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Business Operations made easy by Futuristic Software: Perpertuuiti

thesiliconreview-rohil-sharma-ceo-perpertuuiti-2018Think Continuity – Think Perpertuuiti

In today’s generation, it is tough to focus on business due to less innovation. This is where Perpertuuiti made its mark by enabling Digital Transformation for companies by building futuristic software products that help transform the way businesses operate.

It is a leading Enterprise Software Products company with innovative solutions built in accordance with global benchmarks transforming the way businesses operate in the digital age.

It deploys futuristic technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive Computing (CC), Machine Learning (ML) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to enable iNTELLIGENt Automation solutions for iNTELLIGENt Business Service Availability Management (iSAM), iNTELLIGENt Organizational BCP Automation (iBCM), Data Replication and Cloud Migration, Real-Time auto-discovery of application IT infrastructure and application interdependency mapping.

The solutions of the company are Simplistic, Non-Intrusive, Adaptable and Scalable to work with your environment. All its products are modular and can be integrated with one another to enable SEAMLESS and iNTELLIGENt automation.

The History of the Company

Incepted in 2011, it pioneered innovative products that have been well accepted and trusted by its customers and partner ecosystem comprising Fortune 500 global organizations from a diverse set of industry verticals like BFSI, High-Tech, BPM and Telecom.

It is a Gartner Cool Vendor in Business Continuity Management & IT Disaster Recovery Management for 2015 and also is included consecutively for the second year in the Gartner Hype Cycle for BCM and IT-DRM in 2015 and IT-SCM in 2014.

Services Offered by the Company

iBaaS (iBoT-as-a-Service)

iBaaS (iBoT-as-a-Service) platform provides you with iNTELLIGENt Automation capabilities and implements ‘Cognitive-Capable BoTs’ to automate a wide range of industry-specific operational and functional processes effectively, efficiently and spontaneously.

iBoTs are iNTELLIGENt Digital Workforce that would observe, understand, think, decide and interact as a human would with empathy. The platform is based on iNTELLIGENt Process Automation (IPA) technology that converges Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into Active Intelligence (AI). RPA merged with Artificial Intelligence enables businesses to improve business efficiency and effectiveness by emulating processes, the way a human would:

iNTELLIGENt Recovery as a Service (iRaaS)

When disaster strikes, it can hinder productivity & cause downtime that can cripple the organization. Financial losses due to IT Failures total to about $6.2 trillion worldwide. On an average business lose about $5000 per minute due to an outage.

iRaaS comes to your organization’s rescue in such situations providing an enterprise-class iNTELLIGENt recovery solution with high availability, reliability, flexibility and affordable costs to protect your critical data and maximizing your ROI within a short span of time.

The Innovative Products of the Firm


Av3ar is your “iNTELLIGENt Digital Workforce” that understands, learns, interacts and solve problems as a human would.Av3ar uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to sense, predict, analyze and solve issues.


With Ops-Central Robotic Process Automation (RPA) you can easily and rapidly automate the day-to-day operational processes on-the-fly.

Continuity Patrol

Business Service Availability Management solutions have evolved a long way since the 2000s but not far enough; especially in multi-site and multi-mode, on-premise/ hybrid/ cloud configuration situations that is until Perpetuuiti developed Continuity Patrol.

Dependency Discovery Engine (DDE)

With Perpetuuiti’s DDE, you can get a holistic view of your dynamic and complex IT infrastructure, and easily drill down and map IT relationships effortlessly!


Simplified Data Migration to cloud ensuring data resilience and availability with Zero Downtime!

Continuity Vault

Perpetuuiti provides an iNTELLIGENt, end-to-end automated approach towards Business Continuity Management and Planning (BCMP) with Continuity Vault.


DataSync provides a reliable, swift and cost-effective solution to the file replication and data availability needs of organizations of all sizes.

Thought Leadership, Creativity and Innovation All In One Man

Rohil Sharma, CEO

Rohil Sharma possesses a rare combination of proven business savvy, forward-looking technical knowledge and market vision. As President and CEO of Perpetuuiti Technosoft PTE, Rohil brings to bear more than 18 years of entrepreneurial experience building, advising and investing in successful companies across US, Middle East and India. He has Investments in Real Estate, BioFuel, Events, Trading and IT companies. He has successfully raised Angel and VC Investments. As the Chief Executive Officer of Perpetuuiti Technosoft PTE, Rohil’s strategic priorities include accelerating the growth of new innovative products, delivering exceptional service and value to customers, and maintaining a focus on the financial health and growth of the overall business.

“Perpetuuiti leverages on futuristic technologies to generate real, tangible impact towards measurable business outcomes.”