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Build Your Dream Apps on a Foundation of Trust: AELOGICA


We provide teams of talented, quality-minded developers to create and maintain full stack web and mobile applications cost-effectively with a focus on quality.

We are in the age of technology, where the world is being reshaped in the hands of every person. You’re an innovator, someone with big ideas who wants to see them come to life. You need a developer that can really understand your vision and deliver with efficiency and excellence.

AELOGICA is a global software talent provider serving established and new ventures. The company develops and incubates new ventures with outside partners in a hub-and-spoke model. There are many global providers who can develop a software application for you. There are few who can so ably interpret your vision while guiding your process from initial concept to fully-launched success. And one such company is AELOGICA.

The company works with entrepreneurs and forward-thinking companies who are sensitive to value but are mostly focused on quality and results. It understands how critical honesty and transparency are in the process of partnering with you for app development. This is why AELOGICA has invested literally tens of thousands of hours in developing systems in communication and development to streamline the process from start to finish. With its unique and proprietary approach, your projects begin with an impressive launchpad of AELOGICA’s core tools and libraries, enabling you to reach your objectives with greater velocity and excellence.

Deep Dive into AELOGICA

Founded in 2010, AELOGICA provides development, maintenance, and support for large-scale, business-critical Ruby on Rails applications in the form of expert teams committed to your success with long-term engagements. We specialize in maintaining complex eCommerce systems that drive sales in the $10s to $100s of millions USD.

AELOGICA is led by its founder, Steven Talcott Smith, who has earned a reputation as a software visionary in the industry. Steven’s nearly 30-year career as an entrepreneur, software developer, and investor includes serving a variety of industries including Travel, Healthcare, Finance, Real Estate, and eCommerce.

AELOGICA is headquartered in Reno, Nevada in the United States and maintains world-wide development facilities including Bonifacio Global City, Philippines. It’s here where the company is recognized as the nation’s premier employer of Ruby developers having attracted some of the top talents in a country widely preferred for outsourced development.

Steven Talcott Smith says, “In addition to leading global development teams, I am an application innovator and developer myself. We built AELOGICA from the ground up to provide the ultimate development culture in terms of efficiency, productivity and quality of experience for entrepreneurs and engineering executives and product professionals.

I firmly believe that developing applications should not only be profitable for our clients but should be enjoyable as well. Your dream is safe with us.”

The Advantage

Speed to Launch: We’ve developed a proprietary codebase of modules that will allow you to jumpstart as much as 25% of your initial project goals within the first month. No one will get you to the finish line faster and with more precision.

Development Culture: Our team is an elite, handpicked crew of professionals who understand your entrepreneurial vision and are focused on carrying it out with efficiency and precision. We love to code and working with people with great ideas.

Client Engagement Systems: We’ve built proprietary systems that keep you highly informed and engaged through all steps of the process. You will work directly with our developers, who are as skilled at communication as they are at programming.


E-commerce: Our E-commerce engine is based on the industry-leading SpreeCommerce platform.  We optimized it for ease of integration into larger applications while improving user experience and transactional reliability. These modules are designed for rapid delivery and flexible customization.

Accounting: Our codebase of accounting functionality is structurally sound and thoughtfully designed. Few other firms will be able to start your project off with as strong of a foundation.

Content Management: Content remains King in marketing any online or app-based system. Our base system allows your team to efficiently keep your projects up-to-date with fresh and relevant content.

Calendar: Calendaring systems can add a surprising level of cost and complexity to any project. Fortunately, through the years we’ve developed our calendar code to be efficiently integrated into your projects.

Ux – User Interface: The most powerful and valuable of applications can be rendered useless with poor interface design. We’ve developed simple, yet sophisticated systems to enhance user experience.

Notifications: In a rapidly growing technical space of applications competing for user attention, perhaps few things are more important for success today than notification systems. We bring to the table of each project modules for multi-change email, SMS and push messaging.

The Leading Man

Steve Talcott Smith, Founder, and CEO: Steven has earned a reputation as a software visionary with more than 25 years experience as an entrepreneur, developer, and investor. As a longtime successful business owner, the author of the programmer’s guidebook titled LevelUp and the developer of multiple software applications himself, Steven provides crucial expertise to his clients in all aspects of the software industry.

Steven leverages his deep entrepreneurial background and development mastery to architect and oversees AELOGICA projects for successful execution.

“Our mission is to improve lives through better software in a positive workplace where we grow and thrive professionally.”