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BadTesting: An Expert in Software Testing Consulting Services


“Testing is an infinite process of comparing the invisible to the ambiguous in order to avoid the unthinkable happening to the anonymous.” – James Bach

Software testing is critical to a product’s success. It brings out the defects and errors that were made during the development phases and ensures the customer’s reliability and their satisfaction in the quality of the product. BadTesting LLC is an American company which is an expert in providing software testing consulting services to any firm in the IT sector. Its skill set is in Business Application Development Testing (BadTesting). Their spotlight is not solely on the code functionality that comes from development, rather the company’s expertise lets it support the comprehensive delivery lifecycle from requirements to the development process through user testing and deployment.

Incorporated in 2012, BadTesting is headquartered at 1871, the entrepreneurial hub for digital startups in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Its foremost focus lies on Quality Assurance best practices, particularly around software testing on various platforms versus reliance on any particular set of testing tools. Their comprehensive hands-on understanding of the deployment objectives, allow it to provide value added services for its clients.

BadTesting services its clients’ needs and is always looking to strengthen relationships through differentiators like value, expertise and quality. Although the organization is nimble, the company has the capability to work on various sized projects on a multitude of platforms. This gives them a competitive edge and allows them to work on interesting projects that have a positive impact on clients’ businesses.

Being Different in the domain
Named as “25 Most Promising QA/Testing Service Vendors 2015” by Outsourcing Gazette Magazine in their July 2015 issue, the company differentiates itself from competitors by having an expertise in the overall software development lifecycle management. It believes in proactive communication, open communication channels, and clear expectations. The testing approach is customized on a project by project basis, and is revaluated for efficiency and coverage. Products are thoroughly investigated to find problems that matter to clients and users.

For expanding market reach, the company partners up with leading organizations that build software products for global brands. Coming to service delivery, BadTesting provides IV&V Independent Verification and Validation Services and sits in on requirements and design meetings for larger system test planning. It helps organizations to better their products.

Array of Services offered
BadTesting offers software testing consulting services & helps manage risks associated with technology changes. It offers an advanced and versatile skill set in software quality assurance, testing, and configuration to ensure effective and on time product releases. The company is an expert at testing and evaluating both hardware and software products to identify and resolve all potential issues for both startups and established environments. It excels when a system is in development or in the Business Application Development Testing phase. Under time constraints, software testing is maximized with limited supporting documentation. Process improvements, client management, providing guidance for clients, managing the expectations of its clients are some of the specialties.

Territory of Clientele
The company has clients in the USA and Canada and helps with software products domestically and for overseas markets through those partnerships. One of BadTesting’s specific sectors are advertising and marketing agencies and their partners. Some of the major clients are Red Square Agency, GA Communication Group and Edelman Digital. The company purely strives to meet clients’ Business Application Development Testing needs while providing the best customer service.

Client Testimonials
“The level of dedication and quality from BadTesting is one you don’t find often. Their knowledge of design and development best practices allows them to easily communicate issues across multiple teams. They have proven to be a valuable partner over the past four years and continue to be a great resource for our team.”
– Karen Sullivan, Senior Digital Producer- Red Square Agency

“GA Communication Group has been working with BadTesting now for over 2 years. BadTesting has done all of our testing from websites, apps, and email programs. Quality Assurance is such an important part of what we do as a healthcare communication agency. Working with BadTesting has greatly helped our ability to do the best work for our clients.” – Sarah Kaps, Vice President Digital Solutions- GA Communication Group

“BadTesting has been our trusted partner for our most vital clients. We know we can count on a thorough, knowledgeable test team no matter the timeline or the technology. They know how to integrate seamlessly with a team of any size and don’t require any hand-holding and hit the ground running. They are stunningly up-to-date on trends and always able to support the team with the right solution to tough technical problems. Whether it’s a tight timeline or challenging technical work, my first and last call is to BadTesting.” – Dan Lavorini- Vice President, Technical Director- Edelman Digital

Future Focus Areas
The company’s future focus areas include the Internet of Things, Big Data, Apple Watch, and virtual devices such as the Oculus Rift and Microsoft HoloLens. It will continue to provide value to customers and increase partnerships.