10 Fastest Growing SAP Solution Providers 2018

Bramasol Ignites Possible


“Our experienced consulting and support team has the depth, strength, and industry expertise to deliver the high-quality, cost-effective solutions you need.”

Bramasol is the Revenue Recognition leader and a recognized SAP Revenue Recognition services partner for companies seeking to comply with and benefit from the new Rev Rec standards. Its SAP-certified experts, partnering with SAP, assisted in the majority of SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting Ramp-Up projects. Driving successful workshops, Proofs of Concept, and implementation projects throughout the U.S., Bramasol is the go-to partner with the experience and expertise for companies wanting to leverage SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting to comply with ASC-606 and IFRS 15 and the newly announced IFRS 16 and the newly announced ASC 842 and IFRS 16 for leasing.

The Industries Which Bramasol Serves

Automotive: Automotive companies rely on Bramasol to help with complex RevRec scenarios involving complex scheduling, variable consideration, and distribution. Bramasol was chosen by leaders in Automotive to design and deliver Revenue Accounting Solution to handle AIF, Engineering Design and Development and complex Multi-element arrangements.

High Tech: With complex software, hardware and services sales scenarios and a move to SaaS, PaaS and DaaS revenue recognition have become even more complex. High tech companies needed Bramasol’s expertise to help them design Revenue Recognition and Disclosure Reporting processes to automate and improve their ability to accurately report and update their deferred revenue and comply with the new standards.

BioTech and Pharma: Biotech and Pharma increasingly rely on long-term R&D agreements, multi-year licensing, and consumables to improve and smooth long-term revenues. Each of these may be affected by the new regulations. Bramasol worked with several Biotech and Med Device firms to understand the implications of consumables on their multi-year revenue contracts. We can help you design, build and deliver a RevRec solution that is compliant with the new ASC 606 regulations.

Telco: High volumes, dozens of source systems and multitudes of changes daily are routine for Telecom. Some of the world’s leading Telco’s called on Bramasol to help them automate and simplify their Revenue Recognition processes and reporting.

Manufacturing: Today’s manufacturing includes not just products, but services, software, and complex licensing arrangements, as well as both sell to and sell through distribution models. As experts in complex Multi-Element Arrangements and the application of variable consideration in SAP RAR, Bramasol has been the natural choice for many companies who need an elegant way to manage these complex revenue scenarios.

Services: Today’s services companies come in a vast array of sizes and types and deliver a multitude of services. Many of them share one thing: multi-year, multi-element contracts. Bramasol being the Revenue Accounting expert helps service industries to implement Revenue Accounting Solutions with its deep reporting tools for disclosures and analytics.

Sports and Entertainment: Multiyear ticket, box, suite and advertising income are just some of the ways Sports and Entertainment companies are affected by the new Revenue Accounting Standards. As experts in revenue accounting solutions and for sports and gaming companies, we are relied upon to help them develop with solutions to deliver accurate and insightful revenue calculations that meet the new standards. With over a decade of hands-on experience in these industries, we are the go-to for the team.

Retail: the Retail industry is continuously evolving, requiring expertise and deep market knowledge to stay ahead of customer needs. Bramasol has been an ideal solutions provider in these evolving times and supports the industry to design, build and deliver a RevRec solution that is compliant with the new ASC 606 regulations.

Media and Publishing: As today’s media companies move more and more to subscription models with global intellectual property and digital media, Revenue Recognition becomes more complex. Our team has worked with leading media companies to support Digital Media, Multi-company/Multi-currency IP, Royalties and associated long-term subscription revenue. Fortune 500 media companies look to Bramasol to help them create RevREc solutions that meet their growing needs.

The Chieftain

Dave Fellers, CEO:

For over 20 years, Dave has used technology and business solutions to help companies improve their performance. Since 1995, he has focused on leveraging SAP products to deliver real business improvements to organizations ranging from family-owned businesses to Fortune 100 companies in more than a dozen industries. Dave first joined Bramasol in 2007 to re-launch its professional services business. Since becoming CEO in May 2011, he has guided Bramasol to its strongest growth in years, highlighted by a major acquisition that doubled the size of the company and gave it a global reach.

Before joining Bramasol, David spent nine years at Deloitte, where he held a variety of leadership roles including leading major SAP implementations within the U.S. and around the world. While at Deloitte, he helped build one of the early versions of the High Tech Pre-Configured solution with SAP and spent over a year in London and Germany serving a large global multi-national firm. Dave began his career at Price Waterhouse.

As Bramasol’s CEO, Dave leads the company’s global drive to be the premier SAP value-added reseller and professional services firm. This effort involves a focus on leading the SAP SaaS cloud solution evolution, based on SAP Business ByDesign, as well as enhancing sales and services in North America and providing a premier solution for the sports industry. Dave directs Bramasol’s traditional SAP ERP business as well as its rapidly-growing business intelligence portfolio based on Business Objects and BPC. Under his leadership, Bramasol remains a leading reseller for the SME market in the western U.S. and continues to expand the industry solutions and functions it offers. Bramasol also provides industry expertise in some of the fastest-growing markets in the U.S., including high tech software, manufacturing, professional services, sports and venue management, consumer products, and pharmaceuticals.

Dave holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Accounting Information Systems from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech).

“We’re deeply rooted with SAP – ever since becoming their first partner in 1996, and continue to invest in the latest SAP technologies and drive innovation on the SAP platform.”