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Building safe work environments for heavy industry: SafeRack


Heavy industries and factories are an integral part of a nation’s economy. While most of the major sectors have their factories that churn out products, all the factories have safety measures to ensure a risk-free and injury-free working environment. SafeRack is a world leader in the design and manufacture of industrial safety equipment. Not only does SafeRack build safety products for factories, but it also makes them for trucks, railcars, docks and other industrial loading applications.

Founded in 2002, SafeRack’s products are sold all over the globe and almost every Fortune 500 company is its client. The company uses state-of-art robotics technology that is commonly seen in large automotive companies like Honda, Volvo, Hyundai, Tesla, and so on.

Let’s have a look at some of SafeRack’s products

Railcar & Truck Loading Platforms

SafeRack engineers manufactures and installs high-quality loading platforms and gangways for a wide variety of bulk loading and unloading applications. And it is done on time and within budget. That means no hassles and no headaches. It’s a one-stop solution for all of your loading and unloading projects.

Whether it’s about loading crude oil into railcars, liquid chocolate into heated trucks or even acid into an ISO container, SafeRack offers the expertise that ensures that a company’s systems work efficiently and seamlessly. The added value that clients receive from SafeRack makes their job easier. SafeRack simply makes a larger contribution to its clients’ operations.

The track mounted gangway slides horizontally to allow flexible precise spotting to access the top of the truck or railcar loading hatch. This solution is popular with multiple lengths of railcars and multi-compartment hatches on trucks where spotting may be difficult. The tracking gangway option allows operators to open swing gates anywhere along the track. Single or multiple gangways can be used on the same track based on your specific requirements.

  • Increased Railcar and Truck Loading Productivity -Safer, ergonomically designed systems boost productivity in truck and railcar loading racks.
  • Better Value - Every truck and railcar loading platform system comes with world-class customer service, advanced technology, quality designs and years of experience.
  • Collaborative Approach - SafeRack coordinates with clients’ team, local engineering and other key stakeholders to provide complete—and seamless—solutions for truck and railcar loading platforms and systems.
  • Superior Service – SafeRack’s team listens and asks the right questions and its on-site (and available) throughout the entire process, from design and engineering to manufacturing and installation of the railcar and truck loading platform facility.

Marine Access and Loading Solutions

Dock gangways (also known as a ship brow or accommodation ladder) are the last thing an operator comes into contact with before stepping onto a vessel and the first thing they come into contact with when going back to shore, so they need to be rugged and dependable, but most importantly, they need to be safe. SafeRack’s aluminum gangways for barge access and ship access deliver precisely that. SafeRack’s advanced; corrosion-resistant aluminum marine gangways are designed for OHSA-compliant worker safety, durability and reliability in marine environments and are built-to-order to client’s required length and specifications.

Constructed of durable marine-grade aluminum or galvanized or stainless steel, SafeRack’s vessel gangways are available in sizes up to 50’ in length and 5’ in width. Special-purpose gangways exceeding those measurements can also be built. Whatever clients need, SafeRack’sMarinaStep personnel can engineer the perfect product to suit any unique requirements.

Cement &Frac Sand Loading

The equipment designed for the loading/unloading of cement and other binding substances must be able to stand up to heavy use and punishing work environments. Tested and proven, SafeRack gangways are the standard of the cement industry. The company’s heavy-duty, innovative solutions help keep employees safe and productive. SafeRack’s experienced team will assist clients throughout the entire process—start to finish.

Truck & Railcar Loading Safety Cages

SafeRack is on a mission to eliminate workplace falls, which is one of the leading causes of fatalities, injuries and lost time on job sites. To that end, the company offers a variety of reliable fall protection and fall arrest systems to suit many different industries. So whether you need a solution to protect workers on railcars or flatbed trucks, SafeRack has the solution to your problem.

Bulk loading and unloading facilities depend on SafeRack safety cages to help them run on slim margins and tight schedules, safely turning more tanker trucks, railcars, and isotainers in less time. They also include a 4th rail for added fall protection, and they help meet OSHA fall protection requirements.

  • Systems for Railcars and Trucks
  • Helps Meet OSHA Requirements
  • Designed to Increase Safety and Productivity

Meet the driving force behind SafeRack, Rob Honeycutt, Co-Founder

Rob Honeycutt is the co-founder and chief visionary of SixAxis and its diverse portfolio of companies that include: SafeRack, ErectaStep, PerfectaStep, RollaStep, ErectaRack, and Red7. He is based in Andrews, S.C. office.

Under Honeycutt’s leadership and day-to-day oversight, all of the SixAxis brands constantly strive to deliver better customer experience. Connecting with customers and building relationships have been a hallmark of Honeycutt’s success in a sales career spanning 25 years. This stems from a childhood that included multiple moves in six states. During this time, Honeycutt learned how to cultivate relationships and make lasting connections – skills he utilizes to this day.

“SafeRack is the recognized industry leader in truck and railcar loading platform systems, maintenance work platforms, rolling platforms and related safety and fall protection products.”