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20 Best CEOs of the Year 2018

Ayyappan Asokan, CEO, the of Enfin Technologies provided the Best Platform in Media Streaming

thesiliconreview-ayyappan-asokan-cofounder-ceo-enfin-2018Loving what you do is the first step. Second is our proven process.

Web and mobile application engineering companies that are specialized in media streaming and video communication technologies do stand out from the crowd. Enfin Technologies is one among those companies to take form in 2009 with offices in Technopark, Trivandrum, and Bangalore. It builds, maintains, and supports business and communication applications for enterprise clients and for passionate start-ups. It is known for building real-time communication apps, WebRTC on web &mobile, and real-time e-learning. 

Enfin is the winner of The Economic Times “Power of Ideas” by the Department of Science and Technology and CIIE. It is also the part of Top 5 companies in iAccelerator by CIIE, an IIM-Ahmedabad initiative. The firm is one among top 10 companies from India shortlisted for “Leaders in Innovative Fellowship Programme” conducted by Royal Academy of Engineering, the University of Cambridge in association with Newton Fund, a Government of UK initiative. Enfin has the privilege of working with some of the most well-known companies in the world. Its clients are its partners and its priority.

The HQ and development centre is located and operates in a 24x7 environment - Technopark, Trivandrum, the largest IT Park in India. The company has its marketing and sales presence in Bangalore and Washington DC, USA. Its flagship product, “Ofabee” is an online test and course selling platform for the test preparation coaching institutes, teachers, and skill development organisations to create, sell, and deliver the online courses on the web and mobile platforms.

The Company’s Work-Flow

Designing a great app is about more than just an idea; it wants to understand your business and its needs. From the initial consultation, planning, development, of your web & mobile app, It is here to listen. The company makes sure that all your specific demands and requirements are implemented along the way up to the very day Enfin launches your app.

The Discovering process

Enfin believes in transparency and strong communication between you and its creative development team. It will help you find and refine the big ideas to deliver short and long-term value to your business. Its mission in this process is to fully understand what you are trying to accomplish from a creative and functional standpoint.

The Designing Phase

The great mobile design is more than looks. It’s how things work. Enfin’s software designers and engineers collaborate to push the boundaries of what’s possible. It builds usable, friendly and intuitive applications that are equally stunning to look at.

Development - The Heart & Brain of the Firm

Enfin takes pride in its development approach and feels that it’s evident in the quality products it produces. With the planning documentation, design and target market in mind, the superstar programming team can get to work. The team will determine the best technologies to apply for your features.

Debugging Process

Working on a weekly build cycle means that it is constantly testing the application, to ensure that it meets with its high product standards. The team will read the code, test every single screen, button, feature and function to ensure the integrity of your app.

The Final Delivery

The company is 100% committed to a successful launch of your apps even after it has finished building your application. The firm also ensures your application is running and exploring the world smoothly by providing regular checkups.

The Forever Friends the Company Makes

Enfin offers ongoing maintenance and enhancement plans. It’s a loyal bunch that leans on the results to maintain long-lasting relationships that always benefit its clients.

The Man Who Brought His Dreams to Reality

Ayyappan Asokan, Co-founder and CEO: He Specializes in Business Development, e-Learning Consulting, Start-Up experience, Product Planning & Management, Team Building & Management, Public Relations, and Business Networking. He has completed B.Tech at the University of Kerala. He Later worked as a software engineer at OSTPL for over a year and later founded his present company Enfin Technologies India Pvt Ltd.

”Our commitment to technical and support excellence has made us one of the leading web and mobile application development company. We take pride in delivering time-critical developments & implementations for our clients.”