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Bring Order to your Information World: Doolli


“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” – Albert Einstein

Facing difficulties to leverage your important business data and files? Then, look no further than the Doolli platform. Established in 2012, Doolli, Inc’s platform not only stores files and data in the cloud, but also allows organizing and making it available for use in unprecedented ways. What used to take weeks, months, or wasn’t even possible, can now take minutes, hours, or days to fully develop and deploy. And, the best part is that no programming experience is required.

Today, Doolli is positioned in one of the fastest growing markets and that is for cloud-based infrastructure and platforms. Spending in this market is expected to grow 30% per year through 2018 versus just 5% growth for overall IT, according to most sources. The cloud has been and will continue to be a disruptive business force for some time to come. Doolli is riding this wave, and is, itself, a disruptive force; introducing a whole new way of building and deploying database applications at a fraction of the time and cost.

Based in New York, Doolli has offices in New York City and Buffalo. They also have customers all over the world and through-out North America. For years ahead in business, Doolli will continue to build their presence in the Enterprise and Higher Education markets.

…..and this is how Doolli was established
Doolli started as an idea that its founder, Scott Baxter, had for at least 10 years. However, until there was a social media infrastructure, he couldn’t think of making it successful. And, around 2011-2012, he found it to be the right time to take the idea ahead. After testing the concept, Scott started the company in 2012. Since then, they have been building and maturing the product. The platform launched a public beta in January 2015 and took the “beta” off the platform in the Fall of 2015. They now have thousands of customers using their platform to build and deploy database applications commercially and for personal use.

Offering uniqueness to deliver the best
Doolli is a platform. They bump shoulders with many companies in the cloud-computing domain. These include MS Sharepoint, Caspio, and others like Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. They widely support integrations with nearly all of the platforms.

Doolli enables clients to take their data from a file directory type structure which has been around since the beginning of time, and organize it into a relational-like structure, that gives the user significantly more power to use, share and display their data anywhere in a variety of ways for reporting, analysis, visualization, knowledge databases, catalogs and so much more. In short, with Doolli one can use those files and other data for databases and applications and build entire public or private ecosystems around them.

Serving a remarkable client list
Doolli’s early traction began in the field of Higher Education market, with clients such as SUNY, the State University of New York system. SUNY Buffalo State was their first large roll-out. Marching ahead with time they have now extended their reach to other state university systems, private universities – Norwich University, the oldest military college in the US — just recently came on board — and for-profit education. More recently, they have begun crossing over to enterprise and associations. As an example, the Hydraulic Institute, is deploying their entire knowledge database on Doolli.

Some of their happy clients speak
“I envision Doolli, really taking on an even more important role within the library. The systems that we have now for managing records are large and often times extremely difficult to use. Now we can leverage Doolli to build a record management solution that can maximize our information productivity.” – Marc Bayer, Interim Director, E. H. Butler Library, SUNY Buffalo State

“Maintaining our knowledge base and providing case studies for the myriad of situations our manufacturers encounter every day is a herculean task for our staff and our members. We have looked at so many different software systems to help us improve that situation without success. When we were introduced to Doolli, we finally met a platform robust and flexible enough to handle our specific needs.” -Michael Michaud, Executive Director, Hydraulic Institute

“I’ve used numerous tools at my disposal to assist the campus with different business processes. Until Doolli was introduced, we had not found a means to analyze and share data for meaningful tasks with collected data. Doolli is a tremendous asset and it is the missing piece of the puzzle for information management solutions that we provide on campus.”
– Andrew Chambers, Information Management Officer, SUNY Buffalo State

“Our mission is simple: develop and market the best platform for building and publishing data-driven applications. We’re ushering in a paradigm shift in the way the world looks at the cloud.”

Knowing the Mastermind

Scott Baxter, Founder and CEO– Scott founded two technology companies including Icon CMT Corp and Teoma Technologies, both of which had successful exits. Icon CMT was one of the first true backbones of the Internet. It first went public and was then acquired by Qwest Communications. Scott served as EVP and Chief Strategy Officer at Qwest and was responsible for the integration plan of US West and Qwest, creating a $70 billion market capitalization company. Teoma, a joint venture with Rutgers University, pioneered one of the first ranking engines using pattern technology now common in search technology. It was acquired by, which then was acquired by IAC. Earlier he held positions at Sun Microsystems, where he was the first employee in the commercial district, bringing networked computing to market. He also held positions at Data General and McDonald Douglas. He holds a B.S. in Information Systems Management from the State University of New York at Buffalo.