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Building Knowledge from Experience: GNosis Analytics

thesiliconreview-gnosis-analytics-2018With data growing enormously every day, there is a constant need of workforce that can effectively manage data and draw conclusions from it. In the wake of such growing need of Data Analytics experts, GNosis was formed in 2013.  The higher meaning of GNosis is knowledge from experience.GNosis' vision is nothing less than "realizing the full potential of Big Data" by ubiquitous access to Big Data for discovery and predictive analysis and to drive a new era of efficiency in what it does.

GNosis is a focused and dedicated team working on Big Data solutions. The team worked together previously at BeansFactory, building up the Cloud infrastructure for their customer Savvis (now CenturyLink).  The company is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in Chicago, Malaysia, and Shanghai.

Why go for GNosis?

Big Data empowers enterprise to change: GNosis believes that the better one can grab a hold and analyze their data, the better-informed one will be and thus the better decisions can be made. Enterprise can gain a better insight into their business through the use of the data.

Big Data, Cloud, and Open Source solutions: The company also brings in the cloud as a delivery mechanism, and open source technologies especially Hadoop.

Big Data to solve the hardest problems: Big Data fills and fuels an enterprise’s passion for data and not just finding the answers one’s looking for. It also means finding answers to the questions they didn’t know to ask.

Big Data research: GNosis is partnered with A*Star, the premier research institute in Singapore.Working in conjunction with A*Star, the company brings out the latest research efforts in Business Analytics to the industry. GNosis’ premium flagship product, the BIGbox, in fact, is built from using the research efforts of A*Star. This has enabled its IP to always be at the forefront of technology.

Big Data learning: LithanHall, the premier government accredited and certified educational institute is partnering with GNosis to develop and run courses (short and professional degrees) in Big Data. It believes this is the best way to educate working adults either to upgrade their skills or to gain the practical skills and competencies they need to successfully shift their careers towards a higher-demand profession such as Data Engineers and Data Scientists.

GNosis Offerings

Consulting and Delivery Services: The consulting team at GNosis helps the clients seize opportunities especially by providing IT and business leadership a path to deliver a personalized "Big Data: What to do Next" guide. The consultants will outline a step-by-step process for building a Big Data solution, including requirements and specific benefits. As a follow up to the workshop, the company provides a proof of concept to formalize the solution to be implemented. For a minimal investment of time, the consultants will prioritize activities, determine the appropriate technical architecture and develop a business case and project plan to ensure business objectives are being met.

Education and Learning: In support of Big Data adoption, GNosis has a suite of courses, mastery exams,and services offerings through working with LithanHall. The company is taking steps to ensure Big Data project success with this new learning platform and have co-structured a Big Data Training Roadmap for the industry with LithanHall.

The BIGbox: The BIGbox Appliance is an engineered system optimized to run Big Data workloads using Apache Hadoop, NoSQL Database and R and other key Big Data components. It is designed to offer unsurpassed performance, as well as pre-integrated and pre-configured application and hardware platform components, which are all engineered to work together. The architectural approach of The BIGbox is for it to act as the single source of truth for business decision making because of its conceptual elegance and simplicity. 

Modular Programme – Data Analytics: The modular course is intended for the candidates who would like to learn how to store, manage, process and analyze massive amounts of unstructured data for competitive advantage, select and implement the correct Big Data stores and apply sophisticated analytic techniques and tools to process and analyze big data. It establishes a strong working knowledge of the concepts, techniques, and products associated with Big Data.

The course provides an overview of how to plan and implement a Big Data solution and the various technologies that comprise Big Data. Many examples and exercises of Big Data systems are provided throughout the course. The programming examples are in Java but the primary focus is on best practices that can be applied to any supported programming language.

Those completing this course will be encouraged to take an accreditation test on Hadoop’s Big Data to obtain a professional certification at any time of their convenience.

Meet the expert

Eugene Ghe, Managing Director of GNosis Analytics: Eugene holds a Masters in ECommerce and has over 18 years of experience in IT/Operations and a Certified IT PM. He has held several key positions like Operations Director / PMO at HiSoftSingapore, Operations Director at Beans Group. His accomplishments include the delivery of large-scale and high-risk projects. He is also a co-inventor in several patents (Mobile SMS and Internet Technology) that were filed in both US and SG.

“We bring Big Data to you in a most convenient and economical manner without burning a hole in your pocket.”