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50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2017

Award-winning Digital Transformation Solutions VerseOne Group Ltd

thesiliconreview-alan-neilson-founder-executive-chairman-verseone-group-ltd-2017After the boom of dot-com in the late 90s, large or small, almost every company across the globe has faced the increasing commoditization of components that make up their IT solution. Today, the only unique aspect for any business is its content, and how this is managed and shared both internally and externally.

Combined with how rapidly the web has become part and parcel of everyone’s daily life—and accelerated by the widespread adoption of mobile devices and content publishing platforms—what every business and customer wants now is personalized, intelligent, and above all speedy content delivery, 24/7.

In 2004, computer studies graduate and entrepreneur Alan Neilson founded VerseOne Group Ltd to provide companies with innovative Digital Transformation solutions across multiple channels that deliver outstanding customer engagement and user experiences.

VerseOne believes in empowering companies with unprecedented control over their content delivery. That’s why the company offers a range of easy-to-use, browser-based web solutions, putting the customer at the heart.

About VerseOne

VerseOne Group is an established and successful content management and collaboration software and services organization. VerseOne provides web technology platforms, digital, and creative services to the social housing, healthcare, local government, and broader commercial markets.

Their mission is to deliver highlypersonalized, functional, and beautifully-crafted digital transformation solutions that offer the best engagement and experience for anyone accessing the an organization’s most valuable asset: their business content. VerseOne’s effective and intelligent managing and sharing of business content creates unique competitive advantages and real return on investment.

VerseOne’s digital services and technology platforms power over 200 websites, intranets, secure portals, and collaboration solutions. VerseOne not only builds effective web solutions that are value-for-money, but ones that the customers are delighted with.

The first project roll-on

VerseOne started its journey with its first product, Spearhead CMS. Across more than 75 man-years of development,the product has evolved into the VerseOne content management stack and Vocoll collaboration platform. Initially the software was a collaborative development with an early adopter customer that has now grown into a mature software solution supporting more than 115 large public and private sector bodies.

The VerseOne framework incorporates a series of integrated modules, all of which work seamlessly together to deliver the capability to gather, normalize, personalize and share content across customers’ audiences. The total market-centric approach in shaping the product has been a key contributor to the company’s longevity and continued success. 

The customer centric culture

VerseOne is committed to core market verticals and frequently engages in sector-specific development partnerships. This involves developing new modules, applications, or functionality in conjunction with a “champion customer” from one of its vertical sectors. Development partnerships form a major part of VerseOne’s responsiveness to the needs of its customers and enable VerseOne to provide streamlined, targeted product development and reduce costs for all of its customers.

VerseOne ensures its solutions are extensible and future-proofed, developed using open standards to provide robust integration with customer’s existing business technology platforms. Commitment to the customer experience by everyone at VerseOne also enables the company to take a long view.

The success story of the industry leader

Recognising the value of business content over commoditized IT products was the trigger for Alan to start a venture. With the passion for harnessing technology for the betterment of businesses and broader society, VerseOne was launched. It has been incredibly satisfying to see the results of these ideas coming into fruition through real solutions.

Challenges and struggle are a major part of success. And just like any early stage organization in the tech sector, VerseOne also had to face challenges. The company needed to convince the early adopter companies it approached that it had the resources and the commitment to deliver on its vision. Funding was another obstacle for VerseOne. The company was entirely funded by the founders, with stretched finances which presented real opportunities for innovative use of limited resource to achieve high efficiency.

Today, after overcoming these challenges, VerseOne has established itself as a market leader across a number of private and public sectors. VerseOne has been recognized twice by Red Herring as one of the top 100 technology companies in Europe and by CIO as one of the global top 20 CMS providers, as well as shortlisted for the Technology Company of the Year 2017 by the UK National Technology Awards.

VerseOne blends deep knowledge of the market sectors it specializes in with powerful web applications and other best-of-breed technologies and services to create customized, cutting-edge, and value-for-money web and mobile solutions for its customers. For the near future, the company promises to continue deliver its outstanding solution at the cutting edge of the digital transformation marketplace.

Meet the CEO

Alan Neilson is the Founder and Executive Chairman of of VerseOne Group Ltd. Alan was the CEO and one of the founding directors of royalblue technologies plc. During his 15 years at royalblue, he gained experience of corporate finance, due diligence and acquisitions as part of the company’s growth—which culminated in the IPO on the London Stock Exchange in 1997.

With a BSc in Computer Studies, Alan has broad experience in the IT industry spanning a 30-year career. Alan is also an active philanthropist, supporting the Prince’s Trust and National Autistic Society with treks to the North Pole, and in the Atacama desert and Himalayas.

“If you really believe in your vision and feel it would make a significant difference to the market sector you have in mind, don’t give up and keep searching and pushing forward.”