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BluePrint Data: Revolutionizing the World with the Leading Internet Filtering Technologies


“A level 5-optimizing CMM level organization, BluePrint Data is truly a Global company with international deployments and website coverage in 63 languages.”

A leading provider of OEM website / URL Content Filtering technologies and services, over the years BluePrint Data has witnessed a revolution in the cloud market. Serving the market for over 16 years from now, they have observed the growth of the cloud and actually had cloud services embedded into their product offerings since inception. Today, they are a global leader enabling their customers to provide high quality and low cost internet filtering solutions, either standalone or integrated, to their end users.

The company provides its clients a set of API’s, SDK’s, and Web based tools to utilize their in-the-cloud Internet Filtering service. They also bestow the option of providing copies of the database and/or content engine for local use, installation on network or client devices, or for data center / network, if they don’t need a cloud installation. The API’s and SDK’s provides JSON (Java), HTML (get requests), and XML options and versions to request the URL / website lookups.

Regarded as a true player in the Internet Filtering business as an OEM supplier of cloud based and other internet filtering and security services since 1998, BluePrint Data will continue to focus on providing products and services to their customers that they can integrate into their services and offerings or white label and sell. Home based in Jacksonville, Florida, BluePrint Data has a presence in North, Central and South America, Asia / pacific and India.

Meet the Entrepreneur

Bob Dahlstrom, Founder & CEO – A passionate serial business entrepreneur and technologist, Bob has a wealth of experience in Information Technology and experienced leadership and financial success in founding, securing funding, and bringing BluePrint Data to profitability. Bob also mentors technology startup companies in the local community of Jacksonville Florida including; NEXT Jacksonville, powered by Google entrepreneurs, Jacksonville Startup Weekend, iStart Jax, and the former Jacksonville Start up accelerator KYN.

Bob is unequivocally adamant that software is “eating the world” and is passionate about designing and create software and adding value. He also has served a Board Member for various not-for-profit entities and holds an MBA from FSU a BS in Industrial Organizational Psychology from California State University, East Bay. He currently lives with his wife and their daughter in Jacksonville Florida, is a marathon runner and loves singing Kirtan and Bhajans (devotional Hindu and Sikh hymns and chants).

Meet the Most Trusted Website Content Authority in the World
The company specializes in providing high quality Website / URL Filtering, which makes them the most trusted Website content authority in the world. In fact, other Internet Filtering companies contract with BluePrint Data to complete web site / URL content reviews to improve their filter databases or when their automated technology can’t determine a website or URLs content.

BluePrint Data offers a zero false positive system and their trained and certified Web content review specialists have reviewed websites that comprise over 98% of the World Wide Web traffic, according to statistics from Neilson/Net Ratings a global leader in Internet media and market research.

BluePrint Data URL / Website Content Filtering Database is exceptionally accurate as it is the only database of its size where 100% of the Websites have been reviewed by trained and certified Website content specialists.

“We are focused on continually improving all aspects of our business and process performance.”

Serving a Healthy Client Base
BluePrint Data’s OEM and white label Internet Filtering products are used in network gateway security devices such as firewalls and Unified Threat Management (UTM) devices, standalone internet filtering and security appliances, client desktop software, mobile platform apps, in the cloud, and elsewhere.

The array of vast services offered by BluePrint Data is used by:

  • Cloud based service providers including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and others
  • Internet security solutions providers – including hardware, software and blended offerings
  • Internet Service Providers (ISP’s)
  • Managed Service Providers (MSP), including Managed Service Security Providers (MSSP)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) companies and providers
  • Telecom and carriers, including National providers and mobile/cell phone networks
  • Network Gateway Security providers including Unified Threat Management (UTM), Network Proxies and accelerators, Firewall, and similar providers

“BluePrint Data has signed the United Nations global compact supporting Human Rights, Labor, the Environment and Anti-Corruption and abides by its guidance.”

BluePrint Data’ Core Values
BluePrint Data is guided by the time-tested values of honesty and integrity at all times. The team at BluePrint adheres to a strict code of business conduct, ensuring that they employ the highest standards of business ethics.

Founder’s Words – “Incorporated in 1998 as Kidsnet, we created leading edge parental controls for parents and families and Internet Service Providers (yes most ISP connections then were “dial up”). Even then our DB resided in “the cloud” with lookup from the client software. In 2004 as broadband expanded and ISPs consolidated, we re-branded the company BluePrint Data and focused on providing the best OEM Internet filter products and services for service providers and others to integrate into their products and services.” – Bob Dahlstrom, Founder & CEO

Case Study – Singapore

Customer Profile
Boasting a remarkable telecom infrastructure with universally available Broadband Internet connectivity, Singapore is one of the world’s most prosperous countries and a world leader in the use of the Internet. Singapore’s national telecom company, SingTel is a well known internationally recognized Global 200 company with over USD $8.4 billion in annual revenue, more than 19,000 employees and in excess of 136 million consumer and enterprise subscribers.

The Challenge
SingNet, the fully owned Internet provider subsidiary of SingTel, faced the challenge of implementing government mandated content restrictions, and at the same time creating a family friendly Value Added Service (VAS) for its subscribers. The implementation of this service had to seamlessly integrate within existing business-critical infrastructures across multiple departments and ensure there were no additional burdens or workload placed on the technical, managerial or data center staff.

The BluePrint Data Solution
The BluePrint Data solution implemented a fully managed, “in line”; service that both fulfill the government mandated requirements while also providing a Value Added family friendly internet service. Subscribers that elect the VAS are allowed to create profiles for their children that provide protection from content they believe is inappropriate while allowing full Internet access for the parents.

The Results
Implemented in 2005, the BluePrint Data solution successfully fulfilled the governmental requirements, created additional revenue through the new VAS, allowed unique filtering levels for every child (while allowing parents full Internet Access), and required no additional SingTel employee job responsibilities.