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2016 50 Best Companies to Watch

Building the next generation of solar and other energy products for residential homes: Smart Energy Today Inc.

“Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them. They stay focused on their past successes rather than their past failures, and on the next action steps they need to take to get them closer to the fulfillment of their goals rather than all the other distractions that life presents to them.” –  Jack Canfield

Washington based Smart Energy Today Inc. was set up by Rex Schade Jr., CEO and Yumi Schade, COO. The company seeks to address the increasing rate at which residential homes can adopt solar and other energy upgrades and was ranked the second fastest growing private company in the State of Washington and the eighth fastest growing energy company in the nation in 2015. With specialties that include Insulation, Solar Tubes, Energy Analysis, Solar Attic Fans, Radiant Heat Barrier and Solar Technology, Smart Energy can do wonders to transform and improve the comfort and efficiency of the client’s home or business besides lowering costs and becoming more energy independent.

Working round the clock every week to introduce as many families as possible to its energy saving products, Smart Energy has grown to over 7,000 customers in its home state alone and has retained an A+ rating with the BBB. Having installed energy efficient upgrades in the homes of over 6,000 satisfied customers, the company today offers dozens of products to help clients generate monthly savings on their energy bills.

Facing challenges with passion and commitment
Talking about Smart Energy’s strategies to keep up with the changing needs of clientele and carve a niche for itself in the future of home improvement, Rex said, “Both Yumi and I hope that every home owner would consider putting solar on their roof. We even came up with a silly phrase to remind our team that we want to put a panel on anything with a roof. #putapanelonit. Do you have a dog house? Put a panel on it! Do you have a mother-in-laws quarters? Put a panel on it. The more we all chip in to transition our communities to solar the better off we will ALL be. So #putapanelonit.”

Rex and Yumi are a dynamic team and it’s clearly visible. Speaking about his wife, Rex Said, “Yumi and I can’t sit still. We love to work and build. She is amazing and has so many gifts and talents that compliment mine. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. We work hard and we play hard. Just recently we went bungee jumping out of a helicopter into a live volcano in Chile! We made the local news.”

Smart Energy’s landmark offering PV Solar System, not only decreases dependency on fossil-fueled energy sources, but dramatically reduces and in some cases even eliminates a home’s energy bill. Its other offering Smart Air Ventilation™ solar fan that can be installed on any kind of roof, including composite shingles, tile, wood, flat, gable, and pitched, helps to reduce heat buildup and prevent mold, mildew, and wood rot. Another offering Smart Light Series™ Skylight tube is a great natural light alternative to traditional indoor lighting and reduces energy waste, making homes more energy efficient. Another unique offering that Smart Energy has put forth before public is Sol-Blanket Insulation™. Initially created by NASA in 1954 for the Apollo and Gemini missions for keeping astronauts shielded from the atmospheric fluctuations encountered in space and thereafter used by Firefighters to deploy as emergency shelters as a last resort when their lives are endangered, the offering is now available for use in homes. Additionally, the company also functions as a full service provider of all insulation types such as batts and blow-in insulation for attics, crawlspaces, walls, etc.

“I am so passionate about following my dreams by making goals and working toward them every day. I don’t stop. I have a saying that my teams use all the time… RISE AND GRIND. We get up every day and do the work whether we feel like it or not. We have to out hustle every other company in our space, and I think we have the team that can do it. I’m so proud to have my best friends and wife by my side building this with me. I could not do this alone by any means. Everyone on my team gets some credit for our success, but it wasn’t luck… it was hard work. We have these amazing people that crawl into peoples attics to install products in 110 degree weather when it’s 140 degrees in the attic. We have people who get up at 4:30 am to load up solar panels and fill the truck with gear just to be on the roof all day. We have office people that keep all our teams coordinated day in and day out. We try to give every customer our very best. We are obsessed with getting our jobs done right, and getting as many homes upgraded as possible”, he added.

CEO Speaks
“I hope every home owner who reads this will consider upgrading to PV Solar right away, and lowering their energy consumption. We need to do both and do them quickly. At Smart Energy Today we try to make those upgrades as easy as possible.

Every product we carry will have a positive impact on your power usage, lowering your bill and they will all increase the comfort of your home. Everything we provide you will also raise the resale value of your home. We have home automation systems that are some of the best available. We have partnered with one of the biggest names in home automation and our customers love it. They can open their garage from their phone, check their cameras from vacation and control their thermostat from their bed. We are one of the top if not the top PV Solar installer in the state of Washington. We install solar power on about 15 homes a week on average!!! All that being said, we feel very confident in our market position.”

“We specialize in helping home owners and business owners become more energy efficient with the ultimate goals of helping them to save money on their utility bills, decrease consumption, and increasing the comfort of their home.”