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20 Fastest Growing Cloud Computing Companies 2015

Cerno Technologies


“I don’t need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster… carrying around these non-connected computers is byzantine by comparison.” – Steve Jobs

With every passing day, the world around us is changing, at a fast pace to be specific. And so are individual needs and preferences. To keep up with that fast pace, we need to be equally fast and so does technology, the support system of the entire global market, business and IT. A few decades back who would have imagined that those big fat boxes like PCs will get transformed into ultra slim LCD screens and who would have thought about getting things stored in one huge platform through the internet called cloud?

Yes, you got it right! CLOUD it is. A technology solution that is fast, scalable, flexible, easy, secure and cost-effective. It is a solution growing in popularity, especially amongst SMEs. And with growing number of web-enabled devices like tablets and smart phones in businesses, Cloud is gaining huge ground.

Cerno Tech is one such organization that provides Cloud based enterprise technology solutions for varying business needs. It is a one-stop shop for technology solutions which keeps you updated about the latest innovations and helps in implementing the same to help your business reach greater heights.

Established with a vision to provide ultra modern and latest innovative products, software services and support for clients’ businesses, the company founded in 2013 is headquartered in Greenlawn,
New York. It helps businesses to be more efficient by increasing the ease of accessibility of data and management of the same with high guarded security through specialized services that include Technology Consulting, Mobile App Development, IT Strategy, Consulting, & Management, Cloud Based Technology Solutions, Product Conceptualization and Development. Their set of product offerings is specifically made to meet the customized needs of different sectors that benefit hugely from cloud-based solutions.

Positioning itself as a domain leader
Cerno has positioned itself as a tech solutions provider that prioritizes user experience and security and mainly focuses on R&D rather than sales and marketing because customer satisfaction through discharge of the most efficient and effective solution is their prime principle. It also offers a mobile platform that easily integrates with legacy systems and CRMs, allowing clients to easily store customer data in the cloud at a relatively low cost.

The company targets businesses that are transforming to cloud-based technologies because that’s the domain that has the greatest need for highly-customized solutions and applications. Other than the Legal sector which is one of its prime areas of focus, it serves the needs of sectors such as Healthcare and Events.

“We created a mobile platform, ctLegal, to meet the distinct needs of over 1.6 million practicing lawyers in the U.S. alone. It serves as a personal assistant, stenographer and mini CRM and guarantees the security of users’ data”, says Sanjay Chadha, CEO of CernoTech.
Today, the company works with various small to medium-sized law firms, but the biggest of them is World Super Model Pageant, where Cerno is a sponsored partner of all the events.

Braving obstacles to achieve new heights
“Our clients are very pleased with the increased productivity and effectiveness they experience as we help them transition to cloud-based solutions for data storage and workflow management”, says Sanjay.With Cerno attending to the needs of varied clientele across vast geographies and industry verticals including different segments of each industry, the company’s biggest challenge is to maintain focus and priorities. The company’s prime objective being to provide customers with personally configured solutions to meet their customized needs, team Cerno has to spend a lot of time in solving unique problems faced by specific sectors. Only then it is possible to provide up-to-date solutions to its clientele without having to compromise or generalize the offerings.

‘One size-fits-all solutions’ is not something that team Cerno believes in. While many IT solutions providers are engaged in building multi-purpose technologies, the team sticks to the point of making highly-customized solutions for individual businesses. “An attorney has very different cloud-based technology needs than an event planner – why would we try to force one product to do both?” adds Sanjay. In short, the company is not just customer-oriented and customer-focused but also customer-centric.

The future map
Presently Cerno is focused on developing cloud-based solutions for business and entrepreneurs in the Legal, Medical and Event planning fields. But in the near future it plans to expand into several other industry verticals as well.

That said, the company’s strategy of selecting a strategy that fits in with the client’s business model and aligns with their goals to determine which cloud services are applicable for their business, makes Cerno a class apart from others.

Knowing team Cerno
Team Cerno is an excellent mix of experienced, young, diverse and enthusiastic minds working towards one specific direction and that is to customize technology solutions that can meet any specific need of customers. Its infrastructure development is such that it will help save money, expand businesses and streamline the processes.

Santusht Bhatia, the CTO of Cerno and CEO, Sanjay Chadha are the two great minds whose ideas made it to the formation of Cerno Technologies

Santusht had been working in the IT product development area for over a decade and had a good sense of where the need for such services was. Sanjay on the other hand guides the company with his experiences and diverse background in business and finance.