enterprise, manufacturing, financial services, public sector and other middle market companies.

In the future, the company hopes to capitalize on the Dell – EMC merger. Meanwhile, Avalon’s immediate challenge is to responsibly grow the company with passionate professionals who have a deep understanding of the data center and who are true to Avalon’s widely recognized customer-focused culture.

What our clients say:
“In education, technology should not drive the curriculum. The curriculum should drive the technology, In fact, one of our goals is to make technology invisible. With the support of Avalon Technologies, our technology just works, so we’re able to meet the needs of students and teachers.” – Kevin Galbriath, Executive Director of Technology, Birmingham School District.

“By working with Dell and Avalon, we were able to find the right solution at the right price. An internal assessment showed that MCC will save about $400,000 over five years as a direct result of this deployment,” – Dr. Allen Butler, CIO, McHenry
County College.

 “Dedication to our clients. Respect for our partners.”

Meet the Executive Duo

Mark Horan, CEO: Horan, a 35-year industry veteran and former Dell executive, most recently served as Vice President and General Manager of Dell’s Preferred Accounts division for commercial and public sector customers.

At Dell, Horan led a nationwide team of sales professionals responsible for commercial and public sector accounts in both direct and channel-led capacities. He is recognized as an IT expert in the education, state, and local government marketplace, as well as commercial business segments. Additionally, he led Dell’s Advanced Systems Group, focused on providing data center and storage solutions. During this time, Dell was recognized as the fastest growing storage company in the industry.

Brian Flynn, Founder: Brian founded Avalon on a simple premise – IT professionals who have worked on both the data center and consulting side of the industry are better equipped to understand different IT environments and the optimal product configurations that work best in each. Therefore, he has created a company of experienced collaborators, not sales people, and his team is authentic, approachable and highly responsive.

From the on-set, Brian believed in the value of picking his partners carefully. To that end, Avalon has become an exclusive partner with Dell where it has achieved the “Dell Premier Partner” certification, the highest level of recognition that Dell offers. As a Dell Premier Partner, Avalon has an inside track on the latest hardware, software and services available to help eliminate IT complexity for customers while gaining greater efficiencies in performance and cost.

“We leverage our unparalleled service into client business solutions that return value through simplicity and technological superiority.”