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BI Acuity: A Passionate Service Provider Delivering Robust Solutions to Clientele Globally

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work and a civilization work.” - Vince Lombardi

Established in 2011 BI Acuity is a boutique consulting firm and is dedicated to the delivery of Analytics, Data Warehousing and Big Data solutions in sophisticated environments with a mission to help organizations achieve their goals through intelligent use of data. Being focused on data, the management team at BI Acuity is extremely passionate and their passion allows them to have an unusual strong understanding of user challenges and allows them to deliver unusually robust solutions.

A specialist in Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Big Data and OBI Analytic Applications, the company provides teams of senior resources with proven track records that have the knowledge and experience to adapt and deliver within your environment. BI Acuity’s understanding of BI technology is much more than skin deep. They very well understand the technology behind the technology. Their experts understand why tools behave as they do and use this knowledge to tackle your challenges and increase our productivity.

Products Offered
De-Cloud- The Company offers adapters that make pulling your data from the Salesforce and Workday clouds and feeding into your data warehouse environment simple.

OBIEE Add-On’s- Through this the company offers several add-on’s including an end user focused simplified navigation page and high density dashboard layout.

BI Acuity’s Unique Services
With a belief that technology and functional knowledge must be joined at the hip to successfully turn data into knowledge. The company adapts their approach to each particular challenge and organization. It not embraces but nurtures the relationship between the business and technical, resources and teams necessary for ongoing success.

Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing – BI Acuity provides a full complement of services to ensure your business intelligence or Information Management and services are reaching their full potential.

Oracle Business Intelligence Specialization – The Company was founded on their expertise with the Oracle Business Intelligence tool set. Their experience and knowledge with the Oracle Analytic Application is truly second to none.

Big Data & Data Science – People at BI Acuity truly believe that the opportunity for traditional companies to begin benefitting from these technologies is upon them. They have partnered with HortonWorks to help their clients to utilize the best of breed, 100% open source Hadoop distribution.

“We are solely focused on helping our clients and customers realize the power of their data. The power to Know More.”

Meet the Master Mind 

John Kohnke, CEO
Having a deep functional expertise of most financial and back-office corporate functions, John is unusually versatile and able to lead and contribute at all levels. He is a serial technologist with very deep and broad architecture and development skills. His goal is to help organizations extract the greatest possible business value from their data. He enjoys all aspects of solution creation process ranging from high-level strategy, architecture, business partnering, system administration, programming and data visualization. Prior to BI Acuity, John has worked in Facebook as Financial Data Architect, ProBuild Holding, INC and Wind River. John is an alumnus of University of Wisconsin-Madison- School o Business.

Steve Runyan, Senior Vice President, Sales
Steve is a high-achieving business development leader that has extensive experience in working with enterprise organizations on implementing value-based strategies and quantifiable success factors leveraging technological solutions. He has a game-changing ability to analyze business transformation requirements from inception to fulfillment enriching stakeholder experience and team performance across contributing functional areas.

Ajith (AJ) Rao, Senior Solution Architect
Ajith is one of the leading experts in the OBI Analytic Applications with his experience going back to the very first client implementation. In addition to his technical expertise he provides thought leadership on the integration of analytics with business processes.

“Our leaders have the ability to work successfully at all levels of our organization.”