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50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2016

Building long-term relationships while completing projects from design to delivery:


‘An IT Consulting Firm focused on building long-term relationships and taking projects from end-to-end.’

Computer Consultants International, Inc. (CCI) is an IT Consulting Firm with more than 16 of years of experience providing effective, expert-level services in industries such as Construction, Technology, Finance, Healthcare, and Government. CCI focuses on building long-term relationships while completing projects from design to delivery. CCI is a path-breaking company in a very important aspect – it is certified 100% Woman-owned and 100% Minority owned in the states of states of Virginia, Oregon, and Washington; and DBE Certified for Federal projects.

Headquartered in Washington, CCI also has offices in Montana, Iowa, Maryland, Texas, and Arizona. CCI is active in all 50 U.S. states, plus British Columbia, Canada.

The Story behind CCI

CCI was incorporated in 1994 while its founder Arshia Tayyab was still at College. Tayyab finished high school and was in Germany when she was accepted to Medical College and decided to not go, as it would tie her “8 to 5” in a hospital with patients. She changed her major to Computer Science, and her first class was from a professor who worked for NASA.

When Tayyab moved to the United States from Germany, she realized that she was far ahead of any American in her college. It was then that she incorporated CCI. CCI has been a 100% virtual company since its inception. CCI’s internal team works remotely and the CCI external team works at customer sites.

CCI is a dream come true for her as it has allowed her to be in over 100+ countries and all 7 continents and realize her passion of learning through travel. She is a member of the Most Traveled People and the Traveler’s Century Clubs.

Project Management and Business Analysis

Technology Implementations: CCI can help your staff learn Agile, Waterfall, Lean, Six Sigma, IBM’s RUP, or design a custom methodology for a uniquely difficult environment. Whether you need off-the-shelf software, custom software development, a network upgrade or virtualization, business process automation or anything else, they can manage the team and the process.

Business Analysis: CCI’s business analysts and subject matter experts can help you gather and document this critical data and make the presentation to your leadership team. Whether you need help with short and long-term decision making, feasibility studies, cost-benefits analysis, build-vs-buy decisions, current state vs desired state and gap analysis, or a return on investment (ROI) calculation, CCI has the staff to ensure your data is comprehensive and actionable.

Strategic Planning and IT: CCI will help you identify the way technology impacts each of these areas, guide you through the decision process on which technologies to implement on what sort of timeline, and help you build a roadmap documenting all of this and accounting for future trends so you are not playing catch-up with technology but staying abreast of proven technologies.

International Strategy: CCI has the experts to guide you through the process of taking advantage of the opportunities that globalization offers you. This might include Globalization of an off-the-shelf product into different languages (Multi-lingual IT), registering variations of your website in different languages and with international hosts, managing offshore development teams, and presenting your solutions and products to an international market.

Disaster Recovery and Business: Whether your environment is as complicated as the State of Texas with offices in more than 164 cities in 5 states, or as simple as a single computer and some hosted tools, CCI can give you a plan that makes you confident your most important technology tools will work when you need them most.

Software Engineering

Web Application Development: CCI can provide you with the expert developers needed to create new, modern, and efficient Web Applications using Java, .Net, ColdFusion, or many other technologies.

Database Development and Report Development: CCI developers will work with you to analyze your business intelligence and reporting needs and to design reports that display critical data without bogging down the performance of the front-end application.

Mainframe Support Services: CCI has experts in COBOL, CICS, Natural, ADABAS, Informix, DB2, and many more technologies, and can provide both local and remote developers as needed.

Network Engineering and Administration

Design: CCI works with you to review your data center and network needs, your current network performance, your short and long-term growth potential, and then they can architect and design the network that is right for you.

Administration: CCI can assist you in designing a balanced environment, implementing the security, keeping systems online and running, optimizing for performance, and with all of your critical data backed up. Their experts can manage your networks either onsite or remotely using any major technology (Windows, Unix, Solaris, Tivoli, Citrix, Cisco, Dell, HP, VMWare, Apache, Exchange, GroupWise, etc).

Virtualization: CCI will review your current physical environment, determine what is the best technology and hardware to use, design the virtual environment, and perform the migration. Once established and running, CCI can manage and maintain the virtual network remotely, or provide training to ensure that you are fully self-sufficient.

CCI is currently working on several development projects across the United States. Currently, CCI has delivered ten maps to the state of Hawaii for all ten airports to enable visitors to the airport to find their terminal destinations in a more efficient way.

The next 5 years will have CCI working on several more international projects.

Meet the Key Executive

Arshia Tayyab, President and CEO: Arshia Tayyab is a graduate of Pepperdine University and Harvard Business School. Arshia Tayyab is the president and CEO of CCI-Worldwide, a privately-held consulting company that assists clients in forming organizational globalization teams capable of reviewing twenty-first century IT requirements for State governments in the United States, Canada, and Internationally.

A frequent industry spokesperson, Tayyab has advised the U.S. Government on many occasions. She has been interviewed by TV, radio, newspapers and other publications on her international efforts. She is a co-author of two technology books. She has been identified as one of the top Information Technology professionals by Who’s Who in Information Technology. She speaks English, German, Hindi, and Urdu, reads and writes Arabic, and has a working knowledge of French and Italian.

“Our vision is to approach the challenge of technology from a new angle – that of controlled development and delivery of software solution to customers on the internet.”