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10 Fastest Growing IoT Companies 2017

Championing innovation-driven business: eInfochips

thesiliconreview-srinath-nagarur-sr-vp-abhishek-binaykia-vp-einfochips-17A Product Engineering and Software R&D Services Company with The Expertise and Experience to Deliver Complex, Critical, And Connected Products Across Multiple Domains

The Internet of Things is poised to exponentially expand from the millions of devices and services available today, to billions of components in the coming years. It is difficult to envisage all the ramifications that follow its full-on manifestation, not unlike when the Internet took off in the 1980s. IoT’s key technological enabler is the proliferation of rapidly shrinking, low-power sensors and embedded IP-addressable devices. These find their way into applications in manufacturing, the health care sector, consumer products, and public infrastructure. eInfochips with its unique distinction of being a leading technology services company assists in the design, development & implementation of the connected devices & solutions, to enable organizations realize their goals of adapting IoT to drive their business growth.

With over 20 years of experience, 500+ product developments, and over 40M deployments in 140 countries around the world, eInfochips continuously invests and fuels innovations in the areas of Product Transformation, Device Lifecycle Management, IoT & Cloud Frameworks, Intelligent Automation, and Video Management.

Towards A Better Tomorrow

“We want to make eInfochips a leading global innovative technology company that will have a transformational impact on the society by creating leaders and generating stakeholder value.” This is the vision of the founder Pratul Shroff, who established the company in 1994. Driven by its passion and a strong commitment to its core values which includes Customer First, Disciplined Execution, Embrace Impossible Challenges, Continuous Learning, and Serving Society, eInfochips’s work culture is built over years of experience in providing innovative solutions to its clients and its indomitable spirit to excel in all aspects of its engagement. The firm continuously drives itself to perform above and beyond the call-of-duty, while often acting as quarterbacks for project execution and firefighters in moments of need. It values product over project, risk over reward, relationship over transaction, and more importantly collaboration over services, with a key goal of creating significant value for its clients. Being an innovation-driven company, 5% of eInfochips’s revenues are earmarked yearly for building reusable IPs that will accelerate product design cycles and reduce product risks. It delivers technologies for connected devices that are eventually deployed in key domains such as Aerospace, Semiconductor, Security Surveillance & Access Controls, Home & industrial Automation, Medical Devices, Transport & Logistics, Retail, Automotive, and Smart Cities.

Existing Market Outlook

With IoT becoming common place, many industry leaders are continually collaborating to form an IoT value chain, that not only impacts their revenue growth but also their costs. The organization’s ability to transform their Products to meet the ever changing user’s need and their ability to drive efficiencies while meeting this objective is becoming important to stay competitive & drive growth.

To enable this, organizations are continuously evaluating the following contributing factors:

  • Investments: The business models are quickly transitioning from CapEx to OpEx structures, with the industry shifting towards a services economy, with shorter product cycles. To enable this changing business environment, Companies are making strategic investments in digital and product transformation projects
  • Technology: Connected devices technologies / IoT are taking centre stage in many solution designs, across industries. Disruptive technologies like IoT, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, intelligent automation, Augmented / Virtual reality, etc. have greatly enhanced the business opportunities for engineering services companies.
  • Specialized and cost effective technology skill sets/Reskilling: As newer technologies and advancements take shape, companies have a significant need for trained engineers who not only understand legacy devices/technologies, but have the ability to facilitate the transition to the more recent tools, software, and frameworks, enabling them to remain competitive at a manageable cost.

The need to deliver products fast has always been the sought after factor for any organization, but the added caveat of needing to deliver a ‘transformed’ product faster is driving organizations to seek frameworks/technologies that can be rapidly adapted. Product transformation services, which eInfochips has pioneered, with IoT at its core, are crucial in helping companies across various industries stay competitive in their respective markets. eInfochips with its broad breadth of IoT frameworks & technologies is assisting companies in their Product transformation roadmap to ensure faster turnaround times to develop, deliver & market.

Resolute Amidst Competitors

The following factors set eInfochips apart from its competitors:

  • 21 years as a pure-play Product Engineering Services Company; Concept to Sustenance product development capability-across silicon, embedded systems, and software.
  • 80% of the company’s business comes from connected devices and 60% from Fortune 500 companies with Multi-year client relationship with many large tech & Fortune 500 companies.
  • It has developed many accelerators and frameworks for offerings in digital transformation initiatives.
  • The firm pioneers product transformation for its clients, enabling them to develop products faster, and in tune with the changing technologies across a variety of domains. It has driven such initiatives for one of the world’s leading consumer electronics companies, a Fortune 500 retail company and another global leader in consumer appliances.

To address the latest and upcoming trends in IoT, eInfochips has launched both product transformation and digital transformation initiatives. Its IP offerings are being marketed under the Snapbricks brand. Through its product transformation initiatives, it enables shorter product cycles, knowledge capture and reuse, legacy product modernization, amongst others-to drive sustainable value creation for its clients.

Under the Snapbricks initiative, the company developed products & frameworks for IoT and Cloud solutions. Some of it include IoT Gateway, IoT Device Lifecycle Management, IoT Application Enablement, DevOps (Intelligent Automation), Video Management Software, Test Automation Framework, System-on-Modules for VR and AR devices / Robotics / Drones / 4K / Wearables, etc. eInfochips solutions enable its consumer and industrial clients (OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers) to develop smart and connected products for their B2B and B2C consumers.

