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Blue Oak Energy: Delivering Real-world Energy Solutions


“We provide unsurpassed engineering expertise to our long-term customers including utilities, municipalities, corporates, and EPC firms while supporting our in-house Coronal team on utility-scale work.”

You have the vision. You have secured the deal. Now you need a world-class solar engineering company to make it happen. Blue Oak operates as a commercial and utility-scale solar electric project company in the United States. It offers solar electric and photovoltaic system services, as well as solar combiner boxes. The company also provides project planning and feasibility, design and engineering, logistics, installation, and system operation and maintenance services.

Blue Oak Energy was incorporated in 2003 and is headquartered in Davis, California with additional offices in Santa Monica, California; and Vaughan, Canada.

Blue Oak Energy: Synopsis

A Comprehensive Solar Engineering Services Leader

Blue Oak Energy is a comprehensive solar engineering services firm supporting utility-scale, commercial, agricultural, and industrial clientele. Blue Oak’s ground-breaking team of multi-disciplinary engineers—known for their technical due diligence and delivery of challenging designs for prestigious clients—has supported more than 2.4 GW of operating solar facilities, including storage projects, globally. The firm is a wholly owned subsidiary of Coronal Energy, powered by Panasonic.

Moreover, Blue Oak brings over a decade of experience and an extensive portfolio of projects that together total more than 1,500 plus MW of operational solar. The firm’s projects span the Americas, and it has worked with utility companies and permitting agencies in 35 states.

Blue Oak: Portfolio

The company specializes in installations for commercial, public-sector, and utility-scale projects.

Commercial: From single office buildings to entire corporate campuses, if you are in the commercial sector, it is time to go solar.

Commercial solar benefits your company in multiple ways. You reduce the expensive brown power imported to your commercial buildings, corporate campus, and distribution or manufacturing facility. Solar energy also provides significant savings on future utility rate hikes, hidden utility demand charges, and unpredictable time-of-use rates.

Blue Oak loves the challenges of designing complex distributed generation photovoltaic facilities. The firm’s commercial solar projects are professionally engineered, expertly constructed, and efficiently managed during operation.

Public Sector: Government facilities, water districts, municipalities, schools, colleges and universities are ideal locations for solar energy generation.

Blue Oak has been the solar engineering team of choice for some of the most impressive PV systems in the educational and public sector. Discover the value of engineering excellence and integrated project management with the firm’s expert team.

These institutions already know that Blue Oak is a reliable partner from the first phone call through the life of your photovoltaic system.

Utility Scale: The fastest growing segment of the photovoltaic industry, utility-scale solar is driven by government-mandated Renewable Portfolio Standards.

When you need end-to-end management for your utility-scale project from concept to construction to production, you can rely on Blue Oak Energy.

Founder’s Message

“At Blue Oak Energy we have made building a sustainable energy future our priority. We are focused on bringing clean energy to the forefront by implementing quality commercial solar and utility-scale solar projects across the United States. We are professional, motivated, and enthusiastic in our approach.”

“Our focus is engineering, construction and system operations for distributed generation solar facilities. This technical depth and clear focus has allowed us to deliver or help deliver some of the most awesome solar projects and solar portfolios in the world.

Leadership, Blue Oak Energy

Tobin Booth, PE: Tobin Booth, PE, founder, serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Blue Oak Energy. Mr. Booth has more than a decade of experience in renewable energy; he is a national leader in the field of solar electric design. His focus on reducing PV system costs and increasing reliability is widely acknowledged. He serves as Member of Advisory Board at Pegasus Solar Inc.

Mr. Booth holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University.

Danny Lee: Danny Lee, PhD is the Senior Vice President of Blue Oak Energy. Mr. Lee has been with Blue Oak since 2006 when he started as a Project Engineer. Since then, he has worn a myriad of hats, ranging from Engineering Manager to VP of Sales Development. As Senior Vice President, he directs all sales and development activities for the company and specializes in mechanical design, process control and the all-important art of relationship building.

Mr. Lee earned his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from UC Davis and has a fantastic family that spans several states and countries.

“Everything we do is driven by our belief that solar energy should be prioritized over all other energy generation types.”