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CCT Solutions Inc.: Providing an integrated omni-channel contact center for rich and compelling customer experiences

thesiliconreview-uwe-kreuter-ceo-cct-solutions-inc-17Today’s marketplace is presenting many challenges to organizations of all sizes. With the increased competition, squeezed budgets, and high customer expectations for service, managing the customer experience is critical for long term business stability and continued existence of an organization. Now, customers are moving beyond phone calls to other communication channels including e-mail, Web chat and social media, and thus, multichannel, responsive, transparent, personalized exchanges have become the rule, putting the contact center at the heart of the customer journey. Also, contact centers must be infused with robust social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies in order to help extend businesses’ agility by addressing ever-changing customer preferences and the need for multi-channel consistency.

CCT solutions can help a business achieve this agility with its full suite of customizable contact center management services designed to strengthen customer interactions and improve productivity. CCT is leading the way in total customer experience solutions by offering an end-to-end approach to managing deeper customer relationships through modern Omni-Channel and Unified Communication Solutions. The extremely knowledgeable consulting and integration team is on the leading edge to define new requirements for a modern customer oriented communication and integrate these into an innovative customer service solution.

Delivering personalized and unified communication solutions

The first product that CCT solutions launched was CCT ContactPro as an Omni-Channel Desktop Solution working with multiple platform vendors to provide full customer service capabilities to Contact Center Agents within a Unified Agent Desktop environment. Over the last several years, CCT has spend time and efforts to unify all incoming and outgoing Contact Channels into an Agent and Supervisor Desktop environment to provide a total solution to customers. Other solutions and support include the following.

  • System Integration - Its experienced consulting and integration team is at the top of its game in identifying the latest customer-driven communication requirements. By leveraging best practices and optimising existing infrastructure, CCT delivers and integrates solutions into innovative customer service centers.
  • Contact Center - CCT helps companies communicate with existing contact channels and a new generation of customers through web and mobile based interactions such as Web RTC, chat, co browsing and video, that ensures their contact center agents adapt to the changing customer landscape, contact center costs are decreased and efficient relationships with their customers is maintained.
  • Training - Its hands-on approach to training allows it clients to take advantage of the changing customer landscape by ensuring that they are using the software as effectively as possible without having to invest in additional technology. CCT Solution’s clients can make the most of multi-media and can engage their customers through new and exciting media thus increasing customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Development - CCT is the market leader in developing contact center solutions that deliver outstanding customer interaction and highly productive agents. Its technical team is proficient in the development of the latest products and services.
  • Implementation - CCT recognizes that successful implementation can mean a significant increase in customer engagement and retention in the first year. It works closely with its clients and partners to ensure that it helps in gaining competitive advantage by delivering unique, comprehensive, and excellent multi-media customer experiences.
  • Project Management - CCT is a leader in project management and implementation services for complex contact center software integrations. Its focus is on increasing efficiency and a holistic, individual approach for a 360 ° view of the customer service center.
  • Lifecycle-Management - Throughout the relationship, CCT manages the contact center, agent productivity enhancements and continued customer experience improvements.

Turning good customer service into competitive advantage

CCT offers Solutions for Small Medium Companies as well as large Enterprise Solutions on the basis of a best of breed vendor portfolio, as well as CCT’s own Omni-Channel Desktop Solution ContactPro, which is integrated with the major partner vendors as well. Major integrations include Avaya,, MS Dynamics & Sykpe for Business as well as SAP CRM, CafeX Communications and Moxtra. In 2015, CCT received the worldwide Avaya DevConnect Partner of the year award and CCT ContactPro Portfolio is available through the Avaya Selected Partner Program SPP on a worldwide basis, as well as the Avaya Snap Store for the new Breeze and Oceana Omni Center Platforms.

CCT is rolling out ContactPro Omni V5 which is currently in the introduction phase. It includes several new and modern Web based components for Omni-Channel Interactions, such as enhanced Mobile/Web Chat, Web RTC & Co Browsing as well as additional Mobile App & Video functional enhancements. Additionally, the ContactPro Manager and Web Reporter got numerous additions to report and manage Omni Channel Interactions and Agents more efficiently. The new ContactPro Analytics allows not only customized Dashboards and Desktop Tickers for Agent and Supervisors, it allows consolidated Analysis from real-time and historical omni-channel data and integrated Data, i.e. CRM. The Management Reports and Dashboards allows individual data for each purpose, including detailed data records.

Roadmap to success

CCT was founded in 1999. The private Company has more than 50 employees and works closely with customers and partners around the world. Its world-class team includes seasoned industry veterans and young talents who are passionate about clients and gaining competitive advantage by delivering an excellent customer experience.

“Our success as a business depends on our ability to not only attract to talent but to retain that talent. We maintain a vibrant, hardworking atmosphere that encourages individual thought, enabling employees to shine individually and through teamwork”, the company said.

Knowing the leaders behind CCT Solutions

Uwe Kreuter, CEO & Co Founder, CCT Solutions Inc.:

Uwe is a founding member and managing partner of CCT Germany GmbH. He advises numerous well-known companies in the field of strategy and technology for customer interaction management. Uwe has more than 25 years of experience in contact center and telephony technologies, including management positions at companies such as Avaya and Cisco. He studied in Wiesbaden and is a graduate engineer (FH) of communication engineering.

Andrea Kreuter, CEO & Co Founder, CCT Solutions Inc.: Andrea Kreuter, founding member and managing partner of CCT Germany GmbH, is leading the operational management, software development and implementation services for strategic omni-channel software integrations. Andrea has more than 25 years of experience in customer interaction management with companies such as Avaya, NCR, Siemens Business Services, T-Systems and other leading communications vendors.

“In our projects we use ContactPro Omni with comprehensive software solutions from well known vendors in the enterprise software market. With these solutions, we provide extensive experience, a very competitive approach and offer end-to-end solutions.”