Industry Obstacles Answered by eInfochips

eInfochips worked towards addressing key issues faced by its clients; below are some of the strategies that enabled it to succeed in its endeavors

Product Transformation Initiatives: Superior product development capabilities are a key differentiator for the company in the services market. Its knowledge of devices, from silicon to software to embedded systems and eventually lifecycle management is second to none. It works with its clients to develop a product roadmap that is aligned with their long term objectives; define key success metrics, align the operating model to product goals and finally, optimize business processes and systems.

Digital Transformation Initiative: Snapbricks, a digital transformation initiative at eInfochips, is launched to focus on enabling IPs and Solution accelerators for the newer and emerging technology and business requirements.

Re-skilling of Employees: With the industry moving towards shorter product cycles, newer software and cloud technologies, the firm conducts many re-skilling / training programs on newer technologies like machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, and IoT, for its employees. These technical training programs are conducted through platform partners and leading technology consultants.

Change in Processes: Through the Snapbricks initiative, eInfochips remodeled many of its business units to work in smaller groups and deliver projects in an agile manner. It helped in creating a start-up culture in the company to deliver solutions in a fast and efficient manner.

Cutting-edge Tools & Technologies: eInfochips has partnered with many of the leading technology companies, across silicon, embedded systems, and software, to gain access to their platforms and solution roadmaps. This allows it to get early access to cutting edge technologies, and helps it in developing niche & innovative products for its clients.

Products and Services- Connecting the Future

Silicon Engineering: ASIC & FPGA Design, Verification & Validation, Physical Design & DFT

With 3 of the top 5 global semiconductor companies among its clients, eInfochips offers high-quality design service for ASIC and FPGA, Verification and Validation, Physical design and DFT, and other related silicon engineering services. With hundreds of successful tape-outs for semiconductor companies, across 180nm to 10nm geometries, it has enabled many innovative solutions for its clients. eInfochips has been constantly recognized as “Leaders” in the segment from many research agencies and reputed magazines for its contributions to the semiconductor industry.

Embedded Systems: Hardware Design, System Software, System Verification & Validation, Multimedia

With several Fortune 100 companies among its clients, and experience of designing hundreds of products from concept to launch, eInfochips embedded solutions and services span across system software, system verification and validation, and hardware design. eInfochips has strategic partnerships with many industry leading companies for early access to cutting-edge technologies. Its thorough expertise in system validation reflects its in-depth expertise in testing diverse systems for functional behavior, compliance to specifications, performance and interoperability.

Software Engineering: Cloud, IoT & Mobility, Application Software, QA & Test Automation, BI and Data Visualization

With experience in building many award winning products for top technology companies, eInfochips delivers end-to-end enterprise software development services across verticals through defined processes and deeply entrenched technical expertise. It follows mature SDLC processes while being governed by a stringent quality management system, to address typical client challenges like shorter development cycle, advanced features, user experience and zero defect aims. eInfochips offers one-stop software engineering services for application development and maintenance, mobility, DevOps, BI and data visualization, and QA.

Extended Services: New Product Development, Lifecycle Management, Sustenance, Product Transformation

eInfochips primarily focuses on horizontal expertise, and that spans a variety of industry verticals. Its stronghold on technologies helps it define boundaries with greater clarity for their clients. Today, they cater to clients primarily in four broad domains: aerospace, semiconductors, security surveillance & access controls, and IoT/cloud & connected devices segment. Within the connected devices segment, eInfochips enables solutions in connected healthcare, connected cars, home & industrial automation, smart transit, smart retail, and smart cities.

Case Studies to Exemplify the Caliber and Mastery of eInfochips

Home Automation: the company enabled an Android based home automation solution for a leading network provider in the USA. This home automation solution is now deployed across almost 2 million homes in the USA. The solution offers the ability to continuously enhance and upgrade the devices real-time without much downtime, while also enabling remote device management with a mobile console. The current system is remotely monitoring more than 40 million devices in the field for battery status, heartbeat, configuration issues and remote troubleshooting.

Industrial Automation: eInfochips worked with a Fortune 100 company in Industrial solutions to enable Smart meters for their energy distribution. These smart meters help the client in analyzing the energy consumption patterns and helps the utility companies to efficiently distribute and price the energy usage for peak hour demands.

Connected Healthcare: eInfochips was involved in the end to end design and development of a Remote drug dispenser system for a leading pharmaceutical company in the USA. It allowed doctors and patients to remotely connect through video calling in case of a medical emergency. The doctor (from a smart device) would be able to see the patient, access medical records, and authorize the prescription drug to dispense from the machine.

A Glimpse of the Incredible Personalities:

thesiliconreview-iot-cover-2017Srinath Nagarur, Sr. Vice President, Sales and Client Services: Sri heads Sales and Strategic Client relationships for eInfochips. He is responsible for driving new sales and delivering profitable new business for the company. With over 18 years of experience spanning Sales, Account Management and strategic vertical Industry solutions in Product Engineering Services, he brings a broad spectrum of expertise to solve pressing challenges for product companies across industries. Sri holds a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore University and a Diploma in Business from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies.

Abhishek Binaykia, Vice President & Global Head of Marketing: Abhishek heads the marketing organization at eInfochips. He is responsible for the product management, corporate marketing and business development functions across the company. He has almost 15 years of experience in senior product management and global business development roles with both Fortune 500 companies like Qualcomm, Broadcom and SanDisk, as well as with high tech start-ups. Abhishek has an MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management and an MS in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University. He did his Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communications engineering from Nirma Institute of Technology in Ahmedabad.

“From silicon to embedded systems and software, we map the journey of our customers all the way from concept to design & development to deployment and sustenance, for projects as small as a one-time app development to a complete turnkey product design.”