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10 Fastest Growing Pharma Companies 2016

Biophore: Your Best Partner for Chemistry Solutions


“We aim to position ourselves as the most trusted API Source across all therapeutic segments”

The journey of Biophore began in 2007, when Dr. Jagadeesh and his confidant Dr. Manik moved back to India from the US. Both the technocrats setup a small scale chemistry lab on leased premises, and formed a team with seven chemists in Hyderabad to work on API products involving complex chemistry in non-in-fringing routes of synthesis. Initially both of them worked in the lab to develop chemistry processes.

In the year 2010, the company filed its first US DMF; thereafter they went on listing many projects to its research wing. In 2013, the company’s manufacturing facility was successfully audited and approved by the USFDA authorities followed by 2015’s inspection of 2nd manufacturing facility. Biophore with an investment of USD 20 Million is venturing into manufacturing facility at Visakhapatnam in next two years.

Biophore, today is considered amongst the top suppliers of APIs to the US market. The Company very well recognises that research is the key to success and invests judiciously in the Research & Development of new technologies of APIs focusing on Peptides, macromolecular complexes, co-crystals including Novel Polymorph Technologies. The team of over 200 Biophoreans worked together to file over 40 DMFs with USFDA and dedicates itself to become the most trusted API supplier in the world.

Biophore’s broad product portfolio
Biophore is among the few compa- nies in the global generic market who understand the product com-plexities to the core and provides an end to end technical support to its clients. The company distinct themselves by understanding the market trends better and always find out innovative way to reach out its customers.

The product portfolio itself speaks volumes of the company’s vision. From API to Filing, Biophore provides a comprehensive support from Analytical, Quality and Regulatory Support. Biophore is a core R&D organization which strives to provide cost-effective, non-infringing and complex APIs.

Biophore provides a friendly environment to their employees, which in return enthuses every employee to perform at their highest potential. This enviable team of Biophore, has filed third highest number of DMFs in the year 2015. And is now credited with 40+ DMFs with US, EU and Canadian Authorities.

The road wasn’t smooth, but they succeeded by driving smartly
Being a start-up had its own challenges. The founders, being PhDs in Chemistry dedicated their time in developing new routes of synthesis for the APIs.

From selecting the right molecule to finding a manufacturer then finding sources to perform complex reactions and managing the resources. All together was a real challenge which made Biophore strong enough to sustain the struggle for the existence. Weathered and seasoned, Biophore invested in a manufacturing facility to enter the second phase of its journey, of DMF filings. By the time the start-up is 3 years old, experienced chemists joined the team making it self-sustaining.

The Clients; “Present and Future”
Biophore continues to focus in the areas of Contrast Media, Oncology and difficult to characterize APIs. Biophore aims to be among the top ten players in the area of Active Pharmaceuticals for US, EU and other regulated markets. The company now has a clientele of about 160 companies globally with Few Big Pharma players in the customer base, they maintain a Business office in the US for its operations throughout the US. Five of IMS top 20 global corporations and ten of Forbes 2015 top 50 Pharmaceutical Companies are their clients.

Their customers, majorly being the Formulation Companies look at Biophore as a one-stop solution for their API requirements. A Big Pharma customer and leader in the field of Contrast Media who recently visited their Manufacturing facilities has lauded their efforts performed in the field of Contrast Media and chose them as their partner.

The market leaders today consider Biophore as its chemistry partner for Contrast Media to fulfil their line of MRI Media. With all these credits, Biophore is now all set to enter the Semi-Regulated, ASEAN and CIS Markets.

Meet the Executive Duo
Dr. Jagadeesh Babu, CEO and MD: Prior to his role at Biophore India Pharmaceuticals & Biophore Pharma Inc., Dr Jagadeesh has worked as Vice President, Research and Promotor at NAVINTA LLC for a period of 5 years and also as faculty at Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani for Six Years. Well, that’s not it, he also holds six years of working experience at VCU, Richmond, USA at different positions in the area of drug discovery for Neuro Therapeutic agents and during his work at VCU Richmond, he was associated with renowned scientist Prof. Richard A. Glennon. Besides Biophore, he is also the founder & M.D of Leiutis Pharmaceuticals., India & Leiutis Pharmaceuticals Inc., USA; Sionc Pharmaceuticals; Azico-Biophore & Enixta Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Till date Dr. Jagadeesh has filed 60+ patents in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry and published 50+ articles in prestigious journals and publications.

Dr. Manik Reddy, Co-Founder and CSO: A Doctoral in Medicinal Chemistry from VCU & BITS Pilani, Dr. Manik has filed around 20 patents in the field of chemistry and published reputed journals. Prior to Co-founding Biophore, Dr. Manik has worked in Hospira’s Oncology Division. Apart from Biophore, Dr. Manik Reddy is the director of Azico – Biophore and Sionc Pharmaceuticals.

“We believe that this is just the first step and would be going miles ahead soon and would scale newer heights every year as we all know success begets success”.