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50 Most Admired Companies of The Year 2017

Better data. Better results: Infogix

thesiliconreview sumit nijhawan president ceo infogix 2017“After 30 years, Infogix continues to stakes its claim as the pioneer data analysis.”

Infogix was established 1982, Sumit Nijhawan (CEO/president) joined the company in 2004. Headquarterd at Naperville, United States. Infogix has focused on data analysis to ensure their customers make critical business decisions based on data they can trust. Uniting predictive analytics with trustworthy data enables companies to transform insight into action and accelerate their business growth. With an impressive list of Fortune 100 and Global 2000 customers, Infogix continues to help hundreds of organizations realize better data and better results.

The Inception

Infogix provides best-in-class solutions that seamlessly integrate into your operations and allow you to manage highly complex, data intensive business environments such. Our software solutions analyze data in real-time by applying business rules and advanced algorithms in complex business environments resulting in actionable intelligence and enabling customers to make informed business decisions. ‘We provide end-to-end, real-time and automated data analysis across your enterprise and offering solutions.

With a customer retention rate of nearly 100%, customers rely on the company for mitigating risk and conducting the data analysis necessary to drive a superior customer experience. Our top 10 customers have stayed with us for more than 20 years.

The Enterprise Data Analysis Platform applies advanced analytics to improve customers experience and drive corporate profitability and streamline operational efficiency. This process improves data quality, ensures effective transaction monitoring, provides balancing and reconciliation, identifies fraud and operationalizes predictive models.

Infogix products and services

Solving Business Issues Related To Complex Processes

By analyzing, processing and monitoring 100% of data in real-time or in batch, Infogix is able to provide proactive and actionable intelligence to manage operational workflows and steps.

Enterprise Data Analysis Platform

Using a horizontal platform, Infogix is industry and system agnostic, with the capability to access and utilize disparate data streams to monitor and analyze data within and across applications. With flexible cloud and on-premises deployment options and cost-effective implementation, the organization benefits from a wide range of use cases in support.

“With a customer retention rate of nearly 100%, our customers rely on us for mitigating risk and conducting the data analysis necessary to drive a superior customer experience. our top 10 customers have remained with us for more than 20 years”.

Liberate Your Data- Data Integrity Suite

Every organization has a process in place to ensure the accuracy of their data, but it’s usually not end-to-end, automated, and real-time. Infogix customers have experienced significant operational efficiencies in reducing semi-automated and manual process to streamline operations and gain what has been illusive – enterprise reporting, dashboards, and exception management.

Big Data Analytics Suite

Infogix SagacityTM is the next generation, self-service, big data analytics platform designed to handle not one, but multiple steps from data acquisition and preparation to data analysis and operationalization. Designed with a data preparation visual workflow, Infogix Sagacity empowers the business user to aggregate and control data in order to accelerate and improve the subsequent data analysis process, applying analytics to extract value from their customer’s data.

Data Governance Suite

Our cloud-based solution, Infogix Data3SixtyTM, accelerates time to deployment and delivers an all-inclusive view of your organization’s data landscape to combat the increasingly complex demands around regulations and compliance, and the shifting tides of business policies and business alignment. Our solution allows you to easily define, track, and manage all aspects of your data assets, enabling collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and user empowerment through transparency across your enterprise.

Infogix helps company achieve your data analysis goals by ensuring better data and therefore better results. “We offer a diverse portfolio of professional services including: identifying risk exposures, implementing data integrity analysis, reviewing the performance and results of your analysis, and helping you install our products,” says CEO.

LIBERATE YOUR DATA FROM ERRORS-You expect accuracy in financial transactions, reports, compliance and the like, but accuracy doesn’t happen by accident. It either happens by manually double and triples checking the numbers hoping that nothing has been missed or by instituting deliberate and repeatable processes to automatically validates 100% of your data for accuracy.

Meet the mastermind

Sumit Nijhawan is CEO and President of Infogix, where he is responsible for leading company strategy, operations and customer partnerships. Sumit joined the company in 2004 as the head of the Products Group. Under Sumit’s leadership, Infogix introduced its suite of automated data analysis solutions for distributed environments. Sumit also spearheaded a partnership with one of the largest banks in the United States to create Infogix ER®, an enterprise reconciliation solution.

Prior to joining Infogix, Sumit held leadership positions at the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, SPSS, Inc., and PwC. He teaches graduate classes as an adjunct faculty member at DeVry Institute of Technology. Sumit received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics and Chemistry from Coe College and a Ph.D. in Engineering from Brown University. He also attended the Program for Leadership Development at Harvard Business School.

“Infogix data verifies balances, reconciles, and tracks your data in your quest to liberate your data from distressing errors.”