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Being there for your business with the best possible software solutions: Swash Convergence Technologies Ltd.


The software market has been through drastic changes in the recent times, but the story remains the same: organizations need a wide range of solutions that have the lowest prices, highest quality and responsive support. Swash Convergence Technologies Ltd. takes care of that.

Swash Convergence Technologies Ltd. started its venture in the year 2001 by a group of young thinkers with the aim of providing state-of-the-art business solutions and cloud services around the globe. With more than a decade of experience in managing global clients across various business verticals, the company at present has made a remarkable position in global market place for delivering quality services to its clients.

Since then, Swash Convergence has been delivering innovative software solutions to enterprises irrespective of their size and growth. Its technical skills and expertise in various industry segments provides efficient and useful solutions to its customers to meet their specific industry needs. It is specialized in delivering outsourcing & offshore software development services, cloud products, mobile application, and desktop application to a rapidly increasing base of cherished customers. “Our devotion to perfection in providing superior services and support throughout the project delivery process and beyond has marked success for our organization”, says the company.

In conversation with the CEO, Dr. Pritam Pal

Can you brief us about the history of your company?

Swash Group began its foray into the IT world more than a decade back and even today runs parallel with the rapidly accelerating stream of technology ensuring to stay at par with the continuous changes that influences the business world. Incorporated in 2001, Swash has spearheaded in the field of IT Consulting and Managed Services, Education, Steel, Infrastructure etc., with a global vision for providing world class services, products and solutions to multiple industry verticals through a singular point of access.

Swash has always believed in providing exceptional services to the esteemed clients through the group of companies – Swash Consulting Pvt. Ltd. (to provide better business consulting), SP Infra Development Enterprises Ltd. (SPIDEL) to facilitate lasting pieces of architecture and realty, Pal Educational Pvt. Ltd. (PEPL)to provide value added culturing and Aadarsh Educational Trust (AET) to stay updated about latest educational trends.

How have you expanded your company and its offerings over the years?

Swash helps its clients to strategize roadmaps which advance their journey to the cloud from any point. Whether, it is new cloud deployment, legacy environments or hybrid implementations, Swash’s complete and integrated approach makes it easy for the organizations to start their business processes in the cloud. Swash’s application suite coupled with latest technologies would always help your business processes to be scalable.

We are a global leader in technology enabled solutions for enterprises belonging to different domains. We help you with your IT needs and strive to put you at the apex of success. We are a leading provider of on-demand cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution which integrates Human Resource, Finance, Inventory, Production, Sales, Purchase and Customer Relationship Management. We offer designing and developing software solutions for a wide range of commercial and scientific applications that enable customers to streamline internal operations, facilitate communication among team members, capture & share learning and innovate improved products-quickly and easily.

How do you position yourself in the current domain? How do you amalgamate latest technology with business objectives?

Swash sees itself as one of the flag bearers in the world of cloud computing by delivering continuous value. Our adept team of experts can always help you to accelerate your business transformation and establish business case and road map for your technology and application initiatives. We are also competent in aligning your business enterprise with critical organizational requirements. With Swash, you can avail better outcomes from the technologies you have invested. Our end-to-end service delivery capabilities coupled with the best result-oriented practices is what sets Swash apart.

What is it in you that differentiate you from others in the domain?

Swash Convergence can be a difference maker in the following areas in your enterprise:

  • Trusted lifetime partnership to help you achieve your business goals
  • Greater emphasis on business process management as well as technology investments
  • Gain competitive advantage with Swash’s advanced integration methodology
  • Lay greater amount of stress on thought leadership through collaboration across the various ecosystems of Swash
  • With Swash’s advanced technological features, your modern sales strategies would be agile which in turn would empower your organization to grow more

What are your present and future focus areas?

Currently, we are targeting the Startups and SMEs across India to empower young entrepreneurs to reach their business goals and support Make in India campaign. We are also aiming to provide our Cloud technology solutions to the Far East Countries including China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Mongolia, Siberia, Taiwan, Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Malaysia, Laos, Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam in the near future.

Meet the man behind the success

Dr. Pritam Pal, CEO

Dr. Pritam Pal always have a knack of seeing what others don’t yet understand. Back in those days when no one was thinking about cloud computing, he had the foresight to start a company which would cater to the needs of software solutions as a service as well as a product. With his passion for innovative thinking and versatile knowledge of a plethora of software platforms including the cloud domain where he has published his research thesis “Legal Policy Adaption in Global Cloud Computing Environment”. This has made him one of the most successful Techno-Business visionaries in recent times.

Now that he’s established Swash Convergence as a global leader in cloud computing gamut, he is drawing strength from the company’s heritage as a modest purveyor of ERP solutions for startup industries across the Indian subcontinent. Dr. Pal’s knack for innovative software solutions rarely fails him. He is fully entitled to brag, and he does: “Alternate plan is the only substitute, not the failure.” In Swash, Dr. Pal has created a technology provider which can cater to the demands of industries belonging to various domains.

Another interesting factor that sets apart Swash from others is its work culture. Dr. Pal is a staunch believer in the statement that a company can make a difference only when it has the right set of employees. At Swash, one would have the opportunity to join a team which drives innovation around the world. He is also of the opinion that “corporate culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage which is within the control of the entrepreneur”.

His ingenious ideas coupled with an entrepreneurial mindset has made him establish the roadmap of SWASH in 2001. It is one of the most pioneering IT services and Technology research company that is changing the way organizations conduct their businesses. Investors have friended Dr. Pritam Pal owing to his immense intellect in designing affordable cloud computing platforms. His innovation in the form of KENCloud is already creating ripples in the tech world in and around India.

"As the global leader in providing Software and designing solutions for a wide range of commercial and scientific applications, Swash Convergence Technologies enables organizations to unravel value across their business operations.”