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SILICON100 2017

“By creating sophisticated federated search platforms for organizations of all sizes, Explorit software searches, retrieves aggregates and analyzes content from deep web databases”: Deep Web Technologies


“Explorit delivers the integrity and credibility high profile customers need.”

Founded in 2002 by industry thought-leader Abe Lederman, Deep Web Technologies is a global provider of custom, federated search solutions using Explorit Research Accelerator. Designed to simplify the information search, retrieval and discovery process for knowledge researchers, Explorit delivers the integrity and credibility high profile customers need.

You should be confident that when you perform a search for information, you will see everything critical to your research or to inform your decision-making. Explore it Everywhere! is your Deep Web search to find that important information available through your subscription, premium, or internal sources and return it to you, with the most relevant results at the top of the page. We don’t just make vague promises of the perfect search. Try our technology on one of our publicly available applications.

Consolidate all of your sources into a single search whether internal, public or subscription.

Capture critical information from hundreds of digital Deep Web sources.

Access content in real-time to stay competitive and up-to-date on new information.

Integrate Explorit Everywhere! On your intranet, group portal, library guide or website.

Search from any device.

Explorit overview

In some circles, federated search has been branded as an inferior technology. Its detractors make blanket statements that federated search is slow, that it is limited in the number of sources which it can search simultaneously, and that lack of a central index severely limits the ability of federated search to deliver relevant results.

Proper discernment allows potential customers of federated search to see beyond the detractors’ half truths. While there are many poor implementations of federated search, Deep Web Technologies has developed a solution, Explorit, that searches hundreds of sources simultaneously and that returns highly relevant results, organized into facets for intuitive exploration.

Explorit differentiates itself from other implementations of federated search through these features:

* Simultaneous searching of all sources
* Return of results within seconds
* Intelligent Clustering of search results
* Customizable Search Builder for multiple user groups
* Automatic Alerts and Incremental Search
* Usage statistics and Administration tools
* Highly flexible sort and filter options
* Customer Interface design choices



Information technology empowers people to do what they want to do.

Looking for a single search? Here are just a few of the phrases that we hear every day from people like you who want to understand how Explorit Everywhere! will help:

  • We must improve our ROI across all of our resources
  • We need to increase our efficiency, but retain a high level of results
  • Our researchers need to work fast, work smart, and work with a lower budget

The truth is that most digital content discovery services available today leave. Researchers dissatisfied. They may increase your efficiency, but at what cost? They may help you work fast, but are you finding all of the relevant information available across all of your sources?

Explorit Everywhere! is designed to search all of your sources and intuitively navigate you through a quick search to efficiently find and apply your information when and where you need it.

8 reasons why you need ExploritEverywhere! 

1.      All of your content will be accessible to search from one box.

2.      You can include all of your sources, subscription, public, catalog or internal.

3.      You’ll see fast, real-time results (not indexed/stale).

4.      Dynamically rank, filter and categorize your search results.

5.      Select and store your results to review anytime.

6.      Receive daily alerts of new, relevant knowledge.

7.      Place custom search boxes everywhere your users want them – on any web page, browser or mobile device.

8.      Implementation cost and time is a fraction of creating a large index of your content.

Explorit Everywhere! For the enterprise

Enterprise Search Misses Important Content

In the age of Big Data, typical enterprise search often buries mission critical information under mountains of unimportant content. NOT finding the information you need costs you real money. The world’s most demanding, research intensive, blue chip companies trust Deep Web Technologies to deliver the best information to the right employees.

Explorit Everywhere! solves your 3 biggest Big Data problems:

All of your disparate data sources are easily accessed.

All employees know what information is available.

All employees have real-time access to the latest content.

Meet the charming personality: Abe Lederman, CEO and CTO

Abe has 35 years of experience in computer software engineering, the last 25 years focused exclusively on developing leading-edge information retrieval products and solutions.  He began his career as a Software Developer at Hewlett Packard and was then recruited in 1987  to become a founding member of Verity, a startup pioneer in the field of text retrieval where he developed  the user interface for their Topic product. In 1994, Abe left Verity to start Innovative Web Applications (IWA), a software consulting firm primarily serving Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). While consulting with LANL and later with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), Abe came to realize the enormous potential for federated search technology to accelerate the diffusion of knowledge. He founded Deep Web Technologies in 2002.  As CEO and CTO, Abe has pushed DWT to set the gold standard for Federated Search, pushing the limits of what is possible.   Abe holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“We have twice earned Flying 40 awards as one of the fastest growing high-tech companies.”