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Breach Proof Your Business with Comodo Cybersecurity’s Zero Trust Platform


Only Comodo's Advanced Endpoint Protection can provide trusted verdicts on 100% of unknown files, with uninterrupted user experience. Layer Endpoint Detection and Response for increased endpoint visibility to prevent endpoint damage.

In a world where preventing all cyberattacks is impossible, Comodo Cybersecurity delivers an innovative cybersecurity platform that renders threats useless, across the LAN, web, and cloud.

The Comodo Cybersecurity platform enables customers to protect their systems and data against even military-grade threats, including zero-day attacks. Based in Clifton, New Jersey, Comodo Cybersecurity has a 20-year history of protecting the most sensitive data for both businesses and consumers globally.

Comodo Cybersecurity's technology is precise, vigorous, and tailored to solve problems without downtime or undue stress. It renders an almost immediate verdict on the status of any unknown file, so it can be handled accordingly by either software or human analysts. This shift from reactive to proactive is what makes Comodo Cybersecurity unique and gives them the capacity to protect all domains of business activity and threat—from network to web to cloud—with confidence and efficacy.

This fast and competent technology provides seamless user experience and promotes ongoing customer trust. And, it recognizes an important reality: while you cannot prevent 100% of malware – you can render malware useless.

Comodo: Active Breach Protection

Comodo Antivirus 2019:

  • Comodo's award-winning free antivirus provides unbeatable protection from every type of malware.
  • Lightning-fast cloud scanner blocks malware even if you don't have the latest updates.
  • Blocks ransomware and zero-day threats by locking them in a secure container where they cannot infect your computer.

AV-Test Certifies Comodo Internet Security Premium 10.1 As "Top Product" The Company’s Internet Security Premium product is one of the top-rated products based on the Feb 2018, AV-TEST report. You are now guaranteed with complete protection against all types of malware and a secure environment for carrying out your banking, shopping, and other online activities. As a "Top Product", Comodo Internet Security Premium 10.1 auto protects against phishing and malicious websites in all browsers. It also monitors the activities of processes running on your computer and sends you alerts if they take actions that could possibly become a threat to your privacy.

How Comodo Antivirus Software Works?

Comodo Antivirus uses a unique multi-layered approach to protect your computer from malware.

  • Known malware are identified using a "blacklist" signature file and deleted or quarantined.
  • Known valid files are identified as safe using a "whitelist" of valid files and run safely.
  • Intrusion Detection and Behavior Analysis (Heuristics) are used to identify potential threats from other files and deal with them.
  • Any file not verified as safe will only run in a safe isolated system area called the Sandbox where it can do no harm to your files or operating system.

All that for free, plus a user-friendly interface. You can also upgrade to our subscription version and receive world-class customer support and the industry's only virus-free guarantee. The firm is the winner of the CNET Editor's Choice Award and has been rated Perfect for Protection by the independent test lab AV-Test Labs.

Belaud the Brilliance

Melih Abdulhayoğlu, Founder & Chairman:

Under Melih's direction, the Comodo companies have grown since 1998 to a worldwide presence acclaimed in the industry for innovation and trust. Today, the Comodo companies have used that success to build complementary product lines assuring financial growth and worldwide name recognition.

Melih actively advocates higher standards throughout the security industry. As the originator of the Certification Authority Browser Forum (CA/B Forum), a consortium of Certificate Authorities and Internet browser providers, Melih brought industry leaders together to establish new authentication standards for Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates. Melih has also initiated the Common Computing Security Standards Forum (CCSS), a voluntary organization of security software vendors, operating system providers, and Internet browser software creators who are working together to mitigate the risk of malware and protect consumers worldwide.

In 2008, Melih's efforts to promote Internet security earned him the Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year® award in Information Technology Software for New Jersey. He is a frequent speaker on Internet security issues and has appeared as an expert on various media outlets, including Fox TV and USA Today.

Melih earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Engineering from Bradford University, United Kingdom.

“Comodo Cybersecurity provides Active Breach Protection in a single platform. No one can stop 100% of threats from entering their network and Comodo takes a different approach to prevent breaches.”