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Caserta Concepts: An Award-Winning, Strategic Consulting and Innovation Technology Implementation Firm

“New York-based Caserta Concepts helps clients leverage emerging technologies to advance business leadership.”

Caserta Concepts began offering superior data services based on the best practices and proven results introduced by Joe Caserta in his best-selling book, The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit (Co-authored with Ralph Kimball in 2004). Acknowledged as a thought-leader in harnessing and managing enterprise data, Joe continually examined the impact of information to develop tailored solutions for a growing roster of clients. In 2009, Joe recognized a need for new approaches to store, process and analyze data for business gain and transformed his business into a big data innovation firm, combining proven practices with pioneering techniques and emerging technologies to solve unique and increasingly complex business challenges.

Caserta Concepts is today an award-winning company known for its visionary leadership in Big Data with modern data engineering, data analytics, data governance, information quality and transformative business solutions. The company works with clients across a spectrum of sizes and specialties. Its trusted capabilities and innovative approach to clients’ data needs has earned the firm 300% growth in the past 3 years.

Why choose Caserta
Caserta Concepts is best positioned to help clients with new data initiatives through its expertise and experience in data innovation and ability to build differentiated big data analytics solutions. The company is recognized for tailored approaches that enable clients to leverage data to drive business strategy.

In addition to a focus on architecting and implementing enterprise data solutions, Caserta Concepts is committed to innovation and staying ahead of the technology curve. Through their cloud-based Caserta Innovation Lab (CIL) they pioneer ideas for project accelerators and test and assess nascent data technologies. This results in solutions that are “innovative, but safe” while protecting clients from making bad business and technology decisions.

The firm recently built a data quality subsystem to test data and react systematically on data defects in-stream. The CIL has also spawned a search-based BI solution that obsoletes the need to create reports manually. It enables clients to search data in a Google-type search bar to instantly see results graphically. A current lab project showcases the innovative use of graph database technology to help clients navigate social relationships. This pushes the envelope on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology as it allows companies to better understand the customer (whether BtoB or BtoC) through complete and graphically represented profiles.

Caserta Concepts attracts passionate technologists and invests in rigorous training programs for its consultants. It leverages internal resources such as CIL, to research, test, assess and employ emerging technologies to provide thoughtful, technical leadership to clients.

Expertise in Big Data Analytics, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
Caserta Concepts provides strategic consulting and innovation technology implementation services across a variety of industries including banking and financial services, health care, retail and ecommerce, entertainment, media and AdTech, insurance and manufacturing. The firm is product “agnostic,” recommending and developing solutions that make the most sense for the client, regardless of platform or technology. This includes embracing established, tried and true systems and approaches as well as emerging and innovative technologies that push the Big Data paradigm, often seamlessly combining the two.

The company is known for creating concepts and methods that leverage technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Python and NoSQL databases. Continually redefining what “Big Data” means to clients, Caserta Concepts is at the forefront of emerging trends in real-time data processing through its partnership with AWS, advancing near real-time solutions with Apache Storm, Apache Spark and new AWS services such as AWS Lambda.

The firm builds solutions with the intent that clients become self-sufficient as they move forward, providing education, training and knowledge transfer to the client’s internal IT, data science and business staff.

Clients range from entrepreneurial start-ups to multi-billion dollar global corporations, each with a unique set of challenges and business needs. The company enjoys many long-term client relationships that compliment the new engagements that fuel continued growth.

Clients Speak

  • As told by a Vice President of a Global Financial Services Company, “We had a significant Enterprise project and Caserta was instrumental in helping craft the strategy, design and eventual implementation of critical aspects of the solution. They were a quick study of our business and brought vast technical expertise to bear enabling us to attain highly successful results.”
  • “Caserta Concepts stands for trust. You are going to get the right – and the honest – answer.”
  • “Caserta has the strongest architectural thought-leadership in the big data space.”
  • “Caserta is extremely good at talking to businesses, understanding the problems, and developing a tailored solution that addresses the business need.”

Knowing the Key Executive

Joe Caserta, Founder and CEO Joe is a prominent big data strategy consultant, author, and educator. In 2001, he founded Caserta which specializes in Transformative Data Strategies, Modern Data Engineering, Advanced Analytics, Strategic consulting, and Technical Architecture and Design & Build solutions, helping clients maximize data value. Joe is co-author of the industry best-selling book The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit (Wiley, 2004), contributor to industry publications, frequent keynote speaker and expert panelist at conferences and events, and often a guest lecturer at colleges and university Graduate Programs. He also serves on the advisory boards of financial and technical institutions, and is the organizer and host of the Big Data Warehousing Meetup Group in NYC.

“We have experience in helping a wide range of clients gain new business insights and a competitive edge through tailored, elegant approaches to individual requirments.”