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Belmont Technologies: Enriching the E-Learning Experience Universally

“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding” – Leonardo da Vinci

Bringing a fresh set of enthusiasm to the process of Learning, the platform of E-Learning has boomed over recent years. Realizing the power of this wonder platform in the modern world, Ganesan Kaliyan founded Belmont Technologies and GA Software, with a vision of building a global venture to bestow learning and development needs of the 21st century. Today, he is a proud owner of two separate entities catering the needs of E-Learning podium.

Belmont Technologies and GA Software offer similar learning solutions. The only difference is the provinces covered, Belmont as a brand is being positioned outside of India, while GA Software as a brand is being positioned within India. The clear demarcation of the ‘Brands’ has immensely increased the company’s outreach both in India and Overseas market. The company today has carved a niche in the E-Learning domain for providing consulting, software solutions and services across multiple verticals.

In conversation with Ganesan Kaliyan (Founder & CEO, Belmont Technologies and GA Software)

How strategically is your company positioned in accordance with the current trends in the E-Learning fraternity?

Firstly, I am happy to mention that our Company is spread across two brands viz., Belmont Technologies and GA Software. While the offerings are same, Belmont as a brand is being positioned outside of India and GA Software as a brand is being positioned within India. The clear demarcation of the Brands has immensely increased our outreach both in India and Overseas market.

Today, wherever there is an element of Learning involved across verticals, we have seen companies strive to extend an impeccable experience to their stakeholders. In such a competitive environment, it becomes all the more imperative to bring in unparalleled creativity and innovation in solving the business problems of the customers.

Our simple strategy is to create compelling value propositions around the businesses of our customers and allow them to choose from the bouquet of our offerings.

A Learning is still a learning- whether its Instructor Led or Online, How do you see your company contributing to such binary needs by various verticals, being a 100% E-Learning Company?

As I say, we are clear in our strategy. We are not here to worry about the method of learning – the customer wants. Our objective is to ensure whether our customers get what they want. To ensure customer delight, we might not always prescribe a cookie cutter solution to address their business problem.

The world has fast paced from the typical Instructor led learning, Online Learning, Blended Learning etc., We are now cruising into an era of Experiential learning, whereby experiences have become incidents and learning, an obligation. In such a scenario – only providing technology wouldn’t help to solve the last mile problem of our customers. One has to be holistic and unique to address the larger need of the customers.

As an Organization, we strive to inculcate the DNA of understanding the customer needs first and then think of providing the right solution.

More than being referred as an E-Learning Company, I would like to coin us as the most trusted advisors to our customers.

GA Software and Belmont as a brand has been resonating vibrantly in a few markets for the past couple of months. What is your take on this?

As an Organization, we have picked up some of the best brains in the Industry to drive the Sales efforts. Our Malaysia office has been really doing well for the past couple of months and the office has by and large been able to cover the Asia Pacific requirements. India and Africa continue to be promising markets for the Government and Education businesses. Middle East is expected to spur up, specially post the festivities and we are expecting some good momentum.

Though some of these markets are really price sensitive, we prefer to synergize on the right opportunities and keep up the traction going in these markets.

We shall also be looking at adding large channel partners during this fiscal.

In the Learning space, you are one such Organization that has the lowest employee attrition. What has been the success story in this regard?

Human Capital is one of the finest ingredients that our Company is blessed with. Every resource at his/her level is appropriately empowered to make their own decisions. Good or bad, they take the complete accountability of their actions. 60% of our employees have been with us since the Company’s incorporation and almost 40% of them are into customer facing roles. This kind of a healthy mix has propelled our company to confidently wade through the tough times.

When the markets go really unpredictable, we huddle up and use the time for mutual introspection. Such kind of an approach has helped the Organization to truncate unwarranted meat and bring in rigor into the entire Human Capital eco system.

As the CEO of both the leading Brands – GA Software and Belmont Technologies, and – as an E Learning Visionary, where do you see the entire Learning Industry in the next couple of years?

Worldwide, 95% of all the learners shall be on mobile in the next two years. The entire learning periphery shall be “On-Demand”. Which means, the technology providers like us, must be highly innovative in our offerings to suit the On-Demand Learning Model. We cannot confine anymore to the pointed solution approach. We got to be running ahead of the On-Demand curve to be in the right nerve of the economy.

I see that the consolidation of technologies and resources to be the biggest game changer in this Industry in the years to come.

‘Unlock transformational opportunities and business values’

Knowing the man behind Belmont Tech & GA Software Success

Ganesan Kaliyan, CEO- A visionary, Ganesan carries over 17 years of experience working across the globe, specializing in strategizing new business initiatives and handling global business development. His experience has been revolving around product development, services delivery and consulting – predominantly in e-Learning and Information Technology sectors.

Ganesan founded his dream venture Belmont Tech in 2009 with a vision of creating a global enterprise to serve the learning and development needs of the 21st century. He has nurtured an intrapreneurial culture at Belmont through meticulous pursuit of his mission statement which is to ‘ideate.innovate.integrate’. He has a bachelor’s degree in Commerce & law and master’s in management.

Quick Facts

Belmont Technologies

Year of Foundation- 2009
Headquarters- 5201 Great America Parkway, Suite 256, Santa Clara, California 95054 USA
Locations- Branches in UK, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore
Clientele- USA, India, Malaysia, Singapore, UK and Africa

“Our objective is to ensure whether our customers get what they want.”