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Building strategic HR Software for better Business Results: HRsoft


Today’s HR strategies are meant to improve profitability by increasing employee retention and engagement.  To execute on this strategy, HR needs to provide line managers with tools to manage the three big drivers of retention and engagement: compensation, communication and conversations.  HRsoft’s cloud-based SaaS solutions specialize in providing strategic HR tools that drive manager effectiveness and bottom line business result in these key areas. 

Talent management represents $5b of the $15b annual HR technology market, a market that is making a shift from the old first generation technology built for “top down” solutions that are ill – suited to address the core issues of retention and engagement that organizations face today. Built for managers who wish to improve effectiveness in engagement, retention and productivity, HRsoft is making heads turn with its award-winning talent management SaaS solutions.

Located in Maitland, FL, HRsoft has served some of the world’s largest brands in the mid-level and enterprise markets for HR SaaS since its inception in 2001. Having experienced consistent and responsible growth serving diverse clientele over the past 15 years, HRsoft has developed a number of proprietary talent management software solutions in addition to acquiring some very robust SaaS HR technology.

Positioned to be the true domain leader
Over the past 15 years some of the world’s largest global brands have trusted HRsoft for their talent management technology. Today, the company serves a wide variety of verticals but finds particular success in the healthcare, technology, and financial services industries. Its clientele list includes Best Buy, Microsemi, Ameriprise Financial, Thomson Reuters, Xerox and many more.

“There are so many opportunities in terms of expansion but maintaining our focus and continuing to deliver innovative products with great support has always been our priority,” said David. Like most software companies, HRSoft also faces the big challenge of sustainable growth while continuing to foster a sense of responsibility and balancing that with new innovations that the clients need. However, coupled with a vision for excellence, the company has braved all these challenges, with an enduring vision and mission.

Talking about HRSoft’s goals, David said, “We have discovered that there is a desire to use our tools in smaller groups (by individual managers, teams or locations) in large and small organizations. Thus our next set of evolutionary products that we call our “online” or subscription model is designed to address those needs while maintaining focus in the areas we do best. We recently released STAYview Online which provides a subscription model of our enterprise software for teams as small as 10. This now gives mangers the ability to use our powerful tools at a more finite level. It’s the same platform, same software but configured for smaller groups. This makes HRsoft the first HR technology provider to offer both a true enterprise and self-service SaaS platform”.

With cloud-based core products that include COMPview – compensation planning software, REWARDview – total rewards communications and STAYview – stay interview software, HRSoft supports three primary drivers of retention and engagement: compensation, communication, and conversation. And together, these solutions offer managers an unparalleled tool set for improving retention and engagement.

  • COMPview specializes in global compensation planning to ensure comp cycles are completed quickly, fairly and accurately.
  • REWARDview turns one’s compensation strategy into a powerful retention tool making it easy for employees to access and understand the total value of employment with a self-service online portal and company-wide communications.
  • STAYview, recently awarded SaaS Product of the Year, empowers managers to have meaningful conversations via stay interviews that improve employee-manager relationships leading to increased engagement and lower turnover costs.

The forces behind HRsoft’s success
With more than twenty years of experience leading HR service and technology vendors, CEO David Kennedy has adorned many hats in his professional life. Having begun his career as an entrepreneur, he joined First Advantage and recruited management teams, developed branding and positioning and successfully developed new products and software. The company was however eventually acquired by Symphony Technology Group, a leading private equity firm. The entrepreneur gained immense experience by serving as the President of First Advantage’s Background Verification Group and leading the company through organic growth and acquisitions. Under his leadership, the business grew from $15m to $65m in revenue.

Along with his immensely experienced leadership team, David has led HRsoft to a successful positioning in the market. With one of the most tenured teams in the industry, the company has garnered the support of an extremely loyal customer base, many of whom have been with HRsoft for over a decade.

The CEO also feels that the company’s success is not only because of the efforts of the staff, but also due to the faith entrusted upon them by clients. “Our customers are a big part of our success. With many of them having been onboard for over 10 years, and a 95% renewal rate we are not only able to continue to provide the fanatical customer service we’ve become known for but develop valuable relationships. These customer relationships help us become a better workforce partner and drive us to continue delivering exceptional technology”, added David.

PEOPLE are HRSoft’s priority and so is its Customer Service and Support

APPROACH is HRSoft’s USP and its i2i Implementation sets the tone. Unlike virtually everyone in the sector, HRsoft does not outsource. They call it “i2i “ because from the introduction to the sales/products team to the implementation process(and beyond) their clients work with the same people – no handing off clients, no dropped balls, no excuses. That saves a lot of time, frustration and resources for clients.

TECHNOLOGY is HRSoft’s driving force and their industry leading InSITE Technology provides the most comprehensive HR SaaS platform on the market. Their advanced cloud-based structure seamlessly integrates with all HRIS systems while providing a unique layered architecture and infrastructure tenancy model that provides unparalleled security that is simply unable to be duplicated by the “big box” vendors. This essentially gives clients their own private piece of the cloud that dramatically improves reliability, security and usability.

Client Testimonials

“Your software is fabulous but it’s the people, your people, who make the difference.” – Ascension Health

“Very user friendly and intuitive software. The best part is you get insight into what is going on.” – Microsemi

“The HRsoft Team is phenomenal, we completed more in the first two weeks of setup with them than we did with our other talent management software vendor last year.” – Corvias Group