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Avantica Technology: “We make awesome happen”

Incorporated in 1993, Avantica specializes in providing software engineering services with a Nearshore advantage especially well-suited to both established and start-up U.S. software companies. Headquartered in Silicon Valley for the past 20 years with engineering centers in Latin America (Costa Rica, Peru),its partner-centric model, on-time availablity of engineering resources, ensures economical and quality engineering across the PDLC.

People at Avantica truly believe in the beauty of Synergy in the development of outstanding solutions that help world-class companies achieve their goals. And while empowering their talent to achieve personal and professional growth, they transform industry and positively impact the community. The team delivers solutions, not just on the lines of mere customer requirements, but also suggests improvements within a culture of innovation; leveraging their previous experience granted by 1800+ projects that have been completed successfully.

Over the years, they have gained the trust of clients such as connecture, Sheridan, creditsesame, shutterfly, salesforceIQ, ARIBA, interbank, minted, UTEC, Vrticleresponse, CITI who love their Nearshore Advantage

Offering uniqueness with Nearshore experts
“We’re practically next door”
U.S. headquartered, with software engineering centers in Latin America, their convenient locations reduce travel time and communication costs.

“We speak your language”
Their multicultural engineers easily collaborate with their customer’s development team, speaking both English and Spanish. There is no getting lost in translation. The focus is on rapid product iteration and release, quality engineering and insuring customer success.

“We’re in your time-zone”
There is never more than a 2 hour time difference between Avantica’s software engineering centers and North America-based customers.

“Engineering Centers”
From their Software Engineering Centers in Latin America, Avantica’s engineers collaborate closely with customers across the product development lifecycle. They utilize a distributed agile methodology that seamlessly integrates Avantica’s engineers to their customer’s North America-based development team. The result is rapid, economical expansion of their apabilities in software design, development, QA Testing and professional services.

“We share your culture”
They share similar work ethics and values. By values they mean loyalty and enthusiasm for the company, team and project. By work ethics they mean a complete focus on quality engineering, customer satisfaction and desire to take on new challenges.

“Political stability”
All of Avantica’s software engineering centers are characterized by stable democracies, strong government institutions, friendly people and professional working environments. In fact, Costa Rica is ranked first in 5 categories in FDI Magazine’s Central American Countries of the Future awards, receiving #1 ranking in economic potential, business friendliness, human resources, quality of life, and development and investment strategy.

Services Offered
Mobile- Deep experience developing and testing on the leading mobile technologies, Avantica’s bilingual mobile engineers, collaborating closely with their global customers, have developed hundreds of apps.

Testing- Comprehensive experience from Requirements Analysis to Automation, they offer a complete range of testing services paired with proven methodologies and exceptional talent.
Development- Nearshore, distributed Agile-based software development model enables close collaboration between Avantica’s engineers and customer’s in-house engineering team.

Professional Services- Their skilled consultants work with software product companies to accelerate software adoption while minimizing disruption to ongoing systems and projects.

Carrying a extraordinary, inspiring, wonderful & impressive approach

  • The company takes pride in successfully helping world-class companies achieve their goals
  • They raise the bar every day and push others to go beyond their limits
  • They are led by restless curiosity, passion and insatiable appetite for knowledge
  • It is the result of hard work, quality and creativity. It’s the stuff that inspires others. It is the standard of greatness and what they pursue every single day

Timeline of Avantica
1993- Opened opened for business in San Jose, Costa Rica providing services to Silicon Valley
1996- Delivered our first online banking project
2004- Started the banking products merchandising strategies – SIEF
2006- Delivered first project over the Atlantic, in Spain
2007- Opened office in Lima, Peru
2008- Created the QA/Testing Business Unit
2009- Brought on board San Carlos operation
2010- Started local presence on the East Coast
2012- Brought on board Liberia operation
2013- Started doing business in Texas
2014- Developed the Professional Services Business Unit

Knowing the Executive

Mario Chaves, CEO & co-Founder
As a Silicon Valley veteran and software industry executive with a Latin American background, Mario speaks at conferences and events throughout Latin America on outsourcing and technology sector regional competitiveness.
Since the mid 90’s, Mario has led the growth of Avantica Technologies, a software development and QA services company offering software engineering services to clients throughout North America from its development centers in Costa Rica and Peru. Under Mario’s leadership, Avantica has become one of the premier providers of Nearshore software engineering services to companies in the U.S. and Canada.

A Specialist in Software Development, Software Engineering Services, Outsourcing, Outsourced Product Development (OPD), Offshore/Nearshore Development, database development, web-based applications, data integration, mobile development, QA Services, Mario is an alumnus of University of California, Davis . Prior founding Avantica, Mario has worked in companies like Cuica Corporation, Babcock & Brown and Intuit.

“Technology can change the world; we are proud to be part of this transformation and will continue to do so for years to come”