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Bring the Power of SQream DB to Your Business: SQream

thesiiconreview-ami-gal-ceo-sqream-18SQream Technologies has redefined big data analytics with SQream DB, a complementary SQL database harnessing the power of GPU to enable fast, flexible, and cost-efficient analysis of massive datasets of hundreds of terabytes or more.

SQream DB integrates seamlessly into enterprises’ MPP ecosystems - whether on-premise, on the cloud or as a hybrid - drastically reducing query times and enabling previously unobtainable business intelligence. With SQream, raw data is analyzed directly, enabling data scientists and BI analysts to ask more questions about more data from a variety of perspectives without the need for arduous preparation.

Leading organizations in telecom, retail, healthcare, finance and additional industries around the world use SQream DB to accelerate business intelligence and gain access to a world of never-before-seen insights.

Led by founders Ami Gal and Razi Shoshani, SQream’s management brings a deep understanding of enterprise data analytics, as well as over 20 years of technological and business experience.

Simplicity and Performance at Scale

SQream DB is a GPU database for analyzing enormous data-sets. With minimum cost, hardware and infrastructure changes required, anyone can ingest, compress, store and analyze enormously large data-sets in near real-time.

SQream works using broadly adopted production standards like SQL, Java, and Python. Consequently, it integrates easily with industry standard connectors. SQream DB can run on-premise or on the cloud.

SQream DB Features

Ingest and Connectivity

  • 3TB / Hour / GPU: SQream DB can load up to 3TB per hour, per GPU - while compressing and tagging data
  • Connectivity to everything: SQream DB supports JDBC, ODBC, .Net as standard connectors, as well as Python and C++ APIs in order to fit your apps and tools.
  • Load from any data source: Import data from any data source, either directly from SQream DB with SQL semantics or with an ETL tool

Advanced SQL Support

  • Complex Joins: Combine data from many tables - JOIN any table, on any key (or keys), and without manual indexing or pre-aggregating
  • Window Functions, Aggregations: Get more perspectives on your data, in fewer queries
  • Saved Queries: Saved queries allow for faster repeatable operations when only a few parameters change
  • REGEX and Text Operations: SQream DB supports all ANSI text operations, as well as Regex and pattern matching
  • Advanced Query Optimizer: The company’s query optimizer will find the best way to run your query.
    You can also use hints!
  • Views and CTEs: SQream supports views, common table expressions, and other expression simplifiers, to help you write clearer queries

Storage and Security

  • AI-Assisted Compression: SQream DB has the industry's first AI-assisted auto-compression, which figures out the best compression scheme for your actual data. This feature is possible because of the power of the GPU
  • Powerful Columnar Engine: SQream DB, like other analytics databases, is a columnar database. This means not only is the data highly compressed but adding more data doesn't slow down your existing queries.
  • Role-based permissions: Your database administrators control access with SQream DB's extensive role-based permission system
  • ACID compliant transactions: SQream DB has transparent commit, rollback, and recovery, with full isolation - which means your data is always safe and consistent
  • Scalable: Scale storage by adding more, well, storage...Scale to more users by adding more GPUs or compute nodes
  • No (theoretical) limits: SQream DB is designed without limits. There is no limit on the number of columns, rows, data or anything

SQream DB uses GPU-Acceleration to Deliver Fast Insights on Really Big Data

Designed for Big Data Science

Data science queries are often complex, with multiple joins and transformations. SQream DB is a GPU database, built from the ground up, to make the best use of available resources, including the revolutionary power of the GPU.

Fast access to your data

SQream DB uses advanced, patented algorithms to give you fast access to your data. The GPU plays an important role in helping realize this. By offloading computationally-intensive operations to the GPU, SQream DB speeds up ingestion and analysis of data by up to 100x, compared to industry-leading solutions.

Happy Clients

“We are monetizing our data and algorithms much better with the massive scalability and performance of SQream DB”

  • CTO & Co-founder of vendor

“SQream helps us to keep pace with rapidly increasing data usage and translate that data into real benefits for our customers.”

  • Suppachai Panichayunon, Head of Solution Design and Architect, AIS

“Identifying the root cause of the issue is quite difficult. The tools we had were unable to provide insights about why this is happening”

  • RF Group Leader, Cellcom

Howdy Chief!

Ami Gal, Co-Founder & CEO: Ami brings more than 20 years of technology industry expertise and executive management experience to his role with the company.

Prior to SQream, Ami was Vice President of Business Development at Magic Software (NASDAQ: MGIC) where he generated new growth engines around high performance and complex data integration environments.

Previously, Ami co-founded Manov, which was later acquired by Magic Software and served to play an integral role in the Company’s secondary offering.

Ami enjoys a mean chess game, long-distance running and meeting people driven to make a better world.