10 Fastest Growing Compliance Solution Providers 2017

C&F combines business and process insight with its technology expertise to develop state-of-the-art IT solutions

thesiliconreview-piotr-rudnicki-ceo-c&f-17“We have built credibility among our clients (many of them Fortune 500 companies) thanks to a very talented C&F team, who share the same values.”

Founded nearly 20 years ago, C&F is a team of 120+ experts working around the globe. Specializing in Life Science, and other regulated industries, where quality, security and compliance are of the highest importance, C&F focuses on innovative Data Management, Big Data, Advanced Analytics and Compliance Management.

In C&F everything starts with a profound understanding of its clients’ business. The firm believes that trust from clients that C&F always makes good on its promises, has been one of the most critical factors in C&F’s continuous growth. This trust has been built over years by demonstrating on countless occasions C&F’s ability to deliver, even with very complex and challenging projects.

Short interview with Founder and CEO of C&F, Piotr Rudnicki

What led to the inception of the company? Why did you choose this line of business?

I set up C&F seizing an opportunity I spotted back in 1999. One of the largest Pharma companies (from Fortune 50) had a very innovative, breakthrough vision how to manage the relationship with its clients as well as with its sales & marketing teams all over the world. C&F ran the technological side of this program, helping to turn this outstanding vision into a fully operational solution. We have been instrumental in introducing advanced customer segmentations, personalized and closed loop marketing, integrated analytics to name only the most important areas. There was no such out-of-the-box solution at that time. C&F not only designed, but also implemented and supported this commercial data management solution globally, for more than 40 countries worldwide.

After this first, very successful global program, it was natural for us to focus on the Life Science industry, where we have end-to-end understanding of the processes, data, solutions and compliance aspects. With our successful track record and strong reference list, Life Sciences (primarily Pharma and Animal Health) became our main vertical for Innovative Data Management, Business Intelligence and currently primarily Big Data ecosystem offerings. As Pharma is a tightly controlled industry, it was a great start for our Compliance Management solution - AdaptiveGRC, which we are currently offering also to other highly regulated businesses, including Finance, Insurance and Energy.

Tell us more about the AdaptiveGRC solution and your first GRC project launch.

AdaptiveGRC is designed to help companies identify and manage their Governance, Risk and Compliance challenges. It provides the functionality of an enterprise-class GRC solution, while at the same time being affordable for small and medium-sized companies. AdaptiveGRC is flexible and can easily be configured to meet individual needs. It is also scalable, it adapts to continue meeting further needs as the company grows. AdaptiveGRC is fully integrated: no matter what processes you use, the information you collect is immediately available throughout the platform thanks to its unique data model. From the technical perspective, C&F’s clients also value that it can be either SaaS or on-premises, and it operates via a standard web browser.

Right after launching AdaptiveGRC, we managed to secure our first major client, a global, listed, life science company operating in over 70 markets with $6bn annual turnover. The company emerged as a result of corporate spin-off and found itself in a situation where they had to manage multiple suppliers around the world. We managed to come with the best offer and our AdaptiveGRC solution was selected as their global compliance framework. We worked really hard with the client’s team and AdaptiveGRC was implemented in weeks rather than months, replacing several legacy solutions. We continue working with our first GRC client, adding new capabilities and meeting additional requirements of their ever-changing, highly-regulated market. It’s an ongoing project, which we are ready and willing to continue supporting for many years to come.

What kind of challenges with AdaptiveGRC did you face in your initial years?

At the beginning we had limited ability to reach out to other companies, potentially interested in our solution. We developed a fantastic product, but it was known only to our current customers. We had to go out to gain more visibility. We decided to base our further growth on an alliance with independent GRC consultants. We established a US office and started building a network of advisory partners. This model allows us to be closer to our clients and respond faster to their needs.

Brief us about AdaptiveGRC future roadmap.

In July 2017 we launched AdaptiveGDPR. It addresses the needs driven by the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In order to comply with the new law that will apply to all companies that store personal information about EU citizens, including non-European companies, businesses will face the necessity of implementing numerous legal and organizational changes. AdaptiveGDPR enables organizations to prepare for the new regulation and helps to gain confidence that they comply with GDPR and they can demonstrate they best efforts to be in compliance with GDPR.

Piotr Rudnicki, Founder and CEO: Piotr has more than 18 years of experience in delivering technology solutions to Life Science companies, including CRM, Data Management, Business Intelligence and Compliance solutions. Piotr has military IT background, with MSc in Computer Science from the Cybernetics Department of Military University of Technology in Warsaw.

Today, C&F is managed by a Leadership Team of experts in different areas, complementing each other and securing a stable foundation for the future growth of C&F.

“We have been consistently praised by our clients for the high quality of the AdaptiveGRC solution, especially its scalability and flexibility. We go the extra mile to satisfy our clients’ needs, which forms a solid base for maintaining C&F’s reputation as a trusted business partner.”