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10 Fastest Growing Marketing & Advertising Companies 2017

Bridging the gap between customer expectations and end results: Redpoint Global

thesiliconreview-dale-h-renner-ceo-redpoint-global-17ReddPoint Global is the technology company that helps organizations optimizes customer engagement by delivering on their brand promise with highly contextual relevance in real time across all touchpoints. This is critical in the era of digital transformation, where consumers are always on and always addressable, use a number of channels and devices, and bring high expectations. It partners with customers to help them achieve sustainable growth in strategically important areas: revenue growth, profitability, competitive advantage, and customer expansion and retention.

2006: Just a beginning

RedPoint was founded in 2006 by a uniquely talented team of pragmatic technology innovators experienced in solving customer-engagement challenges across data, insight, and actions. RedPoint technology is used by many of the world’s leading brands across a wide variety of B2B industries. The team continues to bring leading innovations to the market, deploying technology that delivers superior value to customers. RedPoint’s market-leading solutions for customer engagement and data management consistently earn top marks for innovation, comprehensiveness, and ease of use. The company is in fact the only solution provider with a single platform across three Gartner Magic Quadrants critical to optimizing customer engagement: Data Quality, Multichannel Campaign Management, and Digital Marketing Hubs. RedPoint has built an ecosystem around its Customer Engagement Hub that encompasses a range of leading technology, marketing-services, data-aggregation, and implementation-service partners to provide game-changing outcomes for customers. It is a privately held company with offices in the U.S. (Boston, MA, and Broomfield, CO), Australia (Melbourne), the Philippines (Makati City), and the UK (London).

The customer Interaction Platform

It delivers smart interactions to customers across every touchpoint: Plan, manage, deliver, and optimize dynamic, multi-stage customer journeys without limitations on innovation. Leverage existing and future touchpoints to connect the last mile to the customer. RedPoint ensures engagement is intelligently orchestrated across all interfaces, devices, and channels – online and offline – to optimize your spend on interactions.

Respond at the Speed of the Customer: Turn data into your strategic advantage to define cross-channel strategies and engage customers – in real time with the right cadence – with hyper-personalized interactions. RedPoint ensures you keep pace with the speed of your customers.

Test, Tune, and Optimize in a Closed Loop: Link behavioral data and results to strategies for performance tuning, including prebuilt and configurable reporting options. In real time, RedPoint enables you to plan, collaborate, and refine inbound and outbound engagement strategies to maximize campaign metrics and customer revenue.

The Customer Engagement Hub

Bridge Strategy and Execution: Overcome silos of data, business rules, and processes with the RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub. With a single point of control over data and operations, you can automatically deliver seamless, hyper-personalized customer interactions.

Connect All Your Data: RedPoint connects all of your data to provide a deep level of customer understanding that’s critical to engaging customers in real time, with next best actions across all interaction touchpoints that are contextually aware and highly relevant.

Capitalize on an Open Garden: Game-changing customer engagement only happens through an open garden approach. RedPoint provides an agile, open, and connected architecture that leverages your existing marketing technology investments, extends their value, and easily incorporates new best-of- breed technologies.

Customer Data Platform

Incorporate Any Data Source: RedPoint’s powerful data technology helps you automatically tap into any and all data types and sources: structured or unstructured, anonymous to known. It’s all driven by RedPoint’s advanced data ingestion, matching and data quality, access layer, and industry-leading master data management capabilities.

Build Customer Identity: RedPoint offers the most powerful data quality, identity resolution, and master data management tools available. Using our probabilistic and deterministic matching algorithms, you can create a “golden record” – the singular, complete, precise, and continuously updated view of each customer while maintaining a persistent key.

Support for Big Data Fabric: With RedPoint, all your data is available – at the enterprise scale and speed you need – to all applications and business functions that engage with customers. Our customer data platform is certified on all major Hadoop distributions and cloud infrastructures and also includes native drivers to all leading traditional databases.


September 7, 2017: RedPoint Global is named one of DBTA Magazine’s “Big Data 50,” companies driving innovation in 2017

June 15, 2017: RedPoint listed in Database Trends and Applications’ “DBTA 100 2017 – The Companies That Matter Most in Data”

January 27, 2017: RedPoint’s Convergent Marketing Platform named Marketing Automation Company finalist in 2017 DM News Awards

The Founder’s Desk

Dale H. Renner, CEO & Founder: Dale Renner has served as CEO of RedPoint Global since he co-founded the company in 2006 with a vision of enabling marketers to orchestrate meaningful customer interactions across channels years before the Internet of Things and Big Data irrevocably changed the nature of the customer experience. Dale has more than 25 years of experience in CRM consulting and the data processing and analytics software industry. He was a global managing partner at Accenture, where he founded the firm’s Global CRM practice and grew worldwide business revenue to $1.5 billion. Dale was also previously CEO for Seisint, Inc. and ClarityBlue, Inc.

"Our team continues to bring leading innovations to the market, deploying technology that delivers superior value to customers.